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Nessa's POV

I slowly wake up with a horrible headache and realise that instead of Nate' s arms I'm in my bedroom. I struggle against the soft bedding and manage to sit up. When I turn to my right all of my fears wash away when I see Loki sitting in a chair beside my bed.

He has an arm over his eyes so I guess he's sleeping. “Calm yourself Nessa, don't get your knickers in a twist." Loki mumbles. I guess he wasn't asleep...

“I thought I was with Nate...." I say softly. My stomach churns and I lay back down slowly. Loki looks at me cryptically. “Is your stomach hurting?" I nod and he smiles slowly. “Your bond with the boy is remarkable." He comments giving me a glass of water that had been sitting on the table.

“What do you mean?" I ask after sipping some of the water. “Well right about now the boy is probably retching into a bin. The change must have done something to his body. He is fine though." Loki adds after seeing the alarmed look on my face.

“Lets talk about other things..." I mumble burying my head into the soft pillow. “What about?" Loki asks sticking his feet up on my bed. I arch an eyebrow at his feet and he give me a challenging look.

“I don't know like what do you want me to call you?" I blurt out the question that has been on my mind since I first saw him in the prisons.

Loki has a surprised expression on his face, but then he looks a little sad. “Well I'll always be your father but I can never be your Dad. That title is taken, so I'd prefer you to call me Loki." He says slowly and carefully.

I nod. “Any more questions?"

“Are you and mom gonna get back together? You know rekindle the old flame." I say in a suggestive manor. Loki makes a face at me, “Uh I think not. I still love your mother though very much though, I think she's the one who will have to make the fist move." He says thoughtfully.

I start to smile and think of a way to get them to “bump" into each other. He narrows his eyes at me, “Oh no, don't you get any ideas in that noggin of yours. You will not be playing match maker with your mother and I." He warns me. He tries to look serious but I see the twinkle in his eye.

“Can we go see Nate?" I ask already getting up out of bed. My head pounds but I try and ignore it. It's not like I didn't just get my brain ripped apart by a Titan so I try to not exert myself. “Okay on one condition." Loki says pulling my hair back into a tie so that it's out of my face.

“ You need to start taking lessons on how to control your powers. To make you stronger. I've noticed that you are your strongest at your weakest." He says opening the door for me. I'm confused. Strongest at my weakest?

“I see you're confused. I mean at your most vulnerable emotionally you are the strongest with you powers. Like when... you first saw Nathan die." He offers for an example. I immediately feel a pang in my heart and stop walking.

“See right there. I can feel a spike in your emotions. You need to learn to control that. If you want to beat Thanos it is imperative that you show no weakness. If you do he will pick you apart. I can see that Thanos will use the two of you against each other in a way to control each other." Loki explains as we walk slowly down the corridor.

I get tired easily and have to lean against him. “I don't want to work with anyone I don't know." I say right off the bat.

Loki chuckles and wraps an arm around my shoulders. “You won't have to, your mother and I will teach you. After all we are the best." He says a bit to arrogantly. I frown at him and he laughs again.

“Well it's true." He says beaming down at me.

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