Chapter 19

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Third Person POV

It seemed like all fighting had ceased to exist when the ground began to shake and Nessa started scream.

At first it was loud and earth shattering, but then it turned into a mournful howl mixed in with anger.

The Chitauri grew even more restless then before and attempted to flee but she became even more angry.

She lashed out at the cowardly ones, making their deaths long and agonizingly painful.

When she had singled them out she turned towards the mass of left over Chituari huddled in a circle.

Her eyes where wild as she sized them up. The aliens shuffled nervously under her dark gaze.

One of them grunted and gripped his rifle tighter. This little bit of movement did not escape her and she made a crushing gesture with her hand.

The Chituari screeched angrily as it began to shudder. It let out one last howl before it exploded in a grotesque fashion.

She screamed at the Chituari and made a lifting gesture with her hands. They all immediately burst into flames. Within two minutes only a smouldering mass remained.

Nessa stared at the smouldering pile breathing heavily. The Avengers even Loki did not move when she turned around and stumbled over to Nate's still body.

You could see the tears streaming down her face as she fell to her knees. It seemed like all was silent in the city but her horrifying screams.

She desperately wrapped her arms around his still body and clung to him in a desperate attempt to hold on.

Time stood still around her as the fighting began to cease, it seemed like only Nessa noticed the black figure making her way slowly to her.

As if she sensed it Nessa immediately went on guard, but the figure made no attempt to acknowledge her.

The person kneeled down in front of Nate and closed his eyes slowly.

“What are you doing?" Nessa yelled over the clangs of metal, and gunshots. The person slowly turned its head towards her revealing a woman.

Nessa fell back on the ground at the strange woman's face. Her skin was a milk white, almost ghostly, and her hair was although short, dark as night. But the most surprising thing of all was her eyes.

Her eyes where a swirling black abyss, almost like a black hole where no light could escape it. Her eyes where slowly pulling Nessa in, then suddenly her body goes rigid.

Nessa's eyes close and she falls slowly to the ground, but if you look closely you'll see that she's not dead. Small shallow breathes escape her mouth as she sleeps.

The woman turns toward Nate and smiles sadly.

“Oh... My son." She whispers her voice is velvety and almost intoxicating. “The fates have allowed me to revive you, for they have greater plans for you, and Nessa." She smiles looking over at Nessa.

“You two will make a great pair. That I know." She says cupping his face gently. “But you must stay on a good path, and never stray from good. If you do that you will surely be able to resist your father."

Making sure no one saw she quickly placed her hands on the side of Nate's head. Her hands began to glow an almost white light as she worked her magic.

After what seemed like an eternity Nate's body shuddered and the woman's powers stopped. Nate took in a deep breathe of air and began to start moving.

The woman quickly put him to sleep and laid him next to Nessa.

Making sure they were all right she walked away quickly. She almost seemed to disappear into thin air as she stepped in the portal of another world.

But before she fully disappear her voice came out in a whisper. “Make me proud my son, be the person your father could never be. For Thanos is too far gone to turn back."

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