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A week Later

I was up early this morning but not out of bed. All I could think about was Loki' s idea well more of a demand to get me to start practicing my powers and becoming stronger. I'd gone twice but both times I got frustrated and angry. Both of my parents showed absolutely no mercy for me and pushed me to my limits.

I thought I was pretty proficient with my powers but in reality I was a beginner. On Earth I hadn't really felt the need to practice with my powers as much as I trained my body. There was no way I could even stand a chance with Thanos if I didn't get stronger.

“What are you thinking so hard about?" Nate mumbled with his voice heavy with sleep. He rolled over and kissed me lightly on the cheek. I smiled and shifted so that I was looking at him directly. “My powers and how weak I am compared to my parents." I grumbled.

“Oh you're still on that?" he groaned sitting up in bed. “What do you mean “I'm still on that?" I asked eying him with a twinge of annoyance. He rubbed the side of his face sleeping before looking at me seriously. “Ness. You need to stop comparing yourself to your parents." He said picking me up by my waist and swinging me onto his lap.

I rolled my eyes. “That's easy for you to say." I mumbled looking down at his chest. “Actually no my mother is Death. She can be pretty scary when she wants to be." He mumble wincing a little. “And look at it like this, both of your parents are the best teachers you could ever have. I mean they are the best." He said lifting my chin so I was now looking into his eyes.

I snorted, “That's what Loki said."

Nate fell back onto the pillows laughing as loud as a bear. I burst into giggles trying to shush him.

A few minutes later someone knocked on our door and entered without waiting to be let in. “Will you two shut up! Good God, you guys probably woke up Odin!" My mom hissed giving us both patronising looks.

I sat up in Nate's lap and twisted to look at her before she chuckled to herself. I looked at her in confusion before Loki poked his head in and scowled. “Nessa it's time to get up." He snapped before turning and walking out of the room.

“Oh come on Loki!" My mom called after him leaving the door wide open. “We were the same way when we first courted." She yelled. I groaned and hid my crimson cheeks. The whole castle could probably hear them.

“They're too young!" he hissed back at her much farther down the hallway. “I just want grand babies!" My mom shouted. “Mother! Stop you're embarrassing me!" I shouted getting up to close the door.

“You can talk when I have a grand child in my arms!" she yelled before rounding the corner. I slammed the door closed and jumped back into the bed in frustration. I could hear Nate laughing again so I slapped him in the bare chest.

“Oww, how is that not funny!" he groaned rubbing his chest. I flipped him off before going into his closet. I grabbed one of my dresses before ducking into the bathroom. I'd practically moved into his room after the incident about a week ago.

When I came out Nate was just tugging his shirt over his head. “I don't know I like the thought of us having kids one day." He said opening the door and stepping out.

I blushed furiously and glared at him. “We're not even married yet!" I squealed hiding my face. He chuckled obviously enjoying the fact that he could make me squirm. I glared at him again and started to walk.

“Do you want to have kids?" Nate asked me once he caught up. I thought for a moment then nodded. “Yeah eventually... but maybe in a few years." I added seeing his face light up. “I don't think either of our mothers would be to keen on waiting that long." He mused. I laughed sarcastically.

“Well if they want to have a horde of children running around like that than they can start popping them out." I said dryly. Nate chuckled and wrapped an arm around my waist. We were about to turn the corner when I stopped and saw my parents standing in rather an intimate embrace.

Loki had his arms on either side of my mother's waist while she leaned motionless against the wall. I saw Loki leaning in when I was pulled back behind the wall.

Before I could squeal Nate had a hand over my mouth and gave me a look. I pleaded with him using my eyes but he wouldn't budge. Nessa your lessons are cancelled for today. Loki' s voice filled my head and I smiled with glee.

As soon as we were far enough Nate took his hand away from my mouth. “Spying on your parents Naughty much?" he teased. I giggled, “Not compared to what they're about to do."

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