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I actual have changed courses from my original intent in taking this story, so I hope you guys will like it. I felt like it would be better more enjoyable for me to write. Don't worry about Thanos being to easy to kill off. I have more in store for that particular problem but for now let's just go with the flow..... *playing the bongos softly in the background*

Half a year later... So six months... hmmmm. Six months later.

I groaned from the glare of the Sun that had slowly made it way across the classroom and finally settled its rays on me.

“Ms. Fury, if you would please pay attention to my lesson that would be much appreciated." My French teacher Ms. Reno croaned making me blush in embarrassment. My best friend Ally giggled beside me and I shot her a glare.

She made goodly eyes at me before turning back to the lesson.

I tried to tune in but of course my thoughts strayed back to a certain person who had been on my thoughts for a very long time. Nate.

Just thinking of him filled me with sadness but I pushed it away. Summer break was soon and I could go up to Asgard and spend time with him... if how my mother had put it, if he wasn't so busy.

I still was upset with her about that whole encounter. I felt likes he was hiding something from me now that I thought really hard about it. I huffed in agitation and finished writing up my lesson. Just when I had finished the last word the bell rang and I stuffed the paper into my less than neat binder. I should probably organize that.

“So what's on your mind. I've never seen you that distracted." Ally bombarded me with questions as soon as I stepped out of the door. “Nothing just thinking about what I'm gonna do this summer when school lets out this Friday." I lied smoothly.

“Yeah about that, what are you going to do?" I gritted my teeth at her question. “Oh I'm going to my grandparents house, they live in Germany... For the whole summer. I might be back close to the end of summer." I lied again. She sighed in disappointment.

I felt bad about lying to my best friend we shared... almost everything with each other. Just not the whole part of my life with Magic, talking horse brothers, and having a war criminal for a father. Or a Titan kinda boyfriend... I didn't really know how Nate and I were on that front...

“Well have fun in Germany." she said leaving me at my locker and going to hers.


I jogged down the hallways of SHIELD head quarters and made my way quickly to my Dad's office. I was almost there and not watching where I was going when I plowed straight into someone.

I grunted as my butt hit the ground hard and I felt my cheeks go red in embarrassment.

“Oh man! I'm really sorry, I didn't see you there." The person who I slammed into apologized profusely. I shook my head before I stood slowly. “Its my fault really, I wasn't paying attention you must be new here, everyone knows to look out for me cause you know I don't really pay attention... well you don't know." I stammered trying to get my bearings straight.

I look up at his face and my mouth drops a little... well fasten my knickers and call my Sally. Boy is he a looker. Of course he doesn't hold a candle to Nate, but...

I tear my gaze away just as my dad opens the door and he's looking in between the two of us... I glare at him before he tries to make assumptions and hurry into his office. I throw my bag onto the middle of the floor and am about to kick my shoes off when I notice the group of very important looking people starring at me.

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