Chapter 20

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I bolted awake at the sound of an explosion. I managed to cover my face in time to dodge the flying metal pieces headed my way.

I heard a groan to my right and whipped my head around to see Nate laying down. I crawled over to him quickly and felt the side of his neck.

My heart leaped when I felt a slow weak pulse. I stared down astonished as his chest moved up slowly and steadily.

Screech! I looked up and saw a battalion of Chitauri headed our way. I wrapped my arms quickly around Nate and popped us out of there.

I opened my eyes and saw that we were in the bar area of Tony's tower. I heard a small cry from the other room and furrowed my eyebrows.

“Jarvis, why didn't you tell me Mila was awake?" I called out getting no response. I started to jog into the living room and saw two Chitauri standing in it.

One stood looking around and the other was haphazardly holding Mila in it's hands. She cried waving her small hands about.

I growled at them catching their attention. The one without Mila snarled and charged me. I popped back into the kitchen and grabbed three kitchen knives off the block and popped back.

The alien snarled at the sight of me again and I glared at it.

With one quick moment I threw one knife impaling it in the arm. I jumped onto it and hooked my legs around its torso so I could get a better angle at its neck.

The thing swiped at me scratching me with its claws. I screamed in pain making Mila cry louder.

A few seconds later I saw an opening in its armour and stabbed the steak knife I had into it neck.

It let out a dying gurgle before collapsing onto the floor. On top of me. I groaned crawling my way from under the stupid body.

Though before I got any chance to get my bearings straight I was tackled to the ground again almost crushed.

I shrieked again in pain when I felt a vicious snap on my collar bone. I bent my good arm and put it over my face to keep it from scratching at me any more.

I turned my head and saw that the stupid thing had at least the decency to put baby Mila onto the couch.

In a desperate attempt I kicked the alien in the gut giving me a two second window to get from underneath it. My training kicked in as I scrambled to my feat and ran out of the living room drawing the alien away from Mila. I passed by Nate and he was still knocked out in the other room.

As I ran into another room, an burning fire started up in the pit of my stomach momentarily distracting me.

I stopped and bent over in pain, giving the Alien an advantage on me. He swiped at my back and I flew several feet before sliding and stopping in front of a floor to ceiling window.

My back rested against the cool glass as I blinked the black spots out of my eyes. The alien trodded forward slowly aware that I wouldn't be able to get up.

But that was a big mistake on his part. When I moved my head a little bit I could see a hand gun laying there only two feet away from me.

I waited until the thing was four feet away from me before I snatched the gun from the ground ignoring the immense pain I was in.

I aimed quickly and shot it once in the side of the arm and then again in the gut.

It staggered forward screeching in pain, I turned my body again and shot the glass behind me. I covered my face with my bad arm, to prevent any glass from injuring me forward and I flattened myself to the ground.

I expected the thing to fall over me and out of the window but I didn't expect it to latch onto my leg at the last second and try to pull me down with it.

I scratched at the smooth flooring trying to get a grip, but I couldn't.

Before we both fell I got a glimpse of Loki struggling his way to me from where he was laying.




The air whipped through my hair as we fell several hundreds of feet. I didn't even scream as the alien pulled me toward him, but I did shoot it about five times to make sure it was truly dead.

It stopped moving after a couple seconds and when the ground was now rapidly approaching. I finally screamed loud and shrilly when we were a few feet above the ground.

There was a loud crunch of metal and a sharp pain in my right side as I landed on my already injured arm.

My vision swam and my hearing was muffled as I struggled to get up. I rolled onto my side groaning in the process.

I sat up slowly and in agonizing pain I slid off the stupid alien. On solid ground I collapsed and landed on my knees.

My head pounded as I looked up to see two figures rapidly approaching me.

My vision cleared a little bit and I saw Clint first before Steve. Clint caught me as I fell forward into his arms.

I looked up into his eyes looking at his lips move rapidly, but I still couldn't hear a word he was saying.

I shook my head and laid my head against his chest.

Slowly my hearing came back and I could hear him talking to Steve. “Steve we can't move her! She just fell several hundred stories!" I cringed at the thought of getting up and moaned.

“You have....You have to get... Nate and... Mila." I mumbled trying to not move my arm as I struggled to stand.

I had to make it back up there. “Nessa... Nate is dead, we all saw it, you saw it." Steve reminded me sadly. I turned to him slowly and shook my head.

“I saw him breathing. I felt his pulse." I said trying to get him to believe me. He sighed and nodded his head.

I looked up to the sound of metal clanking and thunderous footsteps. I saw Tony, and The Hulk.

Tony was looking at me worridly and The Hulk just grumbled and sniffed angrily.

Behind me I heard a thump and more footsteps. I turned and saw Thor speed walking to me rapidly.

He pulled me into his arms tightly and I cried out in pain. “Thor easy, she just fell out of Stark's tower!" Clint warned.

“What?! How are you not dead, and how are all your bones not broken?" Tony yelled from behind us.

I shrugged my shoulders and grunted lowly. “We just need to get up to the tower so let's go." I say pulling slowly out of Thor's grip and painstakingly making a few steps.

Clint frowns at me and shakes his head no. He nods behind me and I feel Thor pick me up into his right arm. With his other arm, he started to spin his hammer.

We were up at the top level of the tower in seconds. He landed on the floor, but didn't let me down.

I could feel the burning feeling start up as he carried me from the bar area and into the living room. He stepped carefully over Nate in the hall and set me on the couch gingerly next to the baby.

I turned my head and saw that Mila was wide awake staring up at Thor. Her dark eyes regarded him with curiosity as he moved around me.

Thor dragged a giant white fuzzy throw blanket around me and Mila. I sighed and closed my eyes slowly.

I could hear faint arguing and yelling in the other room but at that point I didn't care. I was already fast asleep.

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