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A Couple Months later

“Pinned you again!" I yelled jumping up and doing my happy dance, but I found myself slammed to the ground again by Nathan.

“That's not fair!" I squealed trying to catch my feet on the mat underneath me so I could flip up from underneath him. But he leaned all of his weight on me, leaving me to huff in annoyance underneath him.

He grinned cheekily when he saw that I had given up but I gained the uperhand when his body began to float freely in the air. Now it was my turn gloat.

“Let me down you dweeb!" he yelled while he flailed his arms around trying to come back down to solid ground.

I giggled and twirled my fingers making him spin in circles several times. “Seriously Nessa! I'm going to get sick!" he pleaded shutting his eyes tight.

“Don't you guys ever stop bickering?" a familiar voice inquired. I turned around and grinned when I saw Clint standing there watching me in amusement. I skipped happily over to him and launched myself into the air.

Of course Clint caught me in his arms and held me in a bear hug. "Oh! you've gotten bigger." He groaned playfully. 

"Hey! A little help here." Nathan called from behind us. I flicked my fingers still hugging Clint, and smirked when I heard the thump on the ground.

Letting go of me Clint observed the both of us in scrutiny. " I trust that you two have been practicing?" He asked. I swirled my hands in a vortex motion and my hands lit up in a greenish hue.

Nathan snorted and snapped his fingers to get his flames. Instantaneously we jumped into a fight. I swiped at him with my fire, and he swerved to the side with me just barely missing him.

He slid his foot behind me and tripped me up, but I rolled out of the way before I could catch a fist to the face. I stuck my own leg out and tripped him but it back fired when he landed hard on my right leg.

I bit down on my lip from the pain but I jumped onto my feet and pushed through the pain. I thrust my fist forward and faked him out, but Nathan caught on to my movement, grabbed my wrist and flipped me.

I arched my back in pain from the landing but rolled over to my side and disappeared. I appeared again on the other side of the room and stood up hesitantly waiting for Nathan's next move.

He smirked while he bounced on his toes when he saw me wincing from my hurt foot. I covered up my pains and tried a new strategy.

I took a deep breathe and shivered in the fuzzy sensation that took over me. When I opened up my eyes there were five clones of me standing in a circle surrounding Nathan. Nathan laughed out loud and jerked around looking for the real me out of all the clones.

What he didn't know was that none of them were me, but what he doesn't know can't hurt him. Or could it? I appeared out of thin air behind him and tackled him to the ground. I held him face down until he gave up and tapped out.

I helped him up and he grinned at me. “When did you learn that one?" he asked popping his back muscles.

I cringed at the sound of his popping bones but answered. “Remember when Ms. Frank wanted me to stay after school for detention?" I asked him. He stared at me in surprise but laughed out loud after thinking about it.

“Is that how you got out of it?" he asked incredulously. I rolled my eyes and nodded. “Alright you too. I see you have been practicing." He said giving each of us a once over. “But Nessa you need to work on a faster reflex time, and Nate you need to work on placing your punches better." He advised.

When we nodded he clapped his hands together enthusiastically like a coach. “ You guys smell! Now go take a shower." He said jokingly.

I giggled and turned to Nathan. “I bet I'll beet you!" I challenged already running out of the room. I heard his surprised shout and his quick footsteps rapidly catching up to me.

I turned into a busy hallway and dodged in between people trying to get away from Nathan. I laughed when I reached my from and saw Nathan nowhere in site, and waited until he finally caught up.

“Finally" I teased. He rolled his eyes and opened his door. “I'll see ya at dinner." He said. I nodded and went into my own room.

After we showered we grabbed a quick bite and I went to bed.

Ugh! That was bad! As you can tell that was a filler chapter and I hate writing fillers because they're so boring to write.... Any who action should pick up in the new chapter.
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