Chapter 21

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“Oww!" I screech trying to move away from the doctor. I heard a sigh from beside me and saw Clint shaking his head.

“If you stop moving and let the guy tape up four ribs it wouldn't hurt as much." He says sitting back in the chair.

“I'm trying but it hurts, you try getting five ribs broken." I retorted pouting angrily at my hands. I was tired, hungry, irritated, in need of a good shower, and they still wouldn't let me see Nate.

I knew he was awake cause Clint told me but that was about it.

“Your dad is coming down the hall." Clint warned just as he barged into the room. I looked up and smiled at my dad.

Once he set his eyes on me forty years of stress seemed to melt away. “Nessa..." He breathed gathering me in his arms and kissing my head.

I signed and leaned into his touch. “I'm missed you." I mumbled into his leather jacket. He chuckled quietly and let me go.

I saw him scowl at my dislocated shoulder, broken ribs and all the cuts I had on my face. “I'm fine, just fell out of a building and tackled by two chituari." I said nonchalantly checking my nails.

“She fell out a building?" Dad hissed at Clint. “Hey wasn't my fault." He said holding up his hands defensively.

I yelped again when the doctor placed the final piece of tape on my side. “Can I see Nate?" I asked looking at my dad pleadingly.

He let out a huge sigh. “Nessa you know you can't." I pout and look down at my hands. “The doctors are still working on him, and you still need your rest." He adds, as he pushes me down onto the hard hospital bed.

“Get some rest and I'll think about it." He bargains. I bid slowly and my eyes close against my will. Before I fully pass out though I feel him kiss me softly on the head.

-.-...... o.o! But wait there's more. >·<

I turn over on my bad arm and wince immediately waking up. I bite back tears as I readjust my arm and try to go back to sleep, but it's hard when I'm all alone in my room.

Sitting up slowly I brush a few stray hairs out of my eyes and get out of bed. The cold floor tickles my feet as I dance around until I find a pair of socks in a drawer.

I tiptoe out of my room and peek down the dim hallway. When I see no one in sight I speed walk checking every room.

It takes about five doors till I make it to the right room. Nate's room. Slowly I open the door and peek in to see him staring solemnly up at the ceiling.

His eyes dart over to me quickly when he hears me let go of the door knob. I smile slowly and slip into the room.

At first I just stand there and not say anything until he sighs. “Come on." his voice is like music to my ears.

I grin and skip.... more like walk like a platypus or to his bed. While I watch my arm and he scoot over we manage to squeeze into the bed together.

Once I'm settled and his arm is around me pulling me into his warm body, I think I can finally go to sleep.

“Nate?" I say after a couple minutes of silence. “Hmmm?"

“What.... we're you going to say before....." I was too afraid to finish my sentence, too afraid for his death to be real.

He shifts in the bed pulling me closer against his chest so I could hear the steady beat of his heart. “Nessa I love you... Even if you are a bit crazy, hard headed, stubborn and quite frankly sometimes a pain in my-"

“Alright I get it!" I say giggling at him. “I know where young, but we've got the rest of our lives. I would go back and take that shot for you a million times over if I had too." He says gently grasping my injured hand and linking his fingers with mine.

My heart flutters like a demon moth trying to get sway from a cross. “I love you too Nate..." I whisper into the darkness.

“Go to sleep... we've got a big day tomorrow." He says kissing my head.

I hum trying to stay awake but I know I can't....“You don't have to tell me twice." I mumble falling asleep to his chuckle.

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