Ch. 35

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I almost forgot to ask since I'm a ditcy pie right now. But do you guys want and intimate scene between Nate and Nessa. *trying to be mature right now* The Tylenol is affecting my brain. But let me know. I don't think I'll go far but just something....

“Since you don't have a lesson today... do you want to go into the town?" Nate suggested as he intertwined his hand into mine.

“Yeah that'd be cool, and we could take Sleipnir. He really wants to meet you." I say slyly. Nate gives me a crazy look before letting me lead him down into the stables. I had to jump to see into each of the stalls cause I was so short. Finally I found him and opened up the gate but I was stopped by a guy who looked bit older than me.

“Princess allow me to saddle up the horse for you." the guy said leading Sleipnir out by the reins. I smiled politely and stepped back beside Nate. What's up kid. Sleipnir greeted eyeing me with his dark eyes. I smiled at him brightly.

Is pretty boy over there your boy friend? I could beat him up for you. Sleipnir snorts and knocks me on the side of the shoulder with his nose. I giggle drawing the attention of Nate and the stable boy. I wave him over and Nate gives the guy one final glare before he picks me up and sets me on Sleipnir.

I sit forward as he swings himself up behind me and Sleipnir takes off. We arrive in the village in ten minutes and leave Sleipnir to converse with the other few horses tied up.

“Are you jealous." I tease Nate. He scoffs before wrapping his arm around me. “No. That dude was just staring a little to long at my girl." He grumbles possessivly. I laugh, “Well you don't have to worry. I've only got eyes for you my big cuddly bear." I reach up to pinch his cheeks but he bats my hands away.



While Nate goes and looks at a sword that the Black Smith is making I go and sit on the fountain. I dip my hands in the water and weave my hands through it, manipulating the water a little to make little water droplets.

I'm so lost that I don't notice the little girl watching me until she giggles with delight. I look up in surprise and smile softly at her. She smiles back shyly and edges a little closer when I beckon for her to come closer.

I take her small chubby hand and let the water trickle into it slowly and make shapes along her hand. Her laugh is a soft and musical infectious kind of laugh that gets me laughing.

But soon our little time is over when a young woman about my age comes looking for her. The little girl pouts when the young woman swings her up onto her hip. “I'm sorry your highness I just lost track of her. Thank you for your time." She says nervously and quickly.

I stand up and offer her a smile. “There was no problem. She's a sweet young girl." I say smiling softly. The young woman smiles widely before she bids me good bye.

I turn now bored and see Nate standing off to the side watching me with a smile. I skip over to him and eye the small bag he has in his hands. “What's that?" I ask looking to see it as he moves it behind his back.

“Nope. You don't get to see. Maybe later but definitely not now." He teases moving it so that I can't see it again. I give up with and over exaggerated sigh.




Later at dinner mother and Loki are sitting next to each other talking quietly. I don't miss the small smiles that they have for each other and the grin is threatening to break my face. Nate nudges me in the ribs and I scowl at him.

“What I can't see my parents get back together." I hiss at him. He shakes his head at me with a hint of a smile saying on his lips. “Just let nature take its course." He mumbles. “ Are you going to tell me what's in the box?" I whisper with a sneaky smile.

Nate smiles and tweaks my nose. “You'll know soon enough Nosy Rosy."

I groan at him and finish eating.



Later that night I pester him some more before I pass out from exhaustion. I don't have any night mares but I still don't expect that Thanos isn't waiting for the right moment to kill me.

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