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One week Later

“Nessa come on I'm hungry and we can Not be late for lunch." Ally yelled pulling me through the hallways. I laughed as she held her spare hand out and plowed through people like a football player. Even Tyson our full back jumped out of the way.

“Damn girl you tryin to take my place on the football team?" he yelled. I laughed and Ally blushed. I think she likes Tyson! I giggled running after her and trying to keep up.


“Okay so what was that all about?" I quizzed her as soon as I slammed my lunch tray down. She sighed and picked at the maggot looking rice that she had on her tray. “Okay so maybe.... I like him. But it's not like he isn't busy or anything... with football." She looked at me with a hopeful expression.

I sighed knowing she was too shy to approach him first. “Fine but you owe me your cookie." I said getting up and swinging myself off the bench. I walked around the pavilion for a few minutes and wondered where the hell was the football team...

Pretty soon I was close to giving up but then I heard the familiar sound of loud obnoxious laughing and followed it. “Hey, Ty." I say walking up to him. He looks up from stuffing pizza in his mouth and smiles.

“Sup Nessa?" he says standing up from the bench he was sitting on. I have to look up at him since I'm like the shortest Sophomore ever. “Okay so Ally, my friend likes you." I began, cutting to the chase. I didn't have time for bull shit.

“But she's too shy to ask so will you ask her out on a date? You don't have too." I add quickly. I watch as his eyes light up and he nods. I lead him to our table and grab my food and tell Ally to meet me by my locker when she was done.

I'm not very hungry so I throw it in the trash and walk to the front of the school with the big yard in front. I hug my knees and clear my head in order to think properly. Although my eyes are focused on the busy street I see nothing.

The hairs on the back of my neck stand up and I look up at the sky to see a storm approaching. There was thunder in the distance so I grabbed my crap and ran for the building just as it started to down pour.


The last bell rang and everyone poured out of school.  It was the last day why wouldn't you? I talked excitedly with Ally while we walked. “Okay so I'll text you when I get to the Lake house okay?" She says smoothing back her hair. I nod “Great I think...." I trail off noticing everyone whispering. Well it seemed like everyone was whispering.

I look in the direction they are all looking and I am surprised to see one of SHEILD's Suvs sitting by the curb. But I'm most surprised at who is leaning on the car.


I stop in my tracks and I make eye contact with him. Those silver eyes that I miss so much... I see that he grew his hair out a little so now it's ear length, and he's bulked up in the muscle department but I think that's a side effect of the Titan transformation.

The grey t-shirt he's wearing fits tightly on his body, Hill. I thought, she has a great fashion sense. I touch Ally on the shoulder, “Hey I have to go... that's my ride." I whisper softly.

I duck my head down and break eye contact with him so that I don't have to see the stairs of people around me. That would make it too weird.

I stop when I see his shoes and slowly look up. “Where have you been?" I ask right off the bat. He smirks crossing his arms. “I thought your mother told you... ruling on Titan." He says grabbing my bag for me and putting it in the back seat.

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