Ch. 26 part 2

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Honestly I feel like I'm letting you guys down. It's really been a stressful few weeks and it seems like another problem after another.

I want to update every week but I can't right now. I promise I'll get back on a normal somewhat mess of a schedule but I'm just really stressed out.

I promise.


“Okay so, tomorrow you'll be starting school at the high school. I know it's soon but I wanted you to not miss anything. Boris will drive you to and from school so you will not have to worry about the paparazzi. You might have to watch Mina a few afternoons, but that's it." Pepper says glancing at me worridly while she filled me in on what my new life will be like.

I nodded and tried to be enthusiastic. “Yeah I'm fine with watching Mina, anytime." I say. Pepper relaxes and gives me a grateful look.

“You'll be a really good mom Pepper." I say sincerely.

I see her tear up and give me small smile of thanks before patting my hand.

I turn to the window and look out at California. I only remember.  few things from the last time I was living here and that was the ocean and the breeze.

The sound of them both were soothing and really comforting.

The car pulled into a long drive way and we rode down it before going through iron gates that guarded the entrance.

We stopped in front of a huge house and I looked at it in awe. When we got out you could hear the waves rolling through and those angry old sea gulls in the distance.

“Hello again Ms. Nessa." Jarvis greeted as we walked in. I smiled and shot a look at Tony who looked slightly offended.

“Jarvis you're greeting her before me?" he cried playfully. I rolled my eyes at him and followed Pepper and Mina.

She was quietly walking around with Mina pointing out little things. I think Mina wasn't really paying attention though.

They walked down a long hall and stopped in front of one door.

Pepper turned to me and smiled. “This is your room Nessa. I hope you like it." She says before continuing down the hall.

I open the door and smile broadly...



When I open my eyes the next morning I have a stiff neck and a very sore arm. I groan and stretch hearing a few pops in places they probably shouldn't have been.

I had passed out on the bed late last night in my clothes that I left in and I felt gross. After searching through my bags I grabbed under wear and went to shower.

When I was done I came back into my room and starting going trough my bags again. After ten minutes of searching I found a white v neck, black jeans, and high top converse.

After I had put my hair up in a high pony tail I left my room and followed the sounds of Tony talking to Mina.

I found the two of them sitting on the couch playing together. Tony's hair was sticking up in several places and I almost felt bad that he didn't get a lot of sleep.

That is until he through a stuffed animal at my face. Really Tony?

“Go get your sling and put it on." He ordered me pointing in the direction of my room. I pouted horribly and stared at him pleadingly.

I hated that stupid sling it was itchy and made my arm fall asleep all the time. But Tony still kept pointing and I groaned dramatically.

I hurried back after I shrug the stupid thing on and ate breakfast quickly. After giving Mina a kiss on the head I trudged out of the door with Boris.

On the way there I studied him closely. He was a pretty big guy, and could be really scary if he wanted to be, but his kind eyes told you otherwise.

“Where are you from?" I asked curiously. He didn't answer at first probably thinking, and then he looked at me briefly.

“Germany." He answered simply. “But my parents are French." He added turning into the school parking lot.

It was huge and crawling with students, they all turned curious of the person who would step out of the sleek black Audi.

I sighed and gathered my back pack. “Thanks." I said turning to Boris. He smiled and nodded before unlocking the door. “I'll be back at three o'clock right in this spot. Call me if you have any problems." He said before I nodded and closed the door.

I slipped on a pair of sun glasses and walked quickly to the front door of the building trying to ignore the obvious staring.

My ears picked up on snippets of people's conversations, “Who's the new girl?" “She's cute.." “She looks familiar." one person said making me almost falter in my steps.

Oh God if they recognised me from New York it'd be the end of my peaceful morning. I hurriedly entered the building and made my way to the front office.

I took off my sun glasses and walked in quietly. The secretary jumped when she glanced up at me. “Oh dear! You're so quiet." She said holding a hand to her chest.

I smiled slowly and she smiled back. “What can I do for you today?" She asks nicely. I tell her ny name and her eyes widen.

“Yes I have your class schedule, locker number, and combination. Have a nice day!" She says handing me several pieces of paper.

I smiled thankfully and hurried out of the office. I was glad there were few students in the hallways, that meant few stares and few chances of being recognised.

I went to my new locker and opened it. I stuffed my bag in and grabbed my laptop, binder out and turned my phone in silent before heading to class.

I got lost several times and got frustrated three times before I flagged down a girl. She gladly showed me to my class and hurried off before I could say thanks.

Making sure my clothes were straight I knocked  on the door once before entering. I smiled at the teacher sheepishly when I saw that I had interrupted her.

The teacher smiled kindly at me and beckoned me in to the room. I entered and looked around while all eyes where on me.

“I'm Mrs. Havener, would you like to introduce yourself?" She asked. I bit my lip and answered quickly.

“ I'm Nessa Fury, I've just moved her temporarily from New York." I said gauging the reactions of everyone in the room.

Some people's eyes widened but a few raised there hands instantly wanting to ask questions. I looked nervously to the teacher and she nodded.

“Uh if you'll sit in the back next to Mazzilin. Mazzilin raise your hand." She directed. I looked over at the boy who raised his hand and saw him smirking lazily.

Oh... God.... give me strength. I thought walking down the aisle.

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