Chapter 24

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I stopped chewing immediately and widened my eyes at my father. He looked guilty and upset.

“You're sending me away?" I ask still not believing it even though I was saying it. Wait, what about Nate?

“I'm not leaving Nate!" I state with absolute finality. I couldn't leave for God knows long much less survive without Nate. Just thinking about the mere thought sent a pang through my heart.

I sniffed feeling the tears coming, but I'd didn't want to cry in front of anyone. I drop my head and tap the table three times before disappearing.

I open my eyes and this time I'm standing in front of a door marked Undecided Children. I scoff at the sign, way to put it lightly.

I look both ways down the corridor and enter the room.

To my surprise it's not one whole room, instead I walk down a short darkened hallway and into an reception area.

I look around I see a white haired woman standing at the desk with a little girl in cute little blue overalls sitting on her lap.

The both of them look up when they hear my footsteps. I instantly recognise the woman as my old part time care taker.

When I was younger Dad and Hill couldn't always watch me so dad left me in the care of Ms. Mabel.

Ms. Mabel was the kindest and gentlest woman I would probably ever know. Now that I think of it I couldn't see any other person fit for the job of taking care of young children.

“Oh Nessa! It's been so long." She gushes as she gets up quickly and pulls me into her arms. The little girl in her arms doesn't seem to mind being squished in between us and is content playing with my hair.

“I know, I've been on the Helicarrier with dad." I sigh feeling comforted in her soft and loving embrace.

I pull back as the baby starts to wiggle in her arms. Ms. Mabel sighs and sets her down on the ground.

Immediately she takes off and is toddling down the hall. Ms. Mabel starts after and I follow.

“I assume you are here to see the little darling that you saved." Ms. Mabel calls over her shoulder.

I mentally slap myself and remember my promise to Mina's mother. I feel guilty and nod biting my lip a little.

“Uh... about how old is she?" I ask trying to make up for my forgetfulness. We stop by an open door and I look in to see a dim bare room with just the essentials needed for a child.

“Well it says on the records that we just got from the hospital, that she's about 9 months old. It's hard to believe though she's a small little thing." Ms. Mabel comments walking into the room.

I follow her and see Mina sitting up in bed on her but staring at us intently. She's dressed in a grey sleeper and has a Minny Mouse pacifier in her mouth.

“Listen I have to go chase after Greta would you mind changing her diaper and clothes?" Ms. Mabel asks lifting Mina out of the crib.

“Yeah of course." I say immediately taking my hands out of Nate' s sweat shirt. She smiles gratefully and lays Mina onto the changing table.

“Everything is in the drawers of the changing table." She tells me as she leaves the room.

I nod... slowly and walk over to the changing table. When I open it I find half of it filled with onsies, and sleepers, and the other half filled with little stretchy pants, and dresses.

I open the one below and find a little basket of diapers, creme, powder, and wipes. Next to it there's hats and socks.

I grab a diaper and the wipes before I straighten up.

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