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5 Years Later

"Dad! Wake up..." a small voice whined from the side of the bed. Fury turned over and opened one eye to peer at the alarm clock. "Its to early Nessa, go back to bed." he mumbled while pulling the sheet back over his head.

"You promised!" Nessa huffed fighting a losing battle with the bed sheets over her father's head. Finally giving up she jumped up on the bed and resulted to sitting on the lump on the bed.

She leaned forward and began to poke around where she thought his face was. "We have to go and practiceeee..." She said poking his cheek several times.

"Argh!" Fury groaned sitting up and sending a playful glare to his little girl. "Fine we can go and practice your powers. Will that please you my princess?" he asked with a small smile.

Nessa fist bumped the air and scrambled off the bed and ran to her room to get ready. Fury smiled after her reaching form and laid back in the bed for a few minutes.

Sure Fury was still the super spy that sent fear into the heart of his enemies. But these were one of the few moments where Fury showed the gentle side of him, not many people got to see these moments.

Groaning he climbed out of bed, pulled on some sweats and grabbed a paper of dark sun glasses. When he walked out of his room he was almost mowed down by a blur that literally appeared out of nowhere.

"Whoa.... Slow down Nessa you still haven't mastered your powers yet." He cautioned while trying to get her to calm down.

The five year old was bouncing on the balls of her feeds as if she was ready to take off at any second. Her wild green eyes showed her excitement as she waited to go and practice her powers.

After an attempt to get her mess of dark curls they were out the door and driving to the SHIELD base out in New Mexico.

They had been staying there ever since a high energy surge occurred there a couple days ago, and the agency was trying to figure out where it had come from.

On Asgard

Loki sat on the throne in silence deep in thought about something that was troubling him. Ever since his daughter was taken from him as an infant by her mother he had gone into a silent depression.

Whenever he interacted with people they always had to tread lightly on the subject of the missing child. The first few months he snapped at everyone, he avoided anytime kind of social interaction.

Sometimes he disappeared for days when the searches came back with nothing. After awhile he gave up on even trying.

Loki was wrenched from his thoughts when the door to the throne room were violently thrown open. He looked up to glare at the intruder, but was surprised to see a group of guards dragging a familiar looking women across the room.

She struggled and screamed but had no luck against the guards who had a strong hold on her. They stopped in front of Loki and threw her down to the floor. She balanced herself on her hands and glared at the floor in front of her.

"Look at me." Loki commanded with hostility. She refused and shoulders began to shake with laughter. "You finally got your throne...." She said still looking at the floor. Loki glared at the guard next to her and the guard grabbed her hair, yanking her head up.

Loki glared and fumed when he saw who the prisoner was. Circe. "Did you miss me?" She inquired sarcastically. The women who sat before him was once his lover, the mother of his child, who she took away from him.

"Where is the baby!?" he yelled while standing up. When she shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly Loki stomped down the stairs to the throne and grabbed her neck. He lifted her up with ease and held her there wanting to kill her.

But he couldn't. If he killed her then he would never find his daughter. And Circe knew that too. "Go on kill me!" She spat. "Because if you do you'll never see your daughter ever again!"

Loki dropped her on the floor and turned his back from her. "As much as I would love to do that I can't." He mumbled under his breathe knowing she would still hear him. "Take her to the prison and see if you can't torture it out of her." He ordered his guards.

Circe remained quiet as they dragged her out of the room and down to the prisons. The doors slammed shut again. Loki trudged back up the stairs, and slumped down on the throne. He thought back to the times when they had been a happy family.

Even at a young age the girl had been the apple of her parent's eye. Everyone loved her instantly, even Odin. Eight years ago she had literally disappeared without a trace.

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