Chapter 22

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Third Person POV

The flurry of activity outside of the hospital room was the first to wake up Nate. He jolted awake and looked around quickly for any danger.

When there wasn't anything sharp or potentially harmful insight he looked down to his right to see Nessa fast asleep hardcore cuddling his arm.

He snorted when she let out a bearish sounding snore. “There's no way I'm letting you live this one down." He mumbled shifting his body so that his leg would quit aching.

The door slammed open and Hill stuck her head into the room. She seemed to visibly relaxed when she saw Nessa sleeping safe and sound.

“Director I found her.... She's fine." Maria called out into the hall. A few seconds later Nick Fury barged into the room with a worried expression.

He sighed when he saw Nessa and ran a hand through his non existent hair. But when he saw her cuddled up to Nate he scowled at the boy.

Nate's eyes widened and he nudged Nessa. “Wake up your dad is glaring...." He muttered to her, smiling nervously at the Director.

“Ness...." He whispered this time more urgently. “Noooo.... leave me alone. To early." She moaned burying her head further into Nate' s blankets.

“I ate your stash of Starburst Jelly beans." He whispered into her ear. She gasped deeply and shot up in the bed looking at him accusingly.

“You didn't." She yelled glaring at him wide eyed. “No! I'm kidding... it's just... turn around." He whispered making her raise an eye brow.

She looked behind her and saw her Dad looking at her expectantly. “Hi Daddy!" She exclaims hopping out of the warm bed and wobbling over to him.

She now was feeling the effects of yesterday's battle, and her body was aching. “Come on, we need to get you ready." He says looking at Nessa' s monkey pajamas with disdain. “Nate be dressed in five minutes." He called over his shoulder as he ushered Nessa out of the room.

“I'm fifteen dadddddd I can wear monkey pajamas if I want. And their not babyish." She whined as the door closed.

°°°°°°°°°°°° (golden pearls of the Wal-Mart) °°°°°°°°°°°°°

In ten minutes everyone stood in the parking garage looking area of SHIELD. Nessa and Nate already were assigned to ride with Clint and Natasha since they knew the pair best.

When they got to Central park the whole group walked awhile until they got to an area already cleared for their use.

Nessa sat perched on Nate' s back the farthest away from Loki and Thor. She wanted to say goodbye to Thor but every time she tried to get near a burning sensation threatened to boil her from the inside.

“I want to say bye to Thor." Nessa mumbled sadly against Nate's shoulder. He nodded and looked over at Thor.

Thor looked up from Dr. Banner as if he sensed the two of them. When he saw the sad look on Nessa's face he excused himself but not before making sure Tony had a good grip on Loki.

“Do not fret Nessa, I will be seeing you very soon. I promise." He said taking her from Nate and  holding her effortlessly in his arms. This time he made sure to watch out for her arm and ribs.

“Okay, if you come back within the next week we can have a pop tart fiesta." She proclaimed making him chuckle.

“I don't know if it will be that soon, but this Pop tart fiesta sounds nice." He replied giving her one more squeeze before setting her down on the ground.

“Alright... but you have to pinky swear..." She grumbled stalling the inevitable. He looked at her weirdly and Nate sighed from behind them.

“Hold out your pinky." She ordered Thor seriously. “Now you have to swear that you'll come back soon, because if you don't then I get full right to break your pinky off." She said eyeing him like the world was about to set ablaze.

“Err... I promise?" Thor agreed, but it came out more like a question. “Good." She piped jumping to kiss his cheek.

Thor chuckled and leaned down to her height.

Finally Nessa stood back and watched as Thor picked up the holder thing for the Tessaract. He sent one final glance before holding out the other end to Loki.

Loki be grudgingly took it and faced forward looking directly at Nessa. She seemed to shudder under his intense gaze, but at the last second before they disappeared she made eye contact with him.

His emerald eyes bore into hers for a second before he vanished.

Nessa scowled and turned her head into Nate's chest. He sighed and wrapped his arms around her securely as she began to cry softly.

“I'm just tired! It's just too much all at once!" She blubbered as he hugged her tightly with one arm and wiped away her tears with the other.

“I know... it's a lot. But it's over... for now." he said pulling her to his side protectivly once she nodded and wiped the rest of the tears off her face.

“Come on let's go..." He suggested and started to walk away from the Avengers saying their goodbyes to each other. Clint and Natasha would find them.

They walked in silence until they noticed they were being stared at. A few people seemed to recognise them from yesterday especially Nessa.

A news reporter briskly walked up to them practically shoving her microphone in their faces. “Are you the young mutant teens from yesterday?" She demanded easily drawing a crowd of other reporters who wanted the scoop.

Nessa wrapped her good arm around Nate and put her head down. “No comment. So please leave us alone." He stated firmly pushing his way trying to make room for Nessa.

It was easy for him since he was naturally a big guy, but Nessa was slightly shorter making it easier for the reporters to jam their recorders and microphones into her face.

She cried out as one of them jostled her arm sending shards of pain into her arm but she bit her lip. But the last straw for Nate was when he saw the panic in her eyes, and tears streaming down her face.

“That's enough!" he shouted pushing a couple of them away. Everything went quiet as he glared at them with a murderous expression.

“Back off or else." He growled lighting one of his hands ablaze. A few people gasp and moved away.

“Nate! What's going on?" He could hear Natasha yell from behind them. She was pushing her way through the crowd along with Clint and a few SHIELD agents.

When Natasha saw Nessa crying softly and clinging to Nate her face morphed into an expression similar to Nate's.

“Every one clear out! If you bother them again I'll slit your throat." She threatened. Immediately everyone turned around and cleared the area.

“Let's go." Nate said picking up a sobbing Nessa and starting for the car.

A few agents made a blockade keeping others from coming close to them while they jogged quickly to the car.

Nate slammed the door behind them and buckled Nessa in. She seemed to have lost any type of strength to keep the tears at bay and was now sobbing hysterically.

Nate did his best to soothe her but her tears didn't stop until they got her to the doctor's office and he gave her some sleeping pills to calm her down.

“I think it was a mixture of the stress and pain getting to her. Today was just a little bit too much. I'd recommend bed rest and if it's not important she doesn't leave the room." The doctor said to Fury, Hill, and Nate.

Nate stormed out of the room, with Hill following him but Fury stayed with Nessa.

He sighed heavily when he saw the dried tears in her pale face.

Life was going to be different from now on... very different.

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