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Heimdall x reader  by Mk08152006
Heimdall x reader by (Screaming Begins)
Since there are literally no Heimdall x reader stories I thought I might make one. It's kind of random and the writing might not be that great but who cares. I don't. I...
Odinsdottir  by Vanne-Hiddles
Odinsdottir by Vanne
You grew up in Asgard with your brother, Thor and your adopted brother Loki. This is how your life went and how your relationships with your brothers and family grew ove...
White Witch (lokixfem!reader)  by Ms_Amora
White Witch (lokixfem!reader) by Ms_Amora
Have you ever had a God fall heads over heals in love? How about save your brother by reverting death? Really, hm..how about go in time and save half the universe? Cours...
Loki's Queen by Izzylaufeysonn
Loki's Queenby Izzy laufeysonn
Marvel x Mikaelson au Sadly I don't own these characters just the OC Isabella The outcast Mikaelson Isabella queen of the fairy's, daughter of the original hybrid meets...
Tyra, Daughter Of Odin by AM2004_
Tyra, Daughter Of Odinby A
Princess Tyra daughter of Odin, Youngest royal of Asgard and also goddess of war and justice. She grew up in the palace of Asgard and had the powers to use magic just li...
SOLARIS || MARVEL by starkszorel
Aurora Odinsdottir, the youngest of Odins children. She is the Goddess of the Sun, princess of Asgard and the little sister to the legendary and annoying brothers Thor a...
Rise ||| Valkyrie  by Kwicks065
Rise ||| Valkyrie by ScepticEkko
Banished by his father for thousands of years, Vali Odinson returns to Asgard to find it on the brink of destruction and at the centre... his twin sister. Returning to...
The lost brother  by KRUG3R
The lost brother by Don’tbesuchasourwolf
Stiles is Thor and Loki's secret brother, the lost son of Odin. Only problem is he doesn't know it yet ------ after stiles kills Donovan scott kicks him out of the pac...
The North Star (B. Barnes & S. Rogers) by Lone-wolf-fanfics
The North Star (B. Barnes & S. Rog...by Lone-wolf-fanfics
Loki wasn't the only baby taken from Jotunheim, he wasn't the only child of Laufey taken to Asgard and raised next to Thor. Eirlys Odinsdottir. Loki's twin sister. Odin'...
Flower | Thor by hoppers_thick_thighs
Flower | Thorby UNACCEPTABLE
Roslyn Evans can't remember much at all about her past. She's a little loopy but always happy to be around. Nick Fury starts the Avengers to protect the world from Loki...
𝐕𝐀𝐋𝐊𝐘𝐑𝐈𝐄,          how to train your dragon ¹ by braekerofchains
𝐕𝐀𝐋𝐊𝐘𝐑𝐈𝐄, how to...by ☺️◜gemma ◞👸🏼
━━ 𝐕𝐀𝐋𝐊𝐘𝐑𝐈𝐄 ❝ named after the warriors of valhalla, valkyrie the vicious was everything a viking should be! ❞ in which a girl wants to...
Gardenias (L. Laufeyson) by wildflowersandink
Gardenias (L. Laufeyson)by shieldmaiden
{SET BEFORE THE EVENTS OF 'THOR'} - "Did you know," she said, sitting on the ground and turning to the prince, "that Midgard has an entire language dedica...
ACATALEPSY | mcu&hp by Raven_McBride05
ACATALEPSY | mcu&hpby Nyasa
(n.) the impossibility of comprehending the universe; the belief that knowledge can never have true certainty. In which, the Wizarding World watches the life of the runa...
Arranged Marriage | Loki x Fem!Reader by corkandscrew
Arranged Marriage | Loki x Fem!Rea...by Oli <3
Loki's mischievous ambitions started to grow to strong for Odin's comfort. To tie Loki down and keep him from wreaking havoc, he arranged a marriage between him and the...
For Asgard | Loki x Fem!Reader by corkandscrew
For Asgard | Loki x Fem!Readerby Oli <3
After growing up with the princes of Asgard you were betrayed. Will this simple mission to Earth fix your friendship with the god of mischief or will you cut off all tie...
Two Realms React To Movies by DyaSYZ
Two Realms React To Moviesby Dya°Official
The Avengers and Asgard warriors along with their King and Queen have been kidnapped to a magical theatre to watch their past and future. Come along the journey of famil...
Stars Have Fallen - A Loki Love Story (Marvel/Avengers) by MultiFandomAccount0
Stars Have Fallen - A Loki Love St...by ♡ Unknown ♡
' She breathed in deeply, picking up on a faint and fresh scent of mint on him. "Even if it's only me, is that enough for you?" Loki purred with a knowing smil...
The sun will shine on us again by Mayarrismail
The sun will shine on us againby
Loki escaped Thanos after being tortured by him , but he found himself in the same place he attacked before. Midgard.
Playing pretend - Bucky Barnes  by buckymcubarnes
Playing pretend - Bucky Barnes by BuckyBarnes
WARNING: 18+ SMUT Being the most hated... not fun. I wasn't going to let this jerk tell me what to do. Running away was my thing, but this time that was going to change.
SERENE | Loki Laufeyson  by simranwillnotpalat
SERENE | Loki Laufeyson by .
❝How can I even love you?❞ just where the god of mischief finds serenity is a human girl. __________________ SERENE - Loki Laufeyson | Copyright © 2020 by Simran