caught pt 2. - j.o

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caught pt. 2 - j.o

" Jenna's dad stood at the doorway as he watched you walk down the driveway. "And y/n?" He started. You looked back at him with hopeful eyes hoping he would change his mind.

"Don't come back here again." He said unemotionally as he shut the door, the lock clicking in place. "


You couldn't help but sob to yourself on your way back to your apartment. You didn't understand how Jenna could do that to you - she could've given any other excuse that would still keep your relationship with her a secret. On top of that whole situation, it began raining on your walk home.

You unlocked the door to your vacant apartment, usually, you wouldn't mind the emptiness, but tonight you hated being alone with your thoughts. After walking in and closing the door behind you, you broke down once more.

Tonight reminded you how your parents reacted the same way when you came out to them, to the point where they kicked you out of your own home. You moved out of your house into your apartment at only 17 years old. Your parents haven't reached out since. Jenna knew about the situation - it boggled your mind how she would allow this to happen to you a second time.

You grabbed your phone from your back pocket and called Jenna. Though you were upset - she was all you had.

"Please pick up..." you muttered to yourself.

After 30 seconds of ringing it went to her voicemail.

"Hey, it's Jenna. Leave a message and I'll get back to you!" Her voice message for her mailbox made your heart wrench more.


"Hey, Jenna... It's me, please call me back..." Your voice was hoarse, you didn't know what else to say so you hung up, hoping she would hear your message and call back.

Two hours passed. Nothing.

You called her again once more when you haven't heard anything back for hours. You were desperate for any communication with her. This time she picked up.

"Hi." Jenna's small voice echoed through the speakerphone.

"Jenna, I'm- I." You stuttered, you didn't expect her to pick up the phone and you were at a loss for words.

"Tell her what I told you to." You heard Jenna's dad say in the background.

You heard Jenna sniffle through the phone. "I don't think we can be friends anymore, I'm sorry y/n."

Your sadness grew to frustration. "Are you fucking serious, Jenna?" You shook your head, clenching your fist. "Listen, I know you are an actress and all, but you don't have to follow written scripts in real life, especially from your father! He's not your director for fucks sake!"

"I'm sorry..." Jenna mumbled, followed by your phone sounding 3 beeps, indicating that Jenna ended the call.

You dropped your phone on the counter and put your hands in your face and let out a scream from your gut.

"Fuck this," you muttered while hitting the countertop. You grabbed your phone and turned it off to restrict yourself from reaching out to Jenna.

You opened the fridge door to find a bottle of grey goose vodka, you twisted open the cap and took swigs straight from the source. You leaned yourself against the counter and slid down the side, bottle in hand. Leaning your head against the wooden cabinet, you closed your eyes. Moments later, you let your body relax and you fell asleep.


knock knock

"Y/n?" A voice echoed through your mind.

three more knocks

"Y/n, are you home?" The voice was more clear this time as you opened your eyes sitting yourself up.

You put the cap on the grey goose bottle that was still in your hand and put it back into the fridge before going to look through the peephole to see who was at the door.

Natalie stood at your front door with her hands fidgeting, she brought one hand up and knocked once more.

"It's Natalie," she announced through the door.

Why is Natalie here? This is one of the many questions you were asking yourself. You ran your fingers through your rain-dampened hair and tried to straighten out your sweatshirt before opening the door slightly, just enough for Natalie to see you.

"Natalie?" Your eyes were tired and puffy, faint trails of your mascara coating your cheeks. "How can I help you?"

Natalie looked at you empathetically and pushed open the door, without hesitation she took you into her arms, pulling you into a warm embrace.

You hadn't felt a mother's love in years, you melted into her embrace, tears beginning to free flow.

"Oh, hon... It's okay." She held the back of your head close to her chest as you let out a soft cry.

"I'm sorry if I disappointed you, Mrs. Ortega." You muttered against her chest.

"Disappointed? How could I be? You have made my Jenna the most happy she's ever been since you two started dating. She's told me everything since the start..." She trailed. "She didn't want to tell her father, for this reason. I cannot apologize enough for his actions."

"Oh.." You said quietly while pulling away slowly, you were under the impression this whole time that no one in her family knew about you and Jenna.

Natalie took a look around your apartment as if she were looking for something. "So, where's Jenna?" She questioned.

"She's not here," you responded while looking behind you and then back at Natalie.

Natalie's face went cold, her expression full of worry. "She told me two hours ago she was coming here to see you."

"She never came," you bit down on your lip, starting to feel worried.

Natalie pulled out her phone frantically to look up Jenna's location. You watched her screen as she did so.

『 location unavailable 』


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