last kiss - j.o

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last kiss - j.o

tw: descriptions of car crash, blood, death

listen to: last kiss by pearl jam


As you were putting the finishing touches on your hair, a knock was heard at your door. You looked at the time 6:00 pm, Jenna was right on time for your date.

Butterflies aroused in your stomach as you skipped to the door, you peered through the peephole and saw Jenna's petite figure standing oh so perfectly. In her hands, she held a bouquet of red roses. You couldn't keep her waiting anymore so you unlocked the door and creaked it open.

"For me?" You said bearing a wide smile. Jenna reached her hand out, offering you the roses which you took into your grip. You brought the beautiful bouquet to your face and took in the light floral scent.

"Of course, they're for you, my beautiful girl." Her voice was so elegant. You looked up from the flowers and admired her. Her hair was styled half up half down, maroon tinted lipstick coated her full lips, you could go on and on about how jaw-dropping she looked. She nudged you slightly breaking you from your trance.

"Ready to go?" She took your hand in hers and led you to the car. She opened the passenger door for you and went to the driver's side. She pulled up directions on her phone and reversed from your driveway.


It was down pouring, making it hard to see. You turned the car's heat on low as you both were beginning to feel a little chilly.

"The directions are telling me to go a different way because of traffic," Jenna stated while keeping her eyes on the road, the windshield wipers made a squeaky noise as they worked hard to keep away the droplets.

"That's fine, babe. Whatever will make it easier for you." You kept a hand resting gently on her arm while you looked out the window. Jenna turned down an unfamiliar road as a shortcut, it's what the directions told her anyways.

The roads became thick with fog as you made your way closer to the restaurant, the patter of the downpour echoed from the metal roof of the car.

The bleak mist made things so difficult to see. While driving down the straightaway, there was a car stalled in the middle of the road, you both didn't realize it was there until it was too late.

"Woah!" Jenna shrieked. She swerved the car to the right to avoid collision with the car, sending the vehicle off the road with tires screeching. You let out a scream as you saw a tree fastly approaching, you gripped onto Jenna's arm tighter and squeezed your eyes shut, not wanting to see what was to come.

The sound of the crash was deafening, and then there was nothing.


You awoke to Jenna's voice.

"Y/n." Her voice echoed angelically through your mind, you were convinced you'd gone to heaven. "Y/n!" She said in a more panicked tone. She gently lifted your chin with her finger, your neck feeling too weak to support the weight of your head.

Glass covered the entirety of your body, smoke was pouring from the crushed engine. Your body felt so weak, but you felt no pain.

You looked around with just your eyes, bystanders were surrounding the car, all of them on the phone with 911 for help. Your eyes trailed over to Jenna, your eyelids feeling heavy. Bright crimson covered one side of Jenna's face from glass shatter. You looked down at your torso and saw a giant gash, blood flowing profusely from the site. Jenna turned your face back to hers so you wouldn't look at your injuries.

"Help's coming, don't worry. Just stay with me." She tried to speak calmly, but inside she knew. Tears mixed with blood streamed down her cheeks.

"Darling..." Your voice was quiet.

"No- No. Y/n. Don't." Her voice quivered. 

"Please, just hold me." Tears pricked at your eyes but your body was too tired to allow it to cry.

Jenna unbuckled her seatbelt and wrapped her arms around you, pressing your head into her chest. She lifted your chin once more and pressed her warm lips to yours. You melted into the feeling, taking it all in knowing it was your last kiss. She pulled away and you rested your head back into her chest, your vision beginning to go spotty.

Your expression fell flat once your body finally had given up. Your breath hitched as you sucked in one last gulp of air. Your eyes stayed open, pupils dilated and unmoving. You were gone.

Jenna held you close during the entirety of your passing, there was nowhere else you'd want to die.

Jenna looked down at your lifeless body and seeing your pale expression absolutely broke her. She let out gut-wrenching screams and sobs while holding your body. She didn't know how to live life without you - she couldn't.

Sirens were heard approaching in the distance but it was just too late.


a/n: i am so sorry for writing such a sad imagine but fuck i cried so much writing this while listening to last kiss (which is the song i based this imagine off of.)  why do i do this to myself???

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