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Being a barista at the Weathervane had its ups and downs. You got free coffee but had to deal with some of the most unbearable customers. One of the regulars being the one and only, Nevermore student, Wednesday Addams.

At first, she was one of the most demanding, ungrateful, sour human. Almost every time she was there, a conflict broke out. Mostly with the sheriff.

The sheriff's son, Tyler, for some reason, had an undying obsession with her. He would have her order made and ready to go just waiting until she arrived.

"I think she might like me," Tyler would say.

"You're fucking delusional, Tyler," you would joke in return.

You dreaded Addams coming in every day, until one day your feelings shifted.

You noticed Wednesday opening up more and more to Tyler, but you never asked what that was about. You couldn't admit to him, or yourself, that you were beginning to feel jealous. You couldn't help feeling this way knowing the mysterious girl would choose to open up to Galpin instead of you.

These past few weeks, you were the one that had her quad over ice ready to go. You would be the one to serve it to her and make small talk with her at the booth. Though, she did seem unimpressed at first.

"Bother me again and I will stick you into an Iron Maiden," she would say without emotion. But as you took notice of her expression, you saw the slightest curl of her lip into a grin. Maybe even perhaps a light pink airbrushed onto her fair skin.


Tyler had the day off today, you couldn't be more relieved that you wouldn't have to endure his constant drooling over Wednesday. Around 10 am, you made a quad over ice waiting for Wednesday's arrival.

But she never came.

You felt a pang in your chest when you flipped the open sign to closed and flicked off the main lights. She wasn't coming.

"She must have spent the day with Tyler," you thought to yourself.

Going over to the counter, you grabbed the now warm quad and dumped it down the drain. You began your closing-up duties by beginning to sweep the floor.

While your back was facing the door, you heard the chime ring from the door, and footsteps followed.

"We're closed," you said, continuing to sweep the floor.

"But I never got my quad over ice," the familiar voice spoke. Wednesday.

You quickly turned around, and your face instantly flushed. "I thought you weren't coming today, Addams." You tried to hide the smile that was tugging at your lips.

Wednesday stood in her black Nevermore attire, with a white collared shirt and black tie dressed under it. Her raven hair sat in braids on each side of her shoulders as always. She looked up at you with her large eyes and blinked slowly.

You took her silence as a demand to make the espresso. You set the broom to the side and walked towards the counter.

"Wait," she called out. "I don't actually want one."

You turned around and raised an eyebrow. "Then why exactly are you here?"

The girl let out a breath of air through her mouth. She looked at the floor and then back at you. "Because," she started.


She rolled her eyes and opened her lips as if it were hard for her to speak. "I-.... Forget it."

Your lips pulled into a small frown. "What is it Weds?" Your eyes widened when you realized you called her Weds, she was going to kill you for that. Or so you thought.

She stared at you with matching widened eyes, her heart rate quickly increasing. She didn't know how to handle her feelings. Her jaw tensed. "Because," she tilted her neck, cringing slightly. "For some reason, I could not stop thinking of you." She gritted her teeth after saying the words, putting one of her hands into a fist in frustration.

Silence filled the room, you weren't sure how to respond.

Wednesday couldn't bear the silence. "Forget it, tell a soul and I will feed you to the Hyde."

You started laughing quietly, a wide smile on your face. Wednesday stood confused with furrowed eyebrows as she watched you laugh.

"I'm serious-"

"Wednesday, is this your way of saying you missed me?"

"I would never say that," she spat out defensively. "But if you, for some terrible reason, missed me, you're welcome to come to the Rave'N on Saturday."

"The Rave'N? You, Wednesday Addams, are going to the Rave'N?"

"Against my will," she said flatly.

"And you want me to go with you?"

"I never said that," she stood herself up straight, trying to defend herself. She folded her arms across her chest.

"But you implied it," you teased.

Wednesday groaned. "Just say yes or no, this conversation is unbearable," her face began to heat up.

"I'd love to go with you, Wednesday," you replied with a cheeky grin on your face. You thought just for a moment, Wednesday wanted to smile.

She nodded her head once at you before quickly turning around and exiting the door. The sound of her platform boots echoed through the empty cafe.

You watched Wednesday walk quickly down the street. Her pet appendage, Thing, gave you a thumbs up from the flap of her backpack. You noticed a small blonde girl skipping behind her. Enid, her roommate.

"Oh em gee, you did it! Wednesday has a date!" Enid squealed, her blonde curls bouncing with every skip.

"You are the most annoying dating coach I've ever had," Wednesday responded dryly.


a/n: sorry I've been super busy this week as expected!! i am in desperate need for ideas so feel free to request them here or you can pm me!

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