intoxicated - w.a

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intoxicated - w.a

tw: mentions of drinking alcohol


"Just, please, come get her. She can barely walk" You hear Enid's voice echo from across the room. You're slumped over in a chair in Ajax's room, who was throwing a party to which Wednesday refused to go. You had way too much to drink.

"Fine." Wednesday said in reply to Enid through the phone. Enid sighed with relief and hung up the phone, making her way over to you. She grabbed your shoulders and helped sit you up straight, she took the red solo cup you held in your hand.

"That's enough for you." She giggled. "You certainly know how to party, huh, y/n?"

"Mmm." You hummed in response. "It's not over yet." Your eyelids felt heavy.

"It is for you, Wednesday is coming to get you." Enid smirked.

You felt like 1000 volts got sent through your body, making you spring up in your seat. "Wednesday? She's coming to the party?" You felt your cheeks flush red, which you could pass off as it's the alcohol.

"Not to party, y/n. Wednesday would never! She's coming to take you home." She shook her head playfully. "8 shots of vodka a bit too much?" She laughed, nudging you gently. The nudge felt like a force of 100 pounds, making you sink back into the chair.

Your heart fluttered thinking of Wednesday coming to get you. Your feelings for her grew stronger each day, she was irresistible. When Wednesday was around, you could barely function. You stuttered your words, your face blushed and the butterflies in your stomach made you feel sick. Wednesday took notice. Recently, Wednesday recently revealed that she also felt a special way when you were around, and you both agreed to try dating. You were so shit-faced drunk that you forgot you and Wednesday were dating.


Heads turned as the ravenette entered the room, and clamor fell silent. You were curled in the armchair, succumbing to the alcohol that tainted your breath.

The room echoed of Wednesday's platform shoes as she approached you. You awoke to a firm grip on your bicep. Your eyes met Wednesday's glare, almost making you jump from your chair.

"Weds-Wednesday. Hi." You smiled drunkenly, feeling the blood pressure rise in your veins from her presence.

"Up." She pulled your arm, making you plant your feet on the floor and finding your balance.

She kept her grip on your arm as she led you to the door. "Bye, y/n!" You heard Enid shout from the room as you exited with Wednesday.


Wednesday led you down the hall to her room, you found yourself quiet from nerves. You had trouble keeping up with Wednesdays swift steps.

"Um, my room is the other way." You scuffed your feet as you walked, your legs feeling like bricks.

Wednesday glanced over at you. "I know. You are sleeping here tonight." She huffed and took out her key unlocking the door.

"Wait, here? There's not an extra bed." You slurred. Your face felt hot, Wednesday kept her digits wrapped firmly around your arm, leading you into the room.

"Now, why would we need an extra?" Wednesday's eyes narrowed at you, inspecting your face. Confused as to why you would want an extra bed.

"Well- I... - Um. I guess Enid wouldn't mind." You replied, tugging softly towards Enid's side of the room but you felt Wednesday's obsidian-painted nails dig deeper into your bicep.

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