winner - j.o

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winner - j.o


Today was the big day, The Screen Guild Awards. Jenna is nominated for best comedy actress for her role on Wednesday. She was also going to be presenting an award too, being the proud girlfriend you were, you couldn't be more excited to see her on the big screen.

You sat on the couch in her apartment while people were coming in and out to get her ready for the red carpet.

"Getting excited?" You questioned as she was sitting in the chair getting her makeup done.

"Kind of, I'm mostly excited to be in a room with tons of talented actors." She responded with her eyes closed as the artist applied eyeshadow generously to her lids.

"You'll be the most talented one there, I can't wait to see you shine, my girl." You smiled at her from across the room, she couldn't see your smile but by your tone of voice, she knew you were bearing a wide grin.

She gave a smile in return. "My biggest fan."

"Always will be." You assured. You don't know how you got so lucky for Jenna to choose you.

After hours of the crew getting Jenna ready, she was finally finished and ready to go. She wore a gorgeous strapless black dress, her short brunette hair sat on her shoulders, and her heels made her short stature just a bit taller.

"Wish me luck." She gritted her teeth in a nervous way.

"You don't need it." You grinned and gave her a quick peck on the lips before she exited with her bodyguard to take her to the red carpet.


A few hours had passed, and you flicked on the TV to watch your girlfriend present and hopefully accept an award.

"Now to announce the best female actress in a comedy series..." The presenter started. The volume of the TV echoed through the empty apartment.

You sat up towards the TV in anticipation, hoping to hear Jenna's name. She put so much hard work and dedication into this show - she deserved this.

"The Screen Actors Guild Award goes to... Jean Smart!" Your shoulders fell when you didn't hear Jenna's name get called and you sighed to yourself. While Jean was great in "Hacks" you couldn't help but feel that Jenna deserved it more.

You saw Jenna on the screen, a genuine smile on her face as she applauded for Jean. Seeing her made you light up; seeing how down to Earth she was, and how she most likely did not have an ounce of disappointment that she didn't get the award. She was genuinely happy for Jean.

You turned the TV off and stood up from the couch, wiping imaginary dust off of your jeans. You went into the closet and pulled out bags of decorations you had hidden. You planned on decorating her apartment when she came home with the award, but even though she lost - she was still a winner to you.

You decorated the apartment with balloons, banners, and confetti. You went into the fridge and pulled out a bottle of champagne and two glasses and placed them on the counter.

It took over an hour for you to set everything up for Jenna, you checked the time and she was due to be home in around a half hour.

You dimmed the lights prior to her arrival. You put on a silly party hat you got at Party City, and held a small confetti popper eager for your girl to get back home.

The lock of the door turned and you got yourself ready with your popper. Jenna walked through the door and was met with a pop of confetti, some getting caught in her hair. She chuckled in a confused way.

"What's all this?" She questioned as she removed her high heels from her tired feet, tossing them to the side.

"A little after awards celebration!" You wrapped one of your arms around her waist, pulling her into you, leaving a soft kiss on her cheek.

"... But I lost." She gave a half smile in an attempt to hide her disappointment. Your heart panged knowing she was upset with herself.

"You still won. Award or not," you assured. "You busted your ass, put on an amazing performance, and then some. I can't wait to see how far this all takes you." You handed her a glass of champagne which she took a sip of.

"You really think so?" She looked down towards the floor.

You slipped a finger under her chin, raising it enough so her eyes meet yours. "I couldn't be more truthful."

Her tired large dark-brown eyes looked between the both of yours. "You really are my biggest fan."

"Always will be." You confirmed once more.


a/n: i was sad to see jenna didn't win for wednesday tonight, but i still couldn't be more proud of her for being nominated! she truly has so much talent and she has come so far over just this past year alone. here's to many more award nominations for jenna <3

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