long distance - j.o

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long distance - j.o.


"Just a couple more months, my love." Jenna's voice echoed through the speakerphone.

It has been months since you last saw your long-distance girlfriend. From shooting in Romania to attending premiers, and doing interviews, it was almost impossible for her to make time to see you.

"That's forever away." You sniffled, holding back any cries. Jenna hated when you cried and she couldn't be there for you, but missing her physically hurt.

"I will be there before you know it." Her voice spoke softly with undertones of sadness. "Promise me you'll be okay?"

Jenna spent her days worried sick about you because of your depression - being separated from her didn't help but you'd make sure you were okay. For her.

"Promise." You confirmed, wiping away some tears that shed down the side of your face.

"That's my girl." You could tell she was smiling. "Take a bath and get some rest for me. I will call you soon, okay? I love you, my beautiful girl." She quickly hung up the phone as if she had somewhere to be.

Although the call was cut short, you couldn't help but smile at her words. They sent butterflies zooming through your stomach like it's the first time you've heard her speak them.


You took Jenna's advice by starting yourself a bath, and pouring a glass of wine while waiting for the tub to fill.

Once in the bath, you decided to watch Netflix from your phone to keep your mind busy, what better way than to watch Jenna's role on Wednesday? She did have the most screen time, after all.

After a few episodes you decided you had enough time in the bath, and while watching Jenna in the show, you couldn't help but ache for her more, just wishing she was there with you.

You lay in bed under the blankets, your room engulfed you in darkness which you enjoyed. Your phone buzzed, lighting up the room with its notification. You grabbed the phone quickly in hopes it was a text from Jenna, but you were left with disappointment when it was just a spam email. You locked your phone and let yourself succumb to sleep eventually.

A few hours later, you jolted awake at the sound of your phone continuously buzzing. You squinted your eyes, trying to focus on the notifications.

"Jenna <3

Missed FaceTime Call (3)"

Your heart thudded hard - Why would Jenna be calling you this late at night? Your mind instantly took itself to the worst place possible. You quickly FaceTimed her back.

She picked up almost instantly, centering her face on the camera. It was dark wherever she was, but you could tell she wasn't inside her hotel.

"Jens?" You croaked sleepily. Your phone backlight was the only thing making it so Jenna could barely see your face. "Everything okay?"

"Y/n. Finally, you are awake." She said softly with a smile. "Everything's good. I was just wondering if you could do me a favor?" She questioned, her smirk widening on her face.

"Anything for you." You confirmed while sitting up in bed.

She flipped the camera to the rear lens, pointing it towards a house. You quickly realized it was yours, and she was standing outside.

"Let me in?"

Before she finished her question, you had already sprung yourself out of bed, rushing to your front door. Once you opened the door, you saw the small girl standing there in her puffy jacket and a duffel bag that is almost the size of her. You sprinted to her and took her in your arms instantly, spinning her around. She let out a small squeal.

"Surprise." She whispered once you stopped spinning. You kept your arms wrapped tightly around her figure, your face stuffed in the nook of her neck, holding onto the scent you missed terribly.

"Jenna." Your eyes were filling with tears from all of the emotions coming over you at once. "I can't believe you're here." You sniffled, pulling your face away so your eyes meet hers.

"You think I could've gone without my girl for a couple more months?" She caressed your cheek with one of her hands, wiping away some of the wetness.

"You don't know how bad I missed you." You pressed her forehead into hers.

"Oh, but I do. Because I missed you ten times more." She replied softly, she closed her eyes and pressed her lips to yours, and kissed you passionately, sending electricity pulsing through your veins. The heartache you both felt while apart was suddenly fading away.


a/n: a short lil fluff imagine for today! if anyone has requests, feel free to comment or dm me :)

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