priority - j.o

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priority - j.o

6:43 pm you: is there any chance that you will be coming home tonight?

You messaged your girlfriend, Jenna. She has been working tirelessly on the new Netflix original series, Wednesday. She was called to set very early in the mornings, so she decided it was going to be easier for her to sleep in her trailer for the past 2 weeks. The crew, unfortunately, did not let any family or friends visit due to the risk of people leaking details and behind the scene clips from the show.

Minutes feel like hours waiting for a response from Jenna. You figure that she's filming a scene so you decide to not double-message her. You feel yourself slip away into a deep sleep while waiting to hear back.


You jolt awake to the sound of your phone ringing. "Jenna." you whisper to yourself as you hear your phone playing her ringtone. Without hesitation, you pick up.

"Hey.." You croak sleepily while rubbing your eyes. "Coming home?" You sit yourself up on the couch slowly while you come out of your drowsy state.

"Babes, I'm sorry. I won't be coming home tonight. Gonna stay here at the trailer." She said confidently like it did not even bother her. It felt like a spear pierced your heart with every word. She didn't remember...

"It's been two weeks... Can you please just come home?" It feels like you are desperately begging, but this is the least she could do for you today.

"I can't. You know I want to put my all into this show, y/n." Her voice echoed through the speaker.

"And you can't put that type of effort into me? Not even a little?" Your voice grew defensive, you felt your face flush red with anger.

"Really, y/n? I'm not having this conversation with you tonight." You heard her sigh out of annoyance. "I have more important things to spend my time on." Your chest filled with heaviness. Jenna always told you that you were the most important part of her day then she does a 180 and says this to you.

Tears welled in your eyes. You tried to hold them back but to no avail, you had warm streams trailing down each side of your face within seconds. "More important things to do? You really don't care, do you...? I'm not even a priority in your life, Jenna!" You yelled shakily. You bit down firmly on your bottom lip to hold back any cries that could escape from your mouth.

"That's not true, y/n! What the fuck has gotten into you, are you jealous that I am actually turning this into a life for myself?" She was yelling angrily through the phone, not even acknowledging that you were upset. She had never spoken to you before with such fury.

"If I was a priority, Jenna.." You paused and wiped your teary eyes, smearing mascara all over the sides of your face. "You would have remembered today was my birthday." You shook your head at the fact that you even had to remind her. There was a long break of silence after you had gotten the words out.

"Shit.." You heard her mumble. "Y/n... Baby... I'm so so-" She whispered softly in an apologetic tone. Before she could finish her sentence, you hung up on her.

You quickly turned off your phone so you would not see any texts or calls that would come through from Jenna then proceeded to throw your phone across the room. You let out a few cries as you got up from the couch and locked all the doors in the house so even if Jenna wanted to come to see you now, she wouldn't be able to. Running to your room, you threw yourself onto the bed. You cried into your pillow until your body succumbed to sleep.

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