torture - w.a

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torture w.a

tw: mentions of knife, blood, etc


You would do anything to be in Wednesday's presence, literally anything. The small ravenette had your heart. She had the slightest soft spot for you, but if anyone found out, she would murder you.


"Do you like torture?" Wednesday asked abruptly while approaching you, her black eyes burning into yours, awaiting your response.

"Uh-," you giggled. "Hi to you too, Weds. Is this your way of telling me you want to put me in a torture chamber?" Your tone of voice was playful.

"Of course I am. Why else would I ask you that?" Wednesday kept her tone and expression serious.

You raised an eyebrow and shrugged your shoulders. "I have no idea why you would ask me that, personally. But since you've mentioned it, lead me to this so-called "torture chamber"."

"If that's what you want, then I must oblige." She turned away from you and began walking away, you following behind her. While you walked the familiar path to her room, you doubted that she was being serious. She couldn't be serious about this. Right?

"We have arrived." She unlocked the door to her room. As the door swung open, you see devices laid out on her bed and a chair sat next to it. She was so serious.

"I thought you were lying." You laughed nervously. You entered the room and began inspecting the sharp weapons that lie on her bed

"Why would I lie?" She took a step in and closed the door, locking it behind her. Her steps echoed throughout the room as she met you at the bedside.

She picked up a knife from the bed, the blade shimmered from the light up above. She grabbed a tool and began sharpening it silently.

"What are you doing with that?" You questioned while Wednesday was focused on the blade in front of her.

"What do you want me to do with it?" A small smirk tugged at her lips.

You gulped before choosing your next words. "Whatever you want to do with it..." your words trailed silent.

Wednesday, surprised by your answer, stopped sharpening the blade and looked at you with her blackened irises.

"That's your answer? I could stab you if I wanted to, y/n." She takes a step closer to you, bringing the blade closer to your jawline.

"Then do it," you challenged Wednesday, you knew she wouldn't do it.

Wednesday leans in closely, her lips just grazing over your neck, she brings the knife closer but doesn't let it touch your skin.

"I could do it... Right now," her voice is only but a whisper.

You close your eyes and stay silent, preparing yourself for the worst, but instead, you were met with Wednesday pressing her lips to yours. She kissed you deeply before pulling away. Your cheeks flustered pink.

"That's what you call torture?" You said breathlessly, wanting even more.

"I can still torture you... If that's what you prefer."

For a moment, you saw a glimmer of excitement behind Wednesday's eyes like you've never seen before. She seemed genuinely excited about this and you would do anything to make her happy. Anything.

"Prove it," you teased.

She placed a hand on your shoulder and sat you in the chair next to her bed. You slumped in it harshly then adjusted your position.

"Are you positive? That this is what you want?" Wednesday questions once more. While she is excited, she wants to ensure that she's not crossing a boundary.

"It's what I want." Your heart thudded hard in your chest, unsure of what was to come next.

"Then... It's time to begin." She leans down and presses her lips to yours once more before picking up the freshly sharpened blade.

She looked down at you with a loving gaze, then breaks it. "Before we start," she began while inspecting the blade. "You know I don't want to badly harm you. If it hurts more than you can handle, you have to tell me to stop." Her voice speaks soft but serious.

This is actually happening, you couldn't believe you agreed to this. "I will," you agreed to her request.

Wednesday gently grabs your wrist to hold it in place as she brings the sharp object close to your soft skin. She looks into your eyes for reassurance and you nod her to proceed. The tip of the knife pierces the top layer of your skin with ease.

"How does that feel?" She asks with a soft voice. "Is it too much?" Her voice has a hint of concern.

You winced at the pinch of the blade, sucking in a small amount of air. You closed your eyes in attempts make the pain more bearable. "I'm fine," you muttered.

"Do you want me to continue?" Although your eyes were closed, she kept her eyes on you intently.

"Continue," you demanded. You wanted to do anything to make Wednesday happy.

She nodded once and looked back down at your arm. She pressed the blade deeper and began to slice down approximately two inches down your skin. Her eyes sparkled as she saw the crimson red color coat the blade and your soft skin, her heart racing with excitement.

"Good girl," she praised as she admired how you handled the slice.

Adrenaline coursed through your veins at her compliment. You took your free hand and placed it on Wednesday's hip, gripping it slightly as the sting persists. Tears pricked your eyes, a singular drop sliding down your cheek.

"Are you okay, cara mia?" She asks you with a hint of concern as she notices the tear. Wednesday keeps her grip on your wrist steady and her eye on your expression.

You let out a small grunt in response, your chest rising and falling as you take deep breaths. Another tear fell from your eyes.

Your response told Wednesday that you have had enough. She promptly removed the knife from your arm.

"There we go... Good girl," she praised once more. Her voice remains soft and soothing. She seems to take pleasure in your pain.

She grabs the bandage supplies that were already placed on her bed and wrapped the fresh wound up. Her eyes gazed at you from time to time as she did so. After wrapping you up she removed the rest of the devices from the bed and returned next to you.

"Are you alright? You seem a bit pale," she asks with a hint of concern in her voice.

"I'm alright, just feeling tired now," you admitted. The adrenaline that was keeping you alive was slowly fading.

"You will need rest," Wednesday attests. "Though, I do owe you a reward for being so good." Wednesday is still buzzing with excitement but continues to speak softly.

"You know what I want," you smiled weakly.

"Of course I do." Wednesday reaches out her hand and caresses your cheek softly. Her eyes sparkle in the light as she leans closer to you. She has a small grin on her face as she kisses you passionately for a few seconds. She pulls away, keeping her face close to yours and her smile is now more obvious.

"Have I ever told you I love you?" Wednesday asks. Her voice is soft and sincere. "Because I do," she adds to her statement, her voice shaking slightly. Her eyes remain fixed on yours. You can tell she is feeling vulnerable after her confession.

Your heart thudded in your chest cavity at her sudden admittance of her feelings. "I love you too, Wednesday."

Wednesday looks genuinely happy that her feelings for you were reciprocated. She planted a kiss on your forehead before helping you into her bed, where she laid close next to you before you both succumbed to sleep.


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