changes pt. 2 - v.c

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changes - v.c pt 2


You revealed a pistol that you had been carrying with you since the shooting and pointed it straight at Greyson. Your face went stone cold, ready to do whatever it took to protect Vada.

Vada gasped and writhed even more to get away, immense fear flooded her eyes. All of the memories of her being in the hall during the shooting came flooding back to her.

"I will fucking kill you without hesitation, Greyson." You pressed the muzzle of the gun to the side of Greyson's skull, keeping your finger hovering over the trigger.


Greyson's eyes widened and took a step back but you took a step forward keeping the gun pressed firmly to the side of his head. You looked back down at Vada, your heart breaking when you see her large brown eyes staring at you in fear, reflecting with tears. You noticed Greyson still holding onto her arm.

"Did you not understand what I said?" You snapped.

"You won't kill me." Greyson smirked, tugging at Vada's arm once more.

"Are you sure about that?!" Your voice rose, your finger flirting with the trigger of the gun.

Greyson snickered, which drove you insane. You lowered the gun from the side of his head, keeping it firmly in your hands. You couldn't kill him.

"Told you, Pussy. Now get lost." He kept the grin on his face while he wiped the side of his head where your gun once sat.

You deadpanned at him, keeping your face cold.

"You're right, I won't kill you." You rose the gun just slightly and pulled the trigger, the bullet going in contact with his foot. Vada squealed at the loud crack of the gun and curled up into her knees. He quickly released Vada and let out a scream while holding his foot.

"I never said I wouldn't shoot you..." You mumbled as you watch him cry out in pain.

He backed up with a limp as you approached him. "And if you ever think to come near her again, I will shoot to kill." You spat. "Oh, and if you tell a soul about what happened, you are a dead man."

Greyson limped as fast as he could to the car and quickly peeled off, leaving tire tracks in the road. You tucked the gun back in the seam of your pants. You looked down and noticed Vada cowering in the grass and you frowned.

"Vads, I'm sorry..." You reached out to touch her and she flinched. "I won't hurt you, I promise." You gently put your hands under her and lifted her up bridal-style, holding her tightly against you as you brought her back to your car. You set her down in the passenger seat and put her seatbelt on before going onto your side. As you walked back to the driver's side, you thought a million thoughts of what you were going to say to Vada.

Vada was quietly crying when you got into the car. Her body facing away from you towards the window, curled up in the seat.

"Vada..." You reached out to rub her back gently and she tensed up. "Please." You begged for her to at least look at you, the guilt was eating you alive knowing that you had most likely just sent her into a flashback with the gunshot.

Vada turned her head towards you, tears were free-flowing down her face. The side of her cheek was already starting to bruise where Greyson punched her.

"A gun, y/n?! A fucking gun?" She cried more. "Why the fuck do you have a gun?!" She shook in her seat, desperate for your explanation.

"I got it after the incident, I was fucking scared, Vada. I couldn't bear knowing I couldn't protect others or myself." You frowned. "I'm really fucking sorry, but I needed you safe."

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