accident pt. 2 - j.o

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accident pt 2 - j.o

"The firefighter rested his hand on your shoulder in hopes to help ground and comfort you. "She was immediately taken to LA hospital intensive care unit... It's critical." Those words stabbed through your heart. You looked around frantically, your mind was racing with thousands of possibilities. The thought of losing Jenna was something you could not bear with. You started breathing heavily, it felt like you were gasping for air. All of a sudden, your knees turned to rubber, coldness came over your body, your vision started to tunnel... Then everything went black."


You awoke to the sound of your heart pounding in your ears. When you opened your eyes, bright lights shined in them and everything was hazy.

"She's conscious." You heard an unfamiliar voice say.

Your vision focused and you realized you were in the back of an ambulance, hooked up to machinery and an IV catheter placed in your arm. You wiped your eyes and saw the EMTs standing around you. One of them smiled at you.

"Good morning." She rubbed the side of your arm. "Feeling ok?"

You nodded once. "Yes, I'm fine. I have a history of passing out." You propped yourself up a bit when the memories come flooding back of the scene of the accident.

"Jenna." You stated

"We're on our way to the same hospital. What are your relations to Miss Ortega?" The EMT questioned.

Your cheeks flushed a light pink, you hesitated to answer since no one has known about you two, but you knew that you had to say it if you wanted any chance of seeing her.

"Don't worry..." the EMT assured. "By HIPAA law, we can't repeat anything you tell us."

You nodded once. "She's my girlfriend. I was going to go to the premiere with her but I was too anxious." You slapped your forehead frustrated. "I should've gone with her. She shouldn't have gone alone"

The EMT held the hand that slapped your forehead. "She's in good hands. Once you're cleared by the doctor they will allow you to see her."

You gulped as the ambulance approached the hospital, unsure of what Jenna's condition would be, and if she would even be alive. Guilt was flooding your mind, knowing that things could have gone differently if you went with her.

After you arrived at the hospital, you were examined by the doctor and cleared to be discharged from the hospital. After signing a few papers you were able to be checked out of your room and asked one of the nurses to take you to Jenna's room.

"I'm sorry, it will be a while. She's currently having surgery to stop internal bleeding." The nurse patted your shoulder in an attempt to make the news easier for you to handle. It did not work.

"Internal bleeding?! Is she going to die?" Your voice shakes with every word. Tears streaming down your cheeks almost instantaneously.

"I cannot guarantee anything, hon." The nurse frowned. "Please have a seat and we will come to you once she's out of surgery." She nodded you in the direction of a small couch they had in the hallway. You sat down on the couch and curled your knees to your chest. Your body was so exhausted but you could not sleep due to your mind racing. Hours had gone by before you saw a man with a white lab coat approach you.

"Y/n?" He asked.

"That's me." You sat up quickly adjusting your position and wiping off your hands on your pants.

"I'm Doctor Mason, I was Jenna's surgeon." His eyes softened as he held his clipboard in his hands.

You shot up from the couch. "Is she okay? Please..." You were pleading to the man you had just met. Your eyes could not produce any more tears, you stared up at the Doctor with swollen puffy eyes, and dark halos under your lids that showed your exhaustion.

"She is..." He paused. "Stable. The surgery took longer than expected, but we were able to stop all of the bleeding. We did have to give her a blood transfusion also during the procedure as her levels were dangerously low. We believe she will be alright, but it is a long road of healing ahead of her. We will have to keep her here for a week or more debating on her healing process." He sighed quietly with relief, you could tell he was stressed from the surgery he had to perform.

"Jenna is groggy but awake. Her first words were asking for you." His eyes locked with yours.

Your heart broke thinking of how much Jenna cared about you, to the point where she was asking for you first before worrying about her own health. After thinking you could not cry anymore, tears wet your eyes once more.

"One of the nurses will take you to her room" The doctor nodded at one of the nurses. "If you need anything, please do not hesitate to page us over to you. A nurse will be checking in hourly otherwise."

The nurse led you to Jenna's room. You felt your pulse in all of your limbs, anxious to get to your girl.

The door creaked quietly as you entered the room. Jenna was lying on her back in the bed, pillows supporting her back and head. One of her arms was cast and you noticed bandages on her face that covered the wounds underneath. When your footsteps approached, Jenna moved her eyes to meet yours.

"Y/n." She muffled weakly. Her eyes were droopy, but she still managed to give you a small smile.

"Oh, Jenna..." You frowned while grabbing her free arm that did not have a cast on it. "Baby..." you brought her hand to your lips and gave it a kiss, rubbing her hand with yours. A single tear streamed down your cheek.

"No crying." Jenna grunted. She hated seeing you cry. You brought her hand to your cheek and she used her thumb to wipe your tear. You let out a sniffle.

"Darling, I will be okay. I promise I will be okay, for you." She reassured.

You nodded, holding back cries from escaping your lips. "I'm sorry I didn't go with you." You bit down on your lip. "We would've left at a different time and you wouldn't be in this situation."

"You don't know that." Jenna's voice was hoarse. "Don't blame yourself." Jenna began to cough. She raised her arm to cover her mouth and some blood was sprayed on her arm from her cough.

"Normal." She reassured you while lowering her head back into the pillow, her eyelids lowered and her muscles relaxed.

"Get as much rest as you need." You assured while using your sleeve to wipe off the blood from her arm. The girl fell into a deep sleep, you watched her sleep peacefully.

"I love you so much." You whispered before relaxing into the chair, within minutes you fell asleep while keeping your hand wrapped around Jenna's. Relief flooded your body, knowing Jen would be okay.


You spent 2 weeks by Jenna's side in the hospital. Once she was given the clear to go, you gathered all her things and helped her sit comfortably in a wheelchair (doctor's orders). Jenna spoke about how excited she was to be going back home with you as you rolled her down the hall toward the doors. It left a big smile on your face.

As you exited the building a few paparazzi were outside approaching quickly to Jenna. You held out your arm and squinted your eyes at the flashes.

"Jenna! So glad you are okay!" One of them shouted.

"Please give us space." You said firmly, making your way to the driver parked out front for you. Your heart rate picked up pace as anxiety took over your body

"Jenna! Who is this girl with you?" One of them questioned.

A small smile pulled at Jenna's lips.

"She's my amazing girlfriend." Jenna kept the smile on her face, proudly showing you off. "I love her very much."

You felt your cheeks go red but you could not help but smile back. You carefully lifted Jenna into the car and sat beside her, closing the car door with ease.

She grabbed your face and pressed her lips to yours. Your body tingled with ecstasy, you longed for this feeling for 2 weeks. Kissing her again felt like the first time.

"I love you more." You whispered against her lips with a smile.

"Shh.." She shushed you, smiling back against yours. She grabbed your face and pulled your lips back to hers.


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