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together j.o

tw: mentions of eating disorder, mentions of throwing up, sad


You swung open the front door after a long day of work and a savory aroma filled the air around you making you feel almost instantly nauseous. Here we go again, another sad attempt from Jenna to make you eat. You huffed under your breath before walking towards the kitchen and weakly setting down your back on the countertop. You haven't had a proper meal in 4 days and Jenna knew.

"Hi, my love," Jenna said with a sweet smile. "I made your favorite for dinner." She approached you and planted a quick peck on your cheek before helping you take off your jacket.

"Thanks, Jen... I'm gonna have to pass for tonight." You gave her a fake grin to not worry her but the girl could see right through you. It wasn't hard to - your eyes were sunken into your skull and your face lacked color.

"Y/n..." Her smile fell and she went serious. "Please." She pleaded. "Just a little bit." She bit down on the inside of her lip. She's been trying to get you to eat a meal since three days ago but you had given her an excuse every time.

The second you saw the worry in her glassy eyes you obliged. "Just a little bit." You nodded once and weakly smiled. This was going to suck.

Her face lit up almost instantly with a large smile, making the dimples on her cheek make their presence. "Go sit, I'll make your plate." She tried to hide the excitement on her face.


She placed a full plate of pasta with marinara sauce and garlic bread as a side in front of you with an ice-cold glass of coca-cola. She was so desperate to get some calories in you that she denied your request for plain water.

Despite Jenna's pasta being your favorite dish, your stomach churned at the sight. Nerves swelled inside of you at the thought of eating. You gulped silently while twirling some pasta onto your fork. You held it still in the air on the fork in front of your face for what felt like hours for Jenna. Her stare was burning into you, dying for you to take a bite. You sighed and put the fork back down, making Jenna frown.

"I can't, I'm sorry, Jenna." You slid the plate a few inches back away from you.

Jenna silently grabbed her plate from the counter and set it on her placemat next to yours.

"We can. As long as it takes, I'm here to help you through this." She nodded and took a small bite of her pasta then pushed your plate back towards you.

After staring at your plate with no results, Jenna resorted to another option. She picked up a noodle with her hand, throwing it up in the air and attempting to catch it with her mouth - instead it landed on her forehead.

You let out a laugh at the sight of the girl with a sauce-covered spaghetti noodle stuck to her head.

"What's so funny, did I miss?" She said jokingly. She pulled off the piece of pasta and proceeded to eat it. There was a pause of silence. "Your turn." She grinned and picked up a piece of pasta.

"Oh, I'm goo-" Before you knew the girl already had flung the pasta up in the air and it was coming right for your face. To avoid getting sauce all over your face like Jenna, you opened your mouth and caught the pasta. The warm sauce coated your mouth with a sweet and savory taste that you loved - starving yourself for a few days made it taste so much better.

Jenna shot her arms up to celebrate your catch. "Jenna 0 - Y/n 1." She giggled, the sauce still living on her forehead, and you couldn't help but laugh with her.

She twirled a small bite onto her fork and hesitantly locked eyes with you. She sighed hopefully under her breath and brought the fork to your mouth, pursing her lips. Your first reaction was to back away from it.

"For me?" She blinked away any tears that were threatening to escape. She knew this was hard for you, and it was for her too. You couldn't bare to see her this worried anymore.

You opened your mouth to the fork and chewed slowly, your stomach growled, begging to be fed. Jenna grinned ear to ear once you swallowed.


After the first bite, it felt easier to stomach the food. To you and Jenna's surprise, you managed to eat a quarter of your plate and wash it down with some cola.

Jenna got up from her seat to start clearing the table. "I am extremely proud of you, cara mia." She smiled genuinely for the first time in days.

You stood from your seat and pulled her snugly into your arms, keeping the embrace as long as she would allow. "I couldn't have done it without you, beautiful girl." You kissed the top of her head.


You helped Jenna clean up from dinner, trying to not think about the substantial amount of food you just consumed.

You changed into pajamas and Jenna was already waiting in bed for you, probably already half asleep.

"Sleeping already?" You joked while slipping under the sheets, pulling the girl into your front, making her the little spoon.

"Mmm." She grumbled sleepily, melting into your embrace.

"Thank you for today." You didn't want her efforts to go unrecognized, even if they didn't work.

"It was all you, baby." She grinned, peering back at you. She raised herself until her lips met yours and kissed you endearingly. "I love you, always. We will take it one day at a time, at your pace. Together."

"I love you more." You gave a weak grin, feeling remorse knowing Jenna has no idea what was next to come.

Once she rested her head back on the pillow, she fell into a deep slumber within minutes. She was almost as exhausted as you were from worrying about you.

You gently slipped your arms from around her and sneaked out of bed. You tip-toed your way to the bathroom and silently closed the door behind you. You sighed to yourself, guilt running through your veins. You kneeled down next to the toilet.

"I'm sorry, Jenna." You whispered to yourself before shoving two fingers down your throat, making yourself throw up the meal you had just eaten. You glared at the result for a few seconds before flushing it down, just to do it all over again tomorrow.


a/n: sorry for the sad/raw imagine here. thank u all so much for all the support you've shown for me + the imagines <3 it truly means a lot.

for those who have requested an imagine, i will try to write it asap! i am sorry for any delays.

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