frustrations - w.a *18+*

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frustrations - w.a
cw: 18+, *minors do not interact*, smut
*all characters aged up 18+*


Your girlfriend, Wednesday has noticed that Xavier Thorpe has been getting uncomfortably close to you lately. Despite agreeing to keep a private relationship, she could not help but feel possessive over you. When she noticed Xavier getting a bit too close to you at the quad, she quickly walked over to the both of you.

"Y/n." She said flatly while locking eyes with you then with Xavier. "Getting a little friendly, aren't we, Xavier?" She scowled at him through her dark fringe.

"Uh... Hey to you too, Wednesday. We were just talking so." He shrugged his shoulders and looked at you.

"Hey Weds..." You gave her a small smile. Wednesday looked angry.

"Come with me." She snapped. "Now." She started walking away swiftly inside towards her dorm room. You tried to keep up with her, you yelled out to her down the hall.

"Wait up! Please Weds, it's not like that." You knew Wednesday would have punishment in store for you, you felt your face get hot at what she had in store for you.

Wednesday entered the room, Enid was gone for the weekend so she had the place all to herself. She left the door open for you to follow behind.

"Wednesday." You pleaded while closing the door behind you. You looked over at Wednesday and she was standing stiffly, hands crossed together in the front. Her soulless gaze met yours and you frowned.

"I allow you to be my girlfriend, and then you are acting flirty with Xavier." She stated, not taking her gaze off of yours.

"No, Weds-" You shook your head in denial but the ravenette did not want to hear any of it. She approached you slowly, her breath almost close enough for you to taste.

"You are trembling almost as if you were guilty..." One side of her lips curled into a small grin. She was playing a game with you that you were not going to win. "You frustrate me." She began. "I think I need to get my frustrations out with you..." She let her lips hover over your neck just barely grazing them over you, making you let out a soft audible moan.

"Are you aroused that easily? Pitiful." Wednesday spat. She took your wrist firmly in her hand and pushed you onto her bed. "Stay." She commanded you like you were some type of animal. You kept yourself face down on the bed to allow Wednesday to do whatever she wanted with you. She went into her drawers and grabbed the ropes that she kept in the back of her drawer just for you.

Wednesday came over to you and started removing articles of clothing from you to expose all of your bare skin. You craved her touch as she removed each one but she would not let you have it that easily. Once all of your clothes were off, she rigged your body up beautifully with the dark rope. And flipped you over so she could admire her work.

"Say you are mine." She demanded while tying your wrists up with the rope.

"I'm yours, Weds. Only yours..." You grunted.

Wednesday tightened the ropes around your wrist harshly once you responded, making another groan come out of your mouth.

"Good girl" she muttered. The room was dark but you could see the reflection of Wednesday's dark eyes adorn your body and her rope work, her pale face illuminated by the moonlight from the window.

She started off by grabbing your body and flipping you back over to your stomach, you hunch yourself up to allow the girl access to your entrance.

Wednesday trailed her finger down your bare back, sending shivers down your spine. At this point, your heat was dripping, begging for Wednesday's touch. She would never admit it to you, but she loves how easily you get aroused for her. She took her middle finger and collected your slick on it then put that same finger into her mouth to taste. The sound of her lapping up your juices on her finger sent you into a spiral.

She did not want to keep you waiting any longer and put her middle finger into your entrance, making you gasp. She pulled it back out and then went back in with both her middle and pointer fingers, the stretch of her fingers made you burn with pleasure.

She continued stroking your spot, filling your body with heat and pleasure. You begged for more of her touch but she refused. You felt your body tense up, beginning to get close to your orgasm. Your walls closed tightly around Wednesday's fingers.

"I'm... gonna-" You could barely speak the words out as the girl's actions made you quite literally breathless. Right as you were reaching your climax, Wednesday pulled out her fingers making all of the sensations die down almost instantly.

"Only on my terms." She spat.

"You will not finish today, as your punishment." She smacked your ass, making you whine. She pushed herself off the bed and began untying you. Your body was weak from her touch, you lie still, feeling numb as she unties you. Once the ropes were off she pushed you onto your side and moved your messy hair from your face, glancing down at the rest of your body.

"Mon Cher..." a small frown came over Wednesday's face. "Tell me next time if the rope is too tight." She held your wrists up to reveal bruising from the grip of the rope. You didn't mind it at all.

Wednesday got back in bed with you after untying you. She pulled the comforter over your chilled body, pulling you close so you could absorb her warmth. She took her index finger which had the most jet-black polish on the nail and lifted your face to meet her eyes.

"Mine." She whispered.

"Yours," You said in response.

She pressed her soft lips to yours, making you taste yourself. You were left throbbing for more, which you hoped you could convince her to do later tonight.

a/n: so yeah i wasn't sure how the response to this would be so I made it pretty basic and short. if it's something y'all don't like i will refrain from writing it in the future, but if you guys do like it i will make it more detailed / longer.
*not proofread yet*

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