blacked out - j.o

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blacked out - j.o

tw: mentions of alcohol, drugs


It was your first night in California. You recently moved away from your small hometown to try to make a life for yourself. After settling down into your apartment, you decided to google local clubs, you figured you may be able to make some friends that way. After finding the highest-rated club, you got ready by dressing yourself in a tight shirt that exposed your stomach, a tight pair of jeans, and a pair of heels. You put your hair half up, letting two wavy pieces frame either side of your face.

Arriving at the club, the bass from the music rumbled the ground beneath your feet. You took a deep breath before approaching the bouncer.

"ID." He demanded. He stood tall and broad.

"Oh right." You said flustered while going into your purse for your ID. You passed the bouncer your ID and he studied the picture with your face before nodding once allowing you in.

"Thanks." You muttered under your breath while stepping into the entrance. The bass of the music made your body vibrate as you got closer to the source.

You pushed through crowds of people dancing, attempting to get yourself to the bar. Once at the bar, you ordered yourself two shots of Tito's. You slammed them down and turned around from the bar.

A guy approached you with a smile. "Hey!" He shouted over the sound of the loud music. "Can I buy you a drink?"

You smiled up at him, feeling content that you could actually make friends tonight. You approved of his gesture. "Please." You turned around and faced the bar while he ordered you a cocktail. You looked down checking your phone while the drink is being prepared. The guy slipped his hand around your waist lightly, the unfamiliar touch made you jump slightly.

He looked over at you with a grin and slid the drink on the counter towards you. You picked up the glass and took a sip from it as he led you to the dance floor.


An hour had passed and you felt almost black-out drunk. The room was blurry, your eyes had trouble focusing on anything. This feeling felt different than the other times you had gotten shit-faced. Your hair was slightly frizzy from the humidity that filled the room from the heat of the crowded dance floor. "Just Dance" by Lady Gaga blared over the speakers. It was one of your favorite songs. Your dancing was sloppy, making you bump into someone behind you.

You turned around, the room spinning as you do so. "Woah. I am so.. so sorry." Your words slurred.

The small girl turned and faced you, a smile bearing on her face. She was dressed in a fitted, all-black dress, her smoky-eye makeup to match. Her dark hair framed the sides of her face effortlessly. Her fringe was parted slightly in the middle. "Hey, don't worry about it." The face seemed familiar, but you couldn't quite figure it out in your drunken state.

You attempted to focus your gaze on her, but your vision stayed in a constant blur, making you start to feel uneasy. Your eyes attempted at darting around the room, but everything was moving in slow motion.

"Are you okay?" You heard the girl's concerned voice echo through your mind. Little did you know, the guy who bought your drink spiked it with drugs.

"I can't see straight..." You tried to shout, but to no avail, your body was too weak, and the girl just barely heard you.

"Do you know where you are?" The girl shouted. Your eyes locked back on her blurry figure.

"I can't remember." You admitted, your body feeling hot.

The guy came up behind you, seeing that the drugs had taken effect. He grabbed you by your wrist in which the girl grabbed your other one. In your dazed state, you could feel the girl's nails dig deep into your wrist, ensuring that she was not letting go.

"She's here with me. Let her go." She tugged your wrist, sending your body crashing into hers. She wrapped her free arm around your back supporting you.

You heard some commotion before everything went black.


You awoke to the sun blinding through the curtains and your head pounding. The window was open, allowing a fresh breeze to cross over you. You blinked a few times, realizing you have no idea where you are. When you went to adjust your position, you felt an arm around your waist, restricting you slightly.

You turned to face the small figure behind you when you realized there was a girl in bed with you, the only thing covering her was her black lace bra and panties. You looked down at yourself and noticed you were also in just your bra and underwear. Your outfit from last night was thrown to the side of the floor.

Your eyes trailed back up the girl's body and you took notice of dark-pigmented marks that started along the girl's neck and led to her collarbone. Fresh hickeys. After studying her face for a moment - you realized you were in bed with Jenna fucking Ortega.

to be continued...

a/n: ooo two updates in one night! i had this one sitting in the drafts for a while, and i'm a little busy this week so i'm posting it now hehehe enjoy

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