lost pt. 2 - t.c

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lost pt. 2 - t.c

some scream 6 spoilers!! (by some i mean 1)

" Sam looked around the room to ensure no one was eavesdropping on your conversation. She brought her hand to your ear and whispered.

"Ghostface is back." "


"Fuck," you muttered under your breath. "Why didn't you just tell me? Did he kill anyone yet?"

Sam looked around the cafe uncomfortably. "Let's go back to your place, I'll tell you everything there."

The lock clicked behind you once you entered your apartment. You plopped down hard on the couch and Sam sat on the seat next to you.

She bit down on her lip. "Fuck it, I'm just gonna say it. Anika's dead. He came for me and Tara yesterday night."

You put your hand over your mouth in disbelief. "No. No! Fuck, Sam. Fuck! Tara should have told me from the start."

"We wanted to but..." she hesitated to speak the next words. "We couldn't be sure that you weren't Ghostface, and Tara wanted to protect you if you weren't."

Your sadness turned to annoyance very quickly. "You really thought I would be Ghostface? What the fuck?"

"Well we still don't know," Sam looked around your apartment nervously.

"Oh fuck off, Sam." You stiffened in your seat. "If you came here to accuse me of being Ghostface, just leave."

"No, I'm sorry." Her lips curled into a frown. "I'm not accusing you it's just, with Richie last year... It's hard to trust anyone." You saw her eyes sparkle with tears.

You took a deep breath to cool the rage that wanted to boil inside of you. "I get it." You ran your fingers through your hair. "Where's Tara now?"

"She's back at the apartment."

"Alone?" Your eyes pierced through hers.

"Yeah but-" she started.

At this point, you had already stood up from your seat and rushed over to a cabinet. You opened the cabinet door so quickly that you almost took it off of its hinges.

Inside lived your lockbox. It beeped as you typed in your code and the door opened, revealing your pistol with ammo in it. You grabbed the pistol from the case and loaded it, shoving extra ammo in your pocket.

"Why do you have a gun?" Sam questioned nervously.

"The more you talk, the more time there is for Ghostface to get to Tara." You replied, completely ignoring her question.

You closed the lockbox and looked back at Sam, whose eye's were widened, staring at you with her mouth partly open.

"Let's go," You said before rushing out of your apartment.


With adrenaline pulsing through your veins, you hop out of Sam's car once you get to their apartment. As you were going up the stairs toward the apartment, you heard a scream followed by a thud.

You pulled out the pistol that sat on your belt and held it tightly with both hands, at the ready. As you approached their door, you noticed it was cracked open slightly. Your mind went to the worst-case scenario.

You kicked open the door with your pistol pointed out to find Tara sitting on the couch, rubbing her knee.

She looked up quickly to the deafening sound of her door being kicked in. You were met with widened eyes. "Y/n, what the fuck?!" She looked down at your loaded gun pointed right at her.

You promptly realized that she wasn't in danger and shoved the pistol back into your belt strap. "Shit, I'm sorry," you muttered embarrassed. "I thought you were in trouble. Why did you scream?"

"I fucking fell! What are you doing here, y/n? You shouldn't be here."

You sighed, tired of her act. "Sam told me everything, T."

Tara's expression fell flat and she looked down at her lap.

"You know you could've told me," you spoke softly. "Tara, you fucked me up. I mean, saying you didn't love me? That was the bullet that pierced my chest."

Tara shook her head, while still looking at her lap. "I meant it," she muttered under her breath lowly.

You knew she was lying. Lying to protect you. You didn't want to be protected, you had to protect her. "For fucks sake, Tara. I don't buy it."

You went over to the couch and sat down a few inches from her, you could feel the warmth that radiated from her body. You missed everything about her. She continued to look down at her lap, her hands placed on her lap. You gently took your hand and moved some of her hair wavy brown locks behind her shoulder so you could see her face.

"Tara," you felt your chest walls closing in, hoping for a response. The girl sat in silence.

Now annoyed, you snapped. "Fine, if you don't love me, prove it. Prove to me that you lost your love for me. Look at me and prove it to me!"

A single teardrop fell onto Tara's lap. After a few seconds, she slowly looked up at you, her eyes glistening with tears. Once her eyes met yours, she crashed her lips into yours, wrapping her arms around you and pulling herself onto your lap.

She kissed you like she had been starving, and so were you. You felt relief and warmth flood your body as your tongues danced with each other. You felt your broken heart slowly healing as it swelled with happiness from Tara.

Your kiss was cut short by being interrupted by Sam finally entering the room, observing their door that was off the hinges. "What the fuck happened to the door?" she questioned with a confused expression, causing you and Tara to pull apart laughing uncontrollably.


a/n: so basically y/n devotes themselves to protecting tara n sam from ghostface and all is well hehehe

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