anxiety - j.o (request!)

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anxiety - j.o (request!)


Only 5 minutes until you're there. You gripped the steering wheel so tightly it stung your palms. You were going to visit Jenna, your girlfriend, on the set of Wednesday. It has been a couple of months since you two saw each other. The late-night FaceTime's and Snapchat's made it feel easier, but your hearts still ached from the distance. Jenna surprised you by buying you round-trip plane tickets to Romania, where they are shooting, and you are now driving to set.

Strong pulses surged through your veins when you heard the directions say "Destination is on your right." You pulled into the parking lot and around lived white trailers, labeled to what they were. You saw one labeled "hair", and another "makeup." After parking your car, you sat still for a few moments gaining up the courage to get out of the car.

As much as you were excited to see Jenna, your anxiety made you feel fearful. Not with her - but being social with her castmates. You struggled with your social anxiety but have gotten better with therapy and medication. The bad thing is - you forgot your medication at home.


"Y/n!" You heard a yell behind you, you turned around and were met with Jenna, still in costume, throwing her arms around you, and pulling you into a tight embrace.

You grunted softly from the grip she had around you, but you wouldn't trade this moment for the world. You wrapped your arms back around the small girl. "I missed you, Jens."

"I'm so happy you made it." She grinned ear to ear while looking up at you. Her two black braids framed her face, her back dress flowing with the gentle breeze.

"I thought Wednesday was never happy." You joked playfully. Jenna rolled her eyes with a small giggle. "I could get used to you in braids." She could pull off anything in your eyes.

"Shut up." She tried to hide that her cheeks flushed. "Let's go meet everyone." She took her hand in yours which was coated in sweat from your nerves.

Jenna raised an eyebrow and looked up at you. "Everything okay?" She knew that you weren't one to say if something was bothering you.

"It's great."


The metal stairs creaked as you walked up them into the trailer. The faint noise of chatter made your stomach twist. Once you and Jenna walked through the door everyone went silent. All eyes were on you, it made you want to shrink to a minuscule size.

"Everyone, this is my lovely girlfriend I always talk about, y/n." Jenna announced proudly. "She'll be here for a few days so please make her feel welcome."

You gave a small wave to the group. You recognized everyone from Jenna's Snapchat.

"It's nice to meet you, y/n." Emma was the first one to break the silence, Jenna did say she was the most wonderful person.

"Alright - I will be right back, just gonna go change out of costume." She gave you a quick peck on the cheek before exiting the trailer.

Your ears rang as silence filled the room, all eyes were on you which made you uneasy. The small blonde girl, Emma, scooted over on the couch and tapped the seat to make room for you to sit. You silently sat down, looking at your lap.

"So do you talk or just sit there looking depressed?" You heard a male voice say, you look up and see the slim dirty-blonde guy. Percy.

You swallowed the lump in your throat and stuttered. "N-No, I-.. I'm.." You felt your face heat up.

A couple of the male cast mates laughed and started whispering to each other. Emma elbowed Georgie, making him yelp. "Ow!"

Emma gave him a death stare before looking over at you. You already had tears streaming down your face, she went to place a hand on your leg for comfort but you had already started to get up to exit the trailer.

Once outside you let a few small cries escape before you got your composure back. Your face was blotchy from crying, and faint lines of mascara lived on your cheeks from your tears.

"Y/n? What's going on?" Jenna asked concerningly. She cupped your face in her hands. She was back in her normal attire with her wavy hair down from its braids.

Your body was shaky, she noticed your arms quivering and moved her hand to your arms pinning them down slightly as a grounding technique.

"Oh, my love..." She frowned, recognizing one of your many anxiety traits. "We can try a new medication, or maybe a therapist. It pains me to see you like this."

"No." You replied sharply. "Sorry." You softened. "They work fine, I just forgot them and then in the trailer they... Never mind."

Jenna furrowed her eyebrows. "You should have told me. We can get them from a pharmacy out here, ASAP. What do you mean in the trailer? Did something happen?" Concern grew in her tone.

Your heart thudded. You didn't want to rat the crew out, but you knew Jenna would persist if you didn't spill. "Percy just, I don't know Jens, it's like he was judging how I acted, then made a bunch of the guys laugh and they whispered some shit about me. Emma was the only one who tried sticking up for me."

Jenna's concern turned to anger. Without words, she took your hand and led you both back into the trailer. Silence fell when she opened the door and everyone saw her. Her jaw clenched tightly, her brows were furrowed down and she kept intense eye contact with Percy. Her face slowly turned red as she spoke.

"Be ashamed of yourselves. Especially, you, Percy."

He smirked, not taking her seriously. "Relax, Ortega, it's not that serious." He chuckled under his breath.

She pursed her lips together to hold back from yelling at him. She took a few seconds to regain her composure. "Not that serious?" She took a deep breath and gave Percy a bitter smile. "You know what? Forget it. I won't have to deal with you once you're removed from the cast from your allegations." She gave a menacing laugh. "Did I just say that out loud? Ooooops. Good luck at your meeting with the directors tomorrow." She glanced over at Emma and softened her voice. "Thank you for being there for y/n."

Emma gave a soft smile. "I'm sorry we work with jerks, y/n."

Jenna took your hand in hers, interlocking your fingers. She led you both out of the trailer and squeezed your hand tight.

"I'm sorry, mi amor." She sighed quietly. "I hope you're not wishing you never came."

You frowned slightly. "I would never regret any time with you. Ever."

She tugged you closer to her and your chests met. Her dark brown eyes gazed adoringly into yours. "Me too." Her eyes met with your lips as she leaned in. You shared a passionate kiss before she pulled away.

"Let's get you settled in and get a refill of your meds, okay?"

You nodded in agreement and did just that.


You spent the night snuggling in bed, not an inch apart between the two of you. Your hearts both felt at home with each other.

The next day, Percy's position as Xavier was terminated immediately.

a/n: thank u to the person who requested this imagine! percy deserved that in this tbh.

p.s. who's ready to find out who wednesday killed in for you pt. 2?


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