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caught - j.o


"Ready to meet my parents?" Jenna questioned as she started up her car. You sat anxiously in the passenger seat.

Jenna's home on a break from filming Wednesday. She wanted to spend time with both you and her family and what better way is there o have the best of both worlds than by inviting you over? You've been dating Jenna for 6 months now. Secretly. She isn't comfortable with coming out yet and you supported that decision. You were going to meet her parents for the first time as a close friend.

"As ready as I'll ever be," you gulped. You could already feel your blood pressure starting to rise.

Jenna took your hand that was resting on the center console and squeezed it. "They'll adore you," she assured.


Jenna pulled the car into the driveway and you widened your eyes at how nice her house is from the outside, you stared at it in awe.

"Just be yourself," she broke you out of your daze. "My mom is cooking dinner, we will chat for a bit and then we will go upstairs to bring our things up."

You turned back to face her and nodded once. "Got it." You got out of the car and slung your backpack over one shoulder, hoping you could pull this off.


You stood awkwardly in the entryway as Jenna's family flooded her with hugs and "I miss you's". Jenna's mom, Natalie, pulled away from the hug and pulled you into a welcoming embrace.

"You must be y/n," she smiled. "Jenna's told me how you two have become best friends over the past few months. Thanks for being a good friend to my girl."

You nodded once. "Yes that's me, it's very nice to meet you, Mrs. Ortega." You felt your cheeks heat up thinking about how Jenna's been sweet-talking about you to her mom.

"Oh hon, call me Natalie!" She pulled away from the embrace and put a hand on a man's broad shoulder that stood next to her. "This is Edward, Jenna's dad."

"Nice to meet you as well, sir," you said in response.

He looked down at you and nodded once. "... You too." His stare felt like it burned into you after a few seconds.

Jenna interrupted the awkward moment by grabbing your arm. "We'll go up to my room and unpack, by then dinner should be done."

You nodded and smiled at her parents and followed Jenna upstairs to her room, you slid the backpack off your shoulder and set it on the floor.

"Sorry about that," Jenna huffed as she closed the door behind her. "My dad can come off as kind of strict. He'll warm up."

"I thought nothing of it," you assured her.

You assisted Jenna in unpacking her bags for her stay at home. You helped put away clothes, shoes, and toiletries. Once finished, you zipped up her suitcase and rolled it into her closet.

You closed the closet door and noticed Jenna standing behind you with a warm smile across her lips, rocking back and forth on her tip-toes, wanting attention.

You matched her energy with a similar smile and wrapped your arms around her petite waist, pulling her close to you. The smell of her Marc Jacobs perfume flooded your scent. Oh how you missed her smell.

"I missed you so much," she said quietly.

"I've missed you too, love," you whispered in response.

You let go of the embrace as she did the same. She looked up at you with her large brown doe-eyes. She looked at both of your eyes, down to your lips, then back to your eyes.

You were receptive to her hint. You placed your thumb on her chin and tilted her head up slightly. You leaned in slowly and just as you were about to have your lips meet, the door swung open, making you pull away.

You turned around to see Jenna's dad. Your face flushed and your heart pounded.

"What exactly is happening in here?" He asked sternly, keeping his eyes on you and only you.

"Uh- I-," you stuttered.

"You're trying to make a move on my daughter, are you serious?" His voice grew with anger. "Well listen here, y/n. We are a Christian home, and that sort of stuff is NOT tolerated in this house."

You felt yourself shrink under the pressure. "No- that's not-"

"I don't want excuses," he cut you off. "Jenna, baby girl, did you want her to kiss you?"

Your face turned back on Jenna, desperate for her to stand up for you.

"No, daddy," she muttered. "We were just putting my stuff away and she randomly tried to make a move on me."

Your lips parted slightly in disbelief and you turned back to Edward.

"That's all I needed to hear. Get out of my house, before this causes a scene," he commanded.

You felt your eyes get hot as they welled with tears. You turned back at Jenna, who also had a sad expression on her face. "Jenna, please..." you begged. Your body began to feel weak, making your legs shake under the pressure.

"I-I think you should go, y/n. I'll order you an Uber home." Her voice quivered.

It felt like your heart shattered into a million pieces. You bent down and grabbed your bag, refusing to look back at her. "I'll walk." You responded coldly.

You exited Jenna's bedroom and Edward followed you, closing the door harshly behind him. You stepped quickly down the stairs towards the front door.

"Are you leaving already, hon?" You heard Jenna's mom ask from the kitchen. "Dinner is just about done, sweetie."

"Something came up, I'm very sorry Mrs. Ortega." You apologized while opening the front door. You didn't want her to take notice of your tears, you walked out the front door without taking a look back.

Jenna's dad stood at the doorway as he watched you walk down the driveway. "And y/n?" He started. You looked back at him with hopeful eyes hoping he would change his mind.

"Don't come back here again." He said unemotionally as he shut the door, the lock clicking in place.


a/n: yes there will be a part 2 hehehe. please vote if u can so i know yall are still enjoying my content <3

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