priority pt. 2 - j.o

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priority pt 2 - j.o

tw: description of panic attack, swearing

"You quickly turned off your phone so you would not see any texts or calls that would come through from Jenna then proceeded to throw your phone across the room. You let out a few cries as you got up from the couch and locked all the doors in the house so even if Jenna wanted to come to see you now, she wouldn't be able to. Running to your room, you threw yourself onto the bed. You cried into your pillow until your body succumbed to sleep."


Everything that happened with Jenna caused you to have a terrible night terror. In the nightmare, you argued with Jenna in person and she became so angry with you that you were actually frightened of her and what she would do to you. You panicked in your dream and jolted awake because of a loud bang. You sat up drenched in sweat and gasping for air. Once you became aware of your surroundings you grew calmer.

"Did I just make up that noise?" You muttered under your breath. You pushed your hair out of your face while sliding out of bed quietly. You took a few steps and weakness overcame your body, realizing you haven't eaten today. You crept your way towards the kitchen and when you passed the living room you noticed your front door was open and the lock was busted.

Immediately your heart sunk to your stomach and you scurried back into your room. Your heart was pounding so laboriously that you could hear your own heartbeat in your ears. You opened your closet slowly and the door squeaked. "Shit." You whispered to yourself. You quickly grabbed the baseball bat you kept stored away in case of an emergency like this.

You sneaked your way out of your room without making much noise, you knew you needed to go find your phone that you threw across the living room to call the police. Once in the living room, you squinted your eyes and found the silhouette of your phone lying on the ground. When you bent over to grab it, you felt a hand grab your shoulder.

Without hesitation, you gripped the handle of the bat with both hands and swung with your whole body at whoever was behind you. A hand gripped the bat to stopped your swing.

"Babe, it's me!" You heard the familiar voice shriek out of panic. Jenna. You dimmed the light switch next to you and your eyes met hers for the first time in 2 weeks.

Instantly, your eyes felt hot remembering your last conversation with her. You remembered, "She had more important things to do".

"Jenna." Your throat felt tight as you held back any cries from escaping your lips. "You fucking broke into my house?!"

"I was worried... Come here.. Please" She pleaded sweetly, that voice made you feel butterflies once. Not this time.

"Why should I, Jenna...? You couldn't even be bothered to remember my birthday." Tears were continuously streaming down your cheeks, but you just let it happen. "Not to mention you have way more important things to spend your time on. Remember?!" You shouted angrily at her.

"Baby... I know I used the wrong choi-" You cut her off, not wanting to hear her excuses.

"You know what Jenna? Just leave... Get the fuck out of my house." You demanded. The girl did not move.

"Jenna! Get the fuck out!" Your scream rang through the walls of the house, echoing back at both of you. Jenna flinched at every word you screamed but the girl did not take the hint to leave. She took a step forward towards you.

"Jenna, please... get the fuck away from me!" Your emotions overcame your fury and more tears fell from your eyes, soaking your pink-tinted cheeks. Suddenly, your chest felt tight and it was hard to breathe. It felt like the walls were closing in, and fast. You started hyperventilating and made yourself go into a full-blown panic attack.

Jenna quickly recognized you were spiraling into a panic attack. She quickly sprung into action and gently removed the baseball bat from your hands that you had a death grip on and set it on the floor. Your hands were blistered from how tight you were holding onto the bat. She approached you and reached for your wrists, your hands gripping your shirt.

"No.. no! No! No!!" You sobbed. The girl took both of her wrists in her hands and crossed them over your waist. She rotated you with ease so your back was facing her chest. She pulled you close into her, her warmth radiating your back. You smelled the familiar smell of her perfume in which you took a deep breath in to savor the sweet scent. She slid down the wall holding you tightly. Once on the floor, she held you in her arms firmly. You tried to wiggle out of her grip and could not stop the wails that were escaping from your mouth, your vision tunneled and you felt yourself get lightheaded. Jenna kept one arm over your wrists to keep them down and used her other hand to pull your head into the nape of her neck in attempt to ground you. You began taking deep breaths against her skin. Her warmth and sweet scent opened your lungs and relief began to rush over your body. You continued to take deep breaths against her delicate skin. Your tears dripped down your cheeks into her neck.

"Oh, my sweet baby girl... I'm here. I'm here.." She reassured you while rubbing your head, her nails just barely tickling your scalp. Jenna closed her eyes tightly, feeling remorse and guilt for how she treated you. Tears squeezed out from her eyes.

You sunk deeper into her touch, relief flooding over your body as your chest loosened. You stayed silent against her, breathing in her warmth. You heard Jenna sniffling from above.

"I'm so sorry, darling... I will do anything and everything to make this up to you. Even if it takes my entire life to do so." She let out a soft whimper before continuing "You are so important to me, y/n. I will never let myself be blinded by my work ever again.." She used the hand that was holding your wrists to wipe away a few stray tears. You could hear the regret and sincerity in her voice. You nodded against her collarbone that you understood her promise.

She trailed her finger under your jawline down to your chin. She used her finger to turn your head up at her and she delicately placed her lips on yours, unfazed by the dampness on your face from your tears. Her lips brushed against yours softly, you kissed her long enough for you to inhale her warm breaths. She gently pulled away and the taste of her strawberry chapstick lingered on your lips. Her glassy dark brown eyes met yours once more, a lone tear fell from her eye down her cheek.

"Happy birthday, sweet girl... I will make this up to you, I promise." She whispered against your ear sending chills down your spine. You hadn't completely forgiven her yet, but you were just so grateful to be reunited with the one person you needed to be with most.


That night, you slept close to one another in bed, being sure to not break contact throughout the night. The next day Jenna announced to you that she was taking a week off work to spend with you. You two would go on day trips, doing whatever you desired. Each day you both fell more and more in love with each other, putting that one bad night behind you. At the end of the week, Jenna surprised you with a promise ring, where she announced her promise and dedication to you for the rest of her life, through the highs, the lows, and everything in between.


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