changes - v.c

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changes - v.c

tw: mentions of shooting, mentions of sex, domestic violence, guns

all characters aged 18+


Ever since the shooting at your school, you went down a dark path. Your girlfriend, Vada, broke up with you because of how you changed but you quite frankly did not give a fuck. She suffered severe PTSD after the shooting, and you knew you weren't a healthy person for her to be around, so you let her go.

You realized shortly after losing your friends to the shooting, life was too short to be held back. You made new friends and enjoyed new things. These new things included drugs, skipping school, and being reckless. Something you never thought you would have been 6 months ago.

Occasionally, you would still go to class just to check on the status of Vada. Although you both acted as if you were strangers, you still cared for her deep down. You missed her, but you felt you weren't healthy for her. While in the halls, you were glaring over at her by her locker with her new boyfriend, Greyson. Greyson noticed your eyes locked on Vada for an extended time.

"You got a staring problem, y/l/n?" Greyson shouted, breaking you from zoning out on Vada. Your eyes locked with Greyson's and you smiled deviously and scoffed. Vada turned from her locker, her eyes wide unsure of what was going to pan out.

The chatter in the halls from other students died down as all of their attention went to you.

"Don't be ridiculous." You hissed, enjoying getting a rise out of Greyson. You paused for a moment to reply with the right response.

"Worried you aren't pleasing Vada in bed like I used to? You seem a bit insecure..." You hummed, putting threads of your hair behind your ear. Greyson's face flushed red with anger.

"If you want to know what she likes..." You continued. "You know where to find me... But I promise you, every time you have her in bed, she's wishing it was me." You slung your backpack over your shoulder and started walking away in victory.

"Fuck you, y/n!" Greyson yelled out as you walked away.

"You wish." You teased while making your way towards the doors to the exit. A loud bang echoed as Greyson punched the lockers, making you shudder remembering the sound of the gun firing. You pushed your way through the exit to your car.


Your day skipping the rest of the school day was spent driving around town, with loud music blaring, and enjoying the weather with a joint in hand. You drove back towards the school once dismissal was nearing to ensure Vada got back home safely. You kept your car tucked away on the side of the street in some bushes to stay hidden.

Once the bell rang, you noticed Vada exiting the building with Greyson which made you roll your eyes. You took another hit from your joint.

"Do better, Vads." You shook your head.

As they approached Greyson's car, you noticed the two of them yelling at each other. Vada never yells unless provoked, you knew something was up. They both got into his car and started driving away from the school. Once they pulled away, you followed not far behind.

You could see through the back window that they continued to yell back and forth. You wondered if you sparked the argument between them. While you dwelled, you noticed Greyson swerve and pull the car over. Vada stepped out of the car still yelling at Greyson.

"Get over yourself!" She strained, tears streaming down one side of her face.

You kept your car far enough to where they wouldn't notice you, but close enough to listen. Anger rose in you when you saw Vada crying. The only time you made Vada cry was when you let her break up with you. You adjusted yourself in your seat, keeping an eye on her.

Greyson got out of the car and aggressively made his way toward Vada, making her fearfully back up towards a tree.

"Is she the reason why you still won't have sex with me?" He snapped. Vada staggered backward when he slammed his hand into her chest, pinning her against the tree.

"No, Grey, please! I'll be ready soon." She pleaded.

You could not watch any longer, you looked down to put your car in drive and when you looked up you see a sight you wish you never would have seen.

Greyson's fist swung out from the side of his body making contact with Vada's cheek, sending her to the ground while she wailed in pain and fear.

You pushed down the pedal as fast as you could, and your tires screeched as it took off towards the two of them. Greyson quickly turned around at the sound of the tires, Vada on the ground holding her face. You slammed your brakes just hairs away from Greyson, you wished you could have just run the asshole over.

You launched yourself out of the car towards Greyson, who was trying to get Vada to go back into his car.

"Get the fuck away from her, Greyson. Or should I say, coward?" You gritted your teeth.

Greyson shook his head. "Stay out of this y/n, she's not yours to deal with anymore." Greyson grabbed Vada by her arm and tried dragging her toward the car.

"No!" Vada cried out, trying to pull her arm back.

"Greyson." Your face swelled with anger, trying to hold back any violence that would make Vada even more afraid. "Last warning, let her go." You hissed.

Greyson laughed and made eye contact with you. "Or what?"

You looked down at Vada and your eyes softened as your body was rushed with sadness, guilt, and anger. "I'm sorry to do this." You said in a soft tone to her before reaching into the back of your jeans.

You revealed a pistol that you had been carrying with you since the shooting and pointed it straight at Greyson. Your face went stone cold, ready to do whatever it took to protect Vada.

Vada gasped and writhed her body to get away, immense fear flooded her eyes. All of the memories of her being in the hall during the shooting came flooding back to her.

"I promise, I will fucking kill you, Greyson." You pressed the muzzle of the gun to the side of Greyson's skull, keeping your finger hovering over the trigger.

part 2 soon...

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