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vecna - w.a


The tensions were high at Nevermore. Over the past two weeks, we have lost two students to what they are calling "Vecna" a powerful, supernatural being, that targets students who have had some time of trauma in their life. He will quite literally, suck the soul out of a person. Any person who was possibly being encountered by Vecna was strongly encouraged to go to Principal Weems.

Your girlfriend, Wednesday, has been quite distant. You had assumed it was because she too, was freaked out by everything that was going on. You had sent her a text a few hours prior with no response, you figured you were cutting into her writing time, but once these hours had passed, you worried about her.

You put on a heavy sweatshirt to brace the cold as you made your way to Wednesday's dorm room over at Ophelia Hall. Everyone who was walking around was in a pair or a group, not many people ventured out alone anymore. You understood why, but you didn't have anyone to pair up with other than Wednesday.

One knock at Wednesday's door. There was no sound of shuffling from anyone coming towards the door, you put your ear to the door and knocked once more.

"Hey Weds, can I come in?" You shouted through the crack of the door. Nothing.

Your heart rate picked up when you thought of the impossible. You knew she would have told you if she even thought Vecna would come for her. You couldn't help but let your anxieties take over and you kicked in Wednesday's door, making it open slowly.

Your face went colorless when you saw Wednesday's lifeless body floating in the air. Her platform shoes dangled from her tiny legs, her face was turned towards the ceiling, eyes glazed over with a grey film.

"Wednesday!" You roared, hoping that it would break the trance Vecna had her in. The girl looked statue-like.

Your eyes darted around the room they found the record player Wednesday kept near her typewriter. Without thinking, you turned it on and played whatever record that was left on there. It was rumored that music could save someone from Vecna, but never confirmed.

You whipped around when you heard a loud snap. One of Wednesday's legs was completely bent backward and twisted, and her arms were not too far behind, snapping effortlessly. Blood started to seep from Wednesday's eyes, coating her pale covered face in a deep crimson red.

"No!" You sobbed loudly, running back over to her, you attempted to jump and pull her down from the anti-gravity force but you could not reach her.

The force that held Wednesday in the air gave out, and her lifeless body hit the cold wooden floor harshly. You quickly pulled the girl in your arms, tears soaking your cheeks.

"Wednesday! Please!" You begged while pulling her limp body closer to yours, you pressed her head to your chest, cradling her in your arms.

"Y/n..." she mumbled weakly, making you gasp. You pulled her head away and as much as it pained you to see her this way, your eyes looked at hers, but she was looking through you, not at you.

"Don't worry, Wednesday. Help is coming. You'll be okay... you'll be okay" you kept repeating to her.

"Y/n." She grunted in pain. "I love you." She whispered, a single tear wept from her eyes.

"Wednesday, stop. You're not going anywhere! You can't!" Your voice was desperate.

"Y/n... I-" her voice trailed to silence. Her facial features relaxed, and just like that, she was gone.

You held onto Wednesday's warm body tightly while your sobs echoed throughout the room.

a/n: uh yeah that happened, anyways thank u all for 1k votes! i appreciate every one of you, i am currently going through some writer's block but will hopefully have another part out maybe tomorrow or this weekend <3

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