savior - v.c

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savior - v.c

tw: mentions of shooting, blood


The clock ticking in the silent classroom was the only thing you could hear while everyone finished up their exam. There were still 20 minutes until class was out, you weren't just going to sit there waiting.

You raised your hand, tapping your other hand on the desk.

"Yes, y/n?" Your teacher asked.

"Can I go to the bathroom?" You didn't actually have to go, you just wanted to kill time.

"Class is almost over, would you be able to wait?"

"No, I'm sorry. It's an emergency," you lied through your teeth.

She nodded and agreed to let you go. You slung your backpack over your shoulder and thanked her while exiting the classroom.

You pulled out your phone while walking down the hall, checking your messages. Due to your lack of paying attention to what was in front of you, you bumped into someone.

You looked up from your phone to see Vada Cavell, who was already giving you a nasty glare. The two of you have always seemed to clash, dating all the way back to grade school. Nothing serious - but you two bickered very often.

"At least watch where you're going," she snarked. She stood short; wearing an oversized t-shirt, basketball shorts, and her pair of high-top Nike's.

You chuckled at her frustration. "Get over yourself, Cavell. It was an accident. What are you doing out here anyways, skipping class?"

She scoffed at you and folded her arms over her chest. "No, I'm not you, y/n."

You rolled your eyes and laughed cockily. "Shut the fuck up, Va-"

The sound of a loud bang cut you off, causing Vada to jump. You quickly turned around to the sound to see nothing. Silence followed the noise.

You turned back to Vada, who looked clearly concerned.

"W-What the fuck was that..?" She whispered quietly.

Just then, two more loud pops were heard, followed by screams.

Your heart sank down to your stomach, your eyes widened. You quickly, without hesitation, took Vada's hand in yours and ran into the bathroom.

"Hurry," you muttered while pulling her into a stall with you. You locked the door behind the both of you. Tears coated your eyes as you shakily ushered Vada to stand on the toilet.

Tears free-flowed from Vada's dark brown eyes as she quickly typed messages into her phone and then put it away. You squeezed yourself to stand on the toilet with Vada, your foot slipping in the process.

You quickly caught your balance; due to Vada gripping onto your arms, you gripped hers back tightly.

The small girl was vibrating she was so scared. Shots rang closer and more screams echoed, resulting in Vada letting out an audible cry.

You quickly put your hand gently over her mouth. "Shh.." You whispered silently before removing your hand.

Vada's face was blotchy, her face covered in tears. You gently wrapped your arm around her and pulled her close into your chest, your shirt instantly getting wetted by her tears.

You tightened your grip around her as more shots echoed, using one of your hands to stroke the back of Vada's head. You thought this could be the end.

The bathroom door opened and you closed your eyes tight, covering Vada's body with yours.

"My brother's dead," the familiar voice cried as he entered the stall adjacent to yours. "He fucking shot him!"

"Q-Quinton?" Your voice quivered.

You already knew it was him. He crawled under the stall to yours where he saw you and Vada. You turned and saw his shirt covered in blood, making you and Vada audibly gasp.

"Fuck this," you muttered before letting go of Vada and getting down from the toilet.

Vada gripped your arm. "Where are you going?"

"Stay here, I'm ending this."

"What?" Her eyes are wide, and she furrowed her eyebrows. "You can't go y/n, please." She let out a quiet cry.

"Stay here, you'll be safe." Your heart was racing and your body was trembling. "I mean it, V."

She shook her head, refusing to let you go.

"I love you, Vada. Don't forget," you confessed, sure it was the last chance you'd get to tell her.

You shook yourself out of her grip before climbing under the stall, heartbroken when you heard her cry one last time. "No, y/n," she cried, followed by quiet sobs.

You couldn't listen to the sounds of your classmates dying anymore. If that meant you had to die, so be it.

Exiting the bathroom, you followed the sounds. You flinched at each one, almost second-guessing what you were doing. As you trod the halls, you saw things you wished you'd never see.

You pushed open the library doors to see the shooter with his back faced to you. Your ears were ringing, you were running on pure adrenaline.

Sprinting, you tackled his body directly, sending the both of you to the floor. You grunted as the air was expelled from your lungs from hitting the floor.

The gun slid on the floor away from you both, you were sat on top of the shooter. You grabbed the back of his hair and slammed it multiple times onto the hard tile floor until police finally arrived and pulled you off of him.


After being questioned by the police, you were free to go. Most of the students, including Vada, were already home.

You cried to yourself as you began walking home. All of the emotions were hitting you at once, you weren't sure how to process such a traumatic event.

You felt your phone buzz, you checked and saw a message from an unknown number.

" Maybe: Vada

"It's vada, pls tell me you're alive... i need u" "

to be continued...

a/n: this will prob be a few parts!! i am already working on pt. 2 but in the meantime lmk if u have any fun ideas! <3

a/n pt. 2:  do u guys want a pt 2 to weathervane or are u guys good with how it ended?

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