proposal - w.a

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proposal - w.a

Your girlfriend of 3 years, Wednesday, has been acting awfully on edge lately. When you ask her a question about what she's doing or looking up on her cellphone (yes, you finally convinced the girl to use a cellphone), she snaps that she's doing nothing and locks her phone. You've been suspicious over the whole thing and you're not sure how to approach her without sounding like you don't trust her.

Just as you are pondering about how you were going to talk to Wednesday, you get a text notification from your best friend, Enid. Once you graduated Nevermore 3 years ago, you and Enid never lost connection.

Enid <3
y/n! I was wondering if you wanted to get your nails done with me this Saturday? I have no one to go with and honestly I can get anxious when I go alone so I was thinking you could come too!

You thought this message was out of character, why couldn't she have just asked you to go with her to get your nails done? She didn't need to explain why..

Enid, of course I will go with you. There's no need to text a paragraph just to ask me to get my nails done with you. :) Is everything okay?

Enid <3
Yep! Everything's fine, you know me I could just go on for hours about any little topic. Oh by the way, I also have an appointment at the salon and want to go shopping with you that morning too. Hehe. Girls day!

I just have to check with Weds to make sure we are not doing anything else that day, but it sounds like a nice spa day for us if we can go.

Enid was also acting somewhat strange, you wondered if something was on her mind she planned on telling you on Saturday. You turned to your girlfriend that was sitting on the couch scrunched up with a laptop stuffed in her face.

"Hey Weds?" You started to ask.

"This is none of your business..." She instantly closed the laptop screen and looked up at you with wide eyes. "I mean.. What do I have the pleasure, darling?" She moved some of her dark fringe to the side and adjusted her position.

"Um.. I was just going to ask if we were doing anything on Saturday, Enid asked me to have a girls day with her and I just wanted to make sure our schedule was free..." You bit down on your lip, feeling a bit unsettled on how she was acting. She was hiding something from you.

"Oh." She nodded once. "That's fine, our schedule is quiet that day." Keeping her expression flat, typical Wednesday.

"Sounds good then." You gave her a small grin and looked back down at your phone, beginning to feel insecure of yourself.


Saturday Morning

You awoke to coldness on Wednesday's side of the bed, when you went to turn towards her to pull her in for a quick snuggle, you realized the bed was empty next to you.

"Weds?" You shouted from bed, the walls echoing back at you. The house was silent.
You crawled out of bed and went towards the living room and kitchen. You noticed a paper on the counter folded with elegant cursive on the top. It read "My Love" underlined with a wavy line and a small slash through the line. Wednesday's signature touch to her titles.

You opened the paper to reveal writing.

I have run off to do errands this morning. Enjoy Enid's company. I left some money to pay for your things today. I will see you tonight.

With love,

She signed off her note as if she were writing a heartfelt email, you giggled at the note when you realized next to the note Wednesday had left you $400.

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