weathervane pt.2 - w.a

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weathervane pt. 2 - w.a


Today was the day. You were already dolled up for the Rave'N with Wednesday and you still had an hour before you had to leave.

You looked at yourself one last time in the mirror, overthinking that Wednesday may not like your look. After adjusting the strap on your golden gown, you accepted fate that Wednesday may or may not like it.


Holding a black rose corsage in your hands for Wednesday, you made your way into Ophelia Hall. It's your first time here, finding her room was somewhat of a challenge.

You turned down a long hallway and at the end of it, you saw Tyler standing at a door which you had presumed was Wednesday's.

You felt your heart sink to your stomach and decided to observe what was about to unfold.

The door swung open and stood the ravenette. She wore a black dress with gold accents, her hair was pinned half up. Your lips parted slightly in disbelief at her beauty.

"Y/n, you are here early, I expected you to be-" she began, then finally looked up to see Tyler, her expression changing almost instantly.

"Tyler," She furrowed her eyebrows. "What do I have the... displeasure?"

Tyler's smile fell flat. "Uh, Thing left a note in the tip jar?" He fumbled his hands.

Wednesday's neck snapped behind her to look at Thing. Thing shook his finger, denying the fact.

"Thing left that for someone else," Wednesday attested. "I'm spoken for tonight." She nodded her head at him to send him away, which he surprisingly obliged.

You felt your chest warm with delight. After Tyler made his exit, you approached her door and knocked lightly.

Wednesday opened the door. "Tyler, I told you to leave," she hissed before looking up and realizing it was you. Her tense shoulders relaxed and her pupils dilated. You thought for just a second you saw a light pink blush on her cheekbones.

"Y/n." There was a pause. Wednesday was absolutely blown away by how you looked tonight, but could not find the right words to express them. She looked down at the small box that held the corsage.

"Is that for me?" You saw a glimmer of excitement behind those darkened eyes and flat expression.

You nodded with a small smile. "You look stunning, Wednesday." You reached for her hand, taking it into your palm. You were surprised the girl let you. You gently slipped the corsage on her wrist, adjusting it to the perfect spot.

"Let's get this over with, shall we?" She exited the room with you, closing the door behind her.


Wednesday led the way toward the loud music, her eyelids lowered, already feeling annoyed by the sound. You kept up with her pace, standing by her side.

As you both entered the Rave'N, almost everyone stopped in their tracks to look over at you and Wednesday. Most of them talked about Wednesday, but then also questioned who you were. You felt flushed as all of the eyes were on you.

"This way," Wednesday demanded, breaking your tension. You nodded and followed her over to the punch bowl where a tall slim guy approached Wednesday.

"Wednesday," he stuck his hands in his pockets.

"Xavier," Wednesday mocked, annoyed by his presence.

"I- Uh, I thought you weren't coming tonight." Xavier eyed you then back on Wednesday.

"No," Wednesday spat. "I said I wasn't coming with you."

You almost spit out your punch at her rejection of him, chewing the inside of your cheek to refrain from laughing.

"Whatever," he snarked before walking away.

Wednesday rolled her eyes and looked at you.

"He seemed jealous," you said, a smile on your face.

"Because he should be." She replied dryly.


You found yourselves on the dance floor when "Goo Goo Muck" by The Cramps played over the speakers. You bounced to the music as Wednesday just stood and watched with a straight face.

"Oh come on," you said while pulling her wrist gently to get her to move.

She then suddenly broke out dancing, in the most Wednesday dance you could possibly imagine. You stopped in your tracks and admired her different moves.

For a moment, it felt like it were just you two in the room, then you realized there was a circle around watching as she was dancing.

The song came to a close and people started cheering for her, you joined in by clapping.

"Stop clapping or I will break every single one of your fingers," she muttered in your ear, not enjoying the praise.

You stopped clapping and giggled softly. Oh, how you were falling harder for her by the second.

She pushed her way through the crowd and you followed, she sat on a chair outside of the dance to catch a break.

"You were amazing out there, Weds."

"... Thank you." She stared at you with her wide eyes, allowing the nickname you gave her to pass. She kept her eyes on you, silently admiring you.

You sat down on the chair next to her, your eyes meeting as you got down to her level. You looked into her dark chocolate eyes, captivated by them. It felt like her eyes were drawing you in like a magnet.

Her eyes fell to your lips then back at your eyes, you took the sign as an invite and began slowly leaning in, which she pulled away slightly.

"You'll regret this." She whispered nervously. Her heart raced a mile a minute, wanting this just as bad as you but she'd never had her first kiss.

"I won't," you whispered back.

Wednesday then leaned in to close the space between you faster. Her soft lips pressed into yours deeply.

She pulled away for a second to process what had just happened, then brought her lips back to yours for another taste. You held her chin gently, caressing your thumb over it while kissing her.

You pulled away from her, her face was flushed from the moment you two had just shared.

"That was the least dreadful thing I have ever experienced," she complimented.

You let out a soft laugh and nodded your head, agreeing with her.

"Me too."


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