high pt. 2 - v.c

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tw: mentions of shooting, drug use, some swearing

high pt. 2 - v.c

"Y/n?" Vada seemed upset. You turned around to face her. Her wavy brunette hair was all over the place from her deep slumber. "How the fuck did I get here? Did you really take advantage of me on drugs and put me in your bed?!" Her voice rose with anger, her cheeks flushing a dark red. How were you going to explain this?"


You were taken aback at how Vada just assumed the worst from you. You put your hands up by your shoulders in innocence. "Of course I didn't" You said desperately. "Vada, you're the one that messaged me on Instagram to come to get you."

Vada seemed less angry and a bit more confused. You walked over to her and gently grabbed her wrist to sit her down at the table. You gave her a glass of water to drink. She looked at you with tears forming in her eyes.


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"Look.." You said quietly while handing her your phone with the Instagram messages pulled up.
"Vada, you scared the fuck out of me. I thought you were dead at the bottom of the stairs." You bit the bottom of your lip to hold back any tears that were forming, but it was still obvious. "I'm surprised you decided to message me out of all people." You added.

Vada's eyes softened as she looked up at you. "I-I I'm so sorry." She shook her head, struggling to get the words out. "I shouldn't have taken the drugs." Her voice rose with frustration and sadness. "I shouldn't have ghosted you when we got to high school. I shouldn't even be alive right now, the shooter should have killed ME!" She shouted. Hearing her say these words made tears stream down your face.

"Don't say that.." Your throat felt like it was closing in to keep in your cries. You know Vada was hurting and still hasn't healed from what she endured during the shooting. If she didn't go into that bathroom, she would have been killed. You wiped a tear that fell from Vada's eyes. "I'm sorry I wasn't there for you more after everything.." You let out a shaky breath to hold back the sobbing.

"(Y/n)." She said firmly while wiping more of her tears. She sniffled. "Please don't ever feel like any of this was your fault, mi amor." The way she said "mi amor" fell off her tongue perfectly. You felt butterflies remembering how she used to call you that when you were best friends. It brought a smile to your face.

"There it is." Vada smiled at yours. Her smile felt like a beam of sunlight that lit up the darkest places in your mind. She playfully pinched your cheek letting out a giggle before her face turned serious once again.

"I haven't been completely honest with you.." She said while looking down at her lap, fidgeting with her fingers.

"What do you mean?" You questioned, you were worried about what she was going to say next.

"When you told me you liked me back then... I wasn't grossed out as I said." She frowned and looked up at you. She felt guilty for the past. "I just... I wasn't true to myself or you. I didn't know how to process how I felt."

You gulped, locking your eyes on hers hoping that she doesn't break the eye contact. You had a feeling you knew what she meant, but you wanted to be sure. "Can you explain?" You grabbed one of her hands to stop her fidgeting. You know she did that when she was feeling anxious. You rubbed your thumb over the top of her hand to try to calm her nerves.

"I.." She bit down gently on her lower lip and used her free hand to move some of her flyaway hairs from her face. "Y/n, I liked you... Fuck, I still like you." Her caramel eyes shined in the sunlight that was coming through your kitchen window. You felt like your heart was going to burst out of your chest.

"Honestly, y/n, after all of this time... I think I can say I love you." Her eyes stayed locked on yours. You barely could get any words out, but Vada knew you weren't one of many words. You nodded in affirmation, communicating that you were feeling the same at this very moment.

Vada's eyes drifted down to your lips a few times in your loving silence. She kept her hand intertwined with yours and leaned in closer to you. She was just centimeters from your face, you could feel her warm breath against your lips. "Is this okay?" She wanted to confirm with you before doing anything you didn't want. You nodded your head in confirmation.
She gently pressed her lips to yours. She moved from her chair and crawled onto your lap being sure to not break the kiss. You placed your hands on her waist and she moved her hands to hold your face. She began kissing you more passionately, you parted your lips more to allow her tongue access to slip inside. You pulled her closer to you, not wanting the moment to end.

At this moment, it felt like everything was falling into place, this was the happiest you've ever thought you could be.


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