savior pt. 2 - v.c

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savior pt.2 - v.c

" You felt your phone buzz, you checked and saw a message from an unknown number.

" Maybe: Vada

"It's vada, pls tell me you're alive... i need u" "


A small smile tugged at your lips seeing her name appear on your screen. Although tears coated your face, you were relieved to know she was back home safe. You waited until you were back home to respond, oh how you wished you drove to school today.

Once getting back home, you were met by your parents who immediately flew home from their business trip when they heard the news and were so relieved to have you home safe. You picked at your dinner, not feeling hungry at all. You excused yourself for the night and went to your room to finally reply to Vada.

You unlocked your phone to find that Vada had texted you multiple times, her tone of text getting more worried with each message. She didn't only text you; you had three missed calls from her.

Without hesitation, you quickly dialed her back. The phone rang a few times before Vada picked up.

"...Y/n?" Her voice was shaky as if she'd been crying. "Is that you..?" Her words were slurred.

"It's me, Vada. Are you okay?" Concern aroused in your tone of voice.

"I thought," she paused, breathing deeply. "I thought you fucking died." Her words dragged, she accidentally let out a giggle and then hiccuped.

"... Vada, are you drunk right now?"

She giggled once more, a cry slipping out right after. "I'm fucked up, y/n," Vada admitted. More cries echoed through the phone.

It hasn't even been 12 hours since the shooting and Vada has already turned to substances to cope.

You teared up listening to Vada. "Are you home? I'm coming over." A single tear slipped down your cheek.

"I-I'm fine," Vada tried to put herself together but failed miserably.

"Be there in 10."


Your parents allowed you to take their car to Vada's house, you sped through side streets praying you wouldn't get pulled over. Your drive went from 10 minutes to 5 by going double the speed limit.

You pulled slowly into her driveway to notice her parent's car was not there, meaning she was alone. You sighed while hopping out of the car.

Silence followed your three knocks at her door. "Vada, it's me." You spoke firmly into the corner of the door. You knocked a few more times before trying the doorknob. The door swung open, you shook your head.

"After all this shit she couldn't think to lock the door?" You muttered to yourself out of worry.

"Vada," you called out again while entering her home. No response.

Making your way to her kitchen, you see an empty grey goose vodka bottle on the counter. You quickly checked each room before heading upstairs and seeing the door to her room.

You swung the door open without knocking to find Vada's small body sprawled over her bed, passed out with her phone in her hand. Your heart sunk to your stomach, but with closer inspection, you see she's still breathing.

"Vada," you reached out your hand and shook her gently.

She let out a soft groan while adjusting her position on the bed. She was still dressed in her school outfit. You easily scooped her up from the bed, making her come around.

"Y/n," she slurred. "I'm fine I said." She hiccuped, her head slumped back over your arm as you carried her to the bathroom. You gently set her down on the tile floor.

"Wait here." You left her for just a moment to look through her drawers and find a pair of pajamas. She was sitting up on the floor against the cabinet, holding her stomach.

"I'm gonna be sick," she muttered before gagging.

"I got you," you went by her side and pulled her hair gently out of the way. You slid her towards the toilet.

Within seconds the girl was vomiting up everything she consumed. You held her hair behind her shoulders through the process, rubbing her back to comfort her.

"Good, get it out," you encouraged.

After a minute, she was finished. She relaxed herself back on the cold tile floor, her face was pale and her eyes weepy. The girl was broken.

You wiped her face with a warm washcloth, supporting the back of her head with your free arm. You began to realize how much this girl means to you.


After helping her change into her pajamas, you carried her back to bed, her arms are wrapped loosely around your neck.



"Can you stay...?" Vada's voice quivered, scared you would say no.

"Of course, I can," you said while setting her gently in bed, covering her with the blanket.

"I'll be on the couch, just shout if you need me, okay?" You began to turn around toward the door

Vada looked at you with saddened eyes. "Wait, y/n?" She questioned again.

You turned around to face her.

"Can.." She paused. "Can you stay here?" She looked at the empty spot in her bed that was next to her.

"Uh, yeah," you said casually, meanwhile your heart was ready to burst out of your chest.

You went to the other side of the bed and crawled under the blankets, lying on your back.

Vada shuffled under the sheets over to you, making her head at home on your chest. She reeked of liquor but you didn't mind.

You slowly placed your arm over her back as she nuzzled her face over your chest to get comfortable.

"Can I be honest with you?" Vada slurred, still in her drunken state.

"You can always be honest with me, V," you whispered quietly.

"I... I was so scared to lose you today because," she stopped herself from continuing.


"Because... I love you."

You sat in silence as her words came as a shock to you, did Vada really feel the same way as you? Your heart began to race.

"Your heart is beating really fast," Vada announced as if you couldn't already tell, she followed her statement with a slurred giggle.

"You're drunk Vada, just try to get some sleep... Okay?" You so badly wanted to confess your feelings for her in return, but you doubted her words were true and it was just the alcohol talking.

"Fine," she groaned, resting an arm over your waist. "Just so you know, I meant what I said."


a/n: i can't tell if this should have a part 3 tbh. my brain is fried thinking ab how to continue it

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