hers - w.a

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hers- w.a

if she can't have you, no one will

tw: death (lol)

listen to: kill bill by sza


"You'll regret leaving me, y/n." Wednesday deadpanned towards you as you were packing your things from her room.

"I doubt it." You responded, not looking in her direction as she spoke.

You've had enough, Wednesday seemed to think your relationship was a game. As of late, she pretended you didn't even exist. You've finally decided to end things with her.

Wednesday turned back to her typewriter and slowly started clicking away at the keys. It drove you mad.

You slung your backpack over your shoulder and stomped over to her desk. Without hesitating, you swiped her typewriter effortlessly off of her desk, it making a loud bang as it hit the floor.

"Fuck you and your novel." You muttered before making your exit.


Your blowout with Wednesday was two months ago now. You've finally gotten over her, but she couldn't say the same about you.

While you've found a new girlfriend, Wednesday was still trying to approach you at every chance she got. There were times when she'd find you so quickly, you'd thought she was stalking you.

"Please, y/n."

"Stop ignoring me."

"Thing wants to see you."

Thing was her favorite excuse, Thing knew where to find you if he wanted to see you anyways. You never fell into the trap of opening your heart back to her. This did not bode well with Wednesday at all.

One night, she saw you kissing your girlfriend, Yoko, in the quad. This was the straw that broke the camel's back for Wednesday. Once you were back in your room that night, your phone buzzed a few times. Multiple texts from Wednesday were flowing in. You wished you never bought her a cellphone.

"Last chance, y/n."

"Respond to me. Now."

"I know you are reading these."

You shook her head at her pitiful attempts, you went to her contact and blocked her. Finally some peace of mind, or so you thought.


Just a mere few days later, you received a text message from Yoko to meet you outside of Crackstone's Crypt after curfew. As soon as the clock hit 11, you made your way to the crypt.

Upon entering, lit candles sat on the ground and walls, illuminating the room with a romantic golden hue.

"Yoko?" You took a step forward, a small smile on your lips as you heard shuffling from further inside.

"Even better." A voice called back. Wednesday. She revealed herself from around the corner. Her tight raven braids laid on her shoulders, and she wore a black shirt with a checkered sweater vest over it with black jeans. Her favorite pair of platform shoes tied into the outfit.

Your heart sunk to your stomach. "Wednesday, why are you here?" You took a step back as she came forward to you.

"You agreed to meet me here." She smirked devilishly. "I asked Yoko to borrow her phone when she was on her way back to her room, messaged you, then deleted it so she wouldn't know I asked to meet you here."

"But where's-" You started.

"I'm asking the questions." She cut you off blatantly. "Do you and Yoko come here often?" She took steps slowly back and forth in front of you.

"N-no. Why?" You gulped, beginning to feel anxious.

"I'm asking the questions, remember?" She repeated herself.

She approached you once more, she took her hand and just barely glided it down the side of your arm sending tingles through your body.

"Don't you miss me, my love?" She brought her face closer to yours, her warm breath flowing against your lips.

You bit down on your lip and eventually shook your head slowly. "No, Wednesday... I don't."

Wednesday tensed her jaw. "Wrong answer, darling." She reached into her pants pocket and pulled out a pocket knife. She flicked it open, revealing the glimmering sharp blade. "One last chance." She huffed quietly while bringing the knife to your face, hovering it very lightly down your jawline. "I'm not asking, I'm demanding, y/n. Take me back." She kept her eyes set harshly on yours, blinking once slowly to show any emotion she had inside.

"Fuck you, Wednesday," you growled while pulling your face away from the blade that was flirting with your jaw.

"How very sad," she said sarcastically. Before you had time to think she drove the blade right through your chest cavity, causing you to suck in a big breath.

Wednesday caught your body as you stumbled backward and held you close as she lowered the both of you to the ground.

"Oh, mon cher." She had a small frown tugging at her lips but no tears to match. She brought one of her hands and stroked the side of your head, intertwining her fingers through a few strands of your hair. "If only you had answered my questions differently."

Your body convulsed as you desperately tried to gulp in more air. You felt your heart beat against the sharp metal object that pierced it, your pulse getting weaker by the second. Blood spewed from your chest, coating your abdomen and Wednesday's lap with a dark crimson color.

Wednesday leaned in and planted one last warm kiss on your lips before your body surrendered to its injury.

"Forever mine." She whispered as she caressed your cheek one last time.

She slid your body off of her lap emotionlessly, it making a thud when it came in contact with the concrete.

She reached into your pocket and took out your phone, using your lifeless face to unlock it with Face ID. She then found Yoko's contact and texted her.

"Meet me in Crackstone's Crypt for a surprise.
- xoxo, y/n"

She hit send and the message was delivered to Yoko almost instantly. She ripped the knife out from your chest, ready to give Yoko the same treatment she gave you.


a/n: our little psychopath <3333

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