goddess - j.o (request!)

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goddess - j.o (request!)

listen to: hover like a goddess by willow

*y/n is a famous artist au!*


Loud cheering erupted from outside as your tour bus approached the stadium. You peeked outside of the blacked-out window to see fans lined up for miles, cheering and holding up signs.

"Looks like it'll be a good crowd tonight," Jenna said with a smile while also looking outside of the window.

You've been on your U.S. tour for 3 weeks now, this is your first time touring and it has been amazing, to say the least. Your best friend, Jenna, took your offer of joining you for the ride. The only thing is, you've begun to realize your feelings for Jenna are more than that of a best friend.


You stood backstage while your makeup artist put the finishing touches on your look. Adrenaline coursed through your veins as you could hear the crowd's cheers getting louder.

You turned to face Jenna, who was already looking at you with her doe-eyes. "See you out there?" You grinned, glitter lining your cheekbones.

"Wouldn't miss it for the world," she responded. The dimples present in her smile made your heart skip a beat. She winked and blew you a kiss as the platform rose you up to the stage.


You performed your setlist for 2 hours now. You wrapped up your last song and waved to everyone in the stadium, Jenna catching your eye from her reserved seat in the center.

The crowd, still lively as ever, continued to chant your name, hoping to get just one more song out of you. You gave in.

"So, I have a little surprise for you all," you started, the crowd instantly going wild. "I wrote a new song, and I'm performing it for the first time ever. Tonight." Your eyes caught Jenna's, the glare from the lights made her brown eyes glisten, and your heart wanted to pound out of your chest. She blew you a kiss and gave you a thumbs up - wishing you luck.

You nodded once at Jenna with a smile. "This is "Hover Like A Goddess." The crowd cheered and you felt your body heat up once the guitar started the first riff. You wrote this song about Jenna, and you were now about to perform it in front of her; confessing all of your feelings.

You licked your lips and gripped the microphone. You looked up at the nosebleeds to avoid locking eyes with Jenna as you started to sing.

That could only last so long - as you continued to sing lyrics specifically about her, she drew your eyes in like a magnet.

"You're all that I see, not only for me, oh- to taste through the sweet, my heart is in pieces

When I walk you fucking hover like a goddess,

Just meet me under the covers, baby I wish."

You kept your eyes on Jenna's not letting them astray, meaning every lyric.

Her big brown eyes glistened from the stadium lights, her dimpled cheeks as she smiled wide - has your heart a willing captive.

You find your eyes meeting hers at specific parts of the song, a smile curling at your lips every time your eyes meet. "I'll be the moon to your high tide. You're addictive, do indicative of my inhibitions, so clear, you couldn't miss them."

"I'll never be fine if you won't be mine," you trailed the end of the song. You wiped the sweat that was beading off your forehead, and the sound of your fans cheering echoed through the stadium.

You noticed Jenna jumping up and down, clapping and cheering also. Of all of your fans - she was your favorite.


Now back on the tour bus, you were gathering your things to get ready to shower, waiting for Jenna to make her way back.

Within a few minutes, the door swung open. She skipped inside, bearing a wide smile on her face. "That was your best show yet - I mean that last song?!"

You turned around and gave her a smile. "Ah - Thanks," you muttered, feeling your cheeks heat up.

"So are you gonna tell me now or later that it was about me?"

Her words made your eyes widen and your throat go dry. "W-What?" You tried to brush her truthful accusation off. "What do you mean?"

"Oh come on," she hummed while approaching you. She ran her finger down your jawline, then picked your head up slightly once it met your chin. "I saw how you looked at me, y/n."

The way she said your name sent shivers down your spine. Your heart was racing and she was calling your bluff. "Jens, I always look at you during my shows," you swallowed hard.

"Oh," she said in a sarcastic and disappointing tone. "So you don't want to meet me under the covers?" She pouted her bottom lip, looking up at you with her doe eyes. She ran her hand that was under your chin down your chest, letting it linger there. You were sure she could feel how hard it was thumping.

There was a moment of silence. Jenna's eyes moved from your eyes to your lips, then back to your eyes. She leaned in slowly, giving you enough time to pull away if you prefer. She pressed her lips to yours. Her soft lips brushed over yours, leaving a light taste of her vanilla chapstick.

"I have feelings for you too, y/n," she whispered against your lips while pulling away, blush evident on her freckled cheeks. "And I can't wait for you to write more songs about me."


a/n: i loved this request! thank u for submitting it to me <3 i hope everyone is having an amazing week!

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