caught pt. 3 - j.o

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caught pt. 3 - j.o

" Natalie's face went cold, her expression full of worry. "She told me two hours ago she was coming to see you."

Natalie pulled out her phone frantically to look up Jenna's location. You watched her screen as she did so.

『 location unavailable 』"


Natalie quickly dialed Jenna's number, worried for her whereabouts.

"Hey, it's Jenna. Leave a message and I'll get back to you!" You heard her voice message echo.

"Straight to voicemail," Natalie said while locking her phone.

You walked over to your kitchen counter and grabbed your phone from the surface, quickly turning it back on.

"Come on," you muttered to yourself as you stared at the apple logo as your phone booted up.

Once your phone turned on, notifications started flooding in. All from Jenna.


jenna <3

Missed call x8

"please don't be mad at me.."

"y/n, i need you, pick up the phone."

"fine, don't answer me."

"i'll take this as you're done with me. i'm sorry, for everything, y/n."

"your life will be better without me in it. goodbye."


"Fuck," you said while attempting to call her, but alas, it went to voicemail for you also.

You looked over to Natalie, who had tears beginning to form on her waterline. You walked over to her and put a hand on her shoulder. "We will find her, Natalie. I promise."

Natalie nodded once, using her sleeve to wipe the tears before they could stream down her cheeks.

"I think I know where she may be. Head home and I will text you, okay?" You said while putting her contact in your phone and yours in hers. You grabbed your car keys that were hanging by the door, leading Natalie out of your apartment.


You quickly drove towards the trail you knew Jenna would go to "get away". You didn't invite Natalie to go with you because you knew this was Jenna's safe space.

"You better fucking be here," you muttered to yourself as you approached the destination. You pressed down harder on the gas.

You saw Jenna's car parked on the side of the street right at the entrance of the trail.

"Bingo," you whispered as you parked your car behind hers. You quickly texted Natalie so she wouldn't worry.

"Found her."  You hit send and exited the car. The sound of the pattering rain on the cement and trees was all that you could hear.

You followed the dirt trail all the way down to the lake, and as expected, you saw Jenna sitting with her back towards you on the dock, facing out at the water and sulking. The moonlight was gently reflecting off the water of the lake, some clouds passing over it intermittently.

You crept up to her as quietly as you could, the rain aiding your slyness. Once you got close enough to her on the dock, you gripped her shoulder just hard enough to startle her.

Jenna tensed and let out a shriek, calming down instantly and letting her shoulders relax when she turned around to see it was you.

"Are you fucking insane?" you snapped. "Coming out here alone at night?"

Jenna's eyes widened with sadness and tears pricked at her eyes. Mascara ran down both sides of her cheeks, probably from both her tears and the rain.

"What are you doing here, y/n?" She muttered while looking up but avoiding eye contact.

"Jesus, Jenna. I don't know. Maybe the texts you sent me indicated you were going to off yourself? And then your mom showing up at my door expecting you to be there? What the fuck, Jens? You had us worried sick."

Jenna's eyes locked on yours in surprise. "My mom came to your house?"

"Stop avoiding the important part of this conversation, Jenna." You replied quickly, practically cutting her off.

Just then, she broke down. She began sobbing uncontrollably, her breaths picking up speed and tears were free-flowing. She threw her face in her hands and began mumbling incoherent things as she choked through her sobs.

You felt your heart shatter seeing her like this, you knelt down next to her and wrapped one of your arms around her, pulling her close. "Deep breaths, darling. I'm here." You felt your eyes heat up as tears wetted your eyes.

Jenna's cries eventually grew softer and her breaths became more even. "There you go..." You muttered softly and planted a gentle kiss in her dampened hair.

Jenna sniffled and used her sleeve to wipe her nose. "M-My dad said he hated me." She blurted as she let out another soft cry.

You felt anger come to a boil in your veins but you kept your composure. "He didn't mean it," you said confidently. "How could he hate the most perfect person to ever exist?"

"Because I'm gay, y/n. That's why. Couldn't you see how he treated you? You can only imagine how he reacted when I told him I was... and that I lied about you making a move on me." She kept a frown on her face.

"Wait, you told him?" You furrowed your eyebrows.

She nodded, wiping the wetness from her face. "I couldn't hide it anymore. I can't lose you, y/n."

"Well, you sorta... already broke up with me." You said teasingly with a smirk, nudging her softly in hopes to cheer her up.

She looked up at you with widened pupils, keeping a serious expression. "I'm so fucking sorry, y/n. I wish I could take it all back."

Your smirk fell and you nodded silently, agreeing with her. "Me too," you whispered.

"I didn't lose you, right?" Her voice quivered as she spoke.

"Of course not, my girl. But, we do have a lot to talk about." You wrapped your hands around her forearms and helped her stand up. "Let's get you back home, I'm sure you're freezing."

She nodded, getting herself back on her feet. She began walking a few steps behind you before pausing. "But y/n?"

"Yes?" You stopped in your tracks and turned around to face her.

"Before we go home, can we go to get me a new phone?" She caught up to you when you stopped walking.

"A new phone?"

"I sorta threw mine in the lake." She admitted while pointing her thumb behind her towards the lake.

You let a chuckle slip out from your lips and then immediately bit down on your bottom lip to suppress any more laughs from escaping. "Yes, darling. We will get you a new phone."

She smiled softly and intertwined her fingers in yours as you both made your way back up the trail together. 


a/n: and that ends the "caught" chapter! thank you all for all of the support on the last two parts! it truly makes me happy and also motivates me to write more for you all <3. stay tuned for a new part later this week (maybe thursday?)

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