angel - t.c (request!)

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angel - t.c (request!)

warning: smut, 18+


"God damn," you huffed as you saw how many people were at this frat party. Tara begged for you to allow her to attend this party so she "could live a normal life again." Her puppy eyes were hard to resist and now you're standing outside of some random guy's frat house wearing a skimpy devil costume.

Tara was already inside - she insists on keeping the ties between you and her a secret. Your arrival was 15 minutes after hers so no one would be suspicious.

"If ghost face ever comes back for me, I can't risk him coming after you too," she always tells you. You'd accept the risk for her.


You stood against the wall in the living room people-watching while also keeping an eye on Tara. She wore a sheer white skirt paired with a tight white laced tank with a halo and feathered wings. Her shiny brunette locks were pulled back into a half-up half-down style, the waves falling down perfectly on each shoulder. She was the angel to your devil.

Your gaze on Tara fell when Mindy interrupted you by snapping her fingers in front of your face.

"Hey, maybe make it less obvious you want to eat her alive," she said jokingly while handing you a red solo cup.

"Shut up," you replied back with a smile while taking a sip of the drink, it burning all the way from your throat to your stomach. You peered back around the room and noticed Tara was out of sight, making your stomach drop.

"She's fine and enjoying the party," Mindy assured you.

"Yeah, it's not like Ghostface will be in New York anyways," a male voice interrupted. Ethan. You did not enjoy his company, he was too into Tara and you also get bad vibes from him.

You rolled your eyes at Ethan while taking another swig of your drink in an attempt to tolerate him.


Just as you started feeling the effects of your drink, Chad approached you with a worried look on his face.

"What's up, Martin?" You nodded your chin up at him.

"You're needed. Tara," he said while looking behind him at the staircase.

You noticed Tara being led upstairs with a known frat boy named Frankie. He was bad news, and tried to get with any girl who would just look at him. You pushed yourself up from the wall and quickly made your way over to the steps. Your heart thudded fast as you approached the two of them stumbling their way up the stairs. You quickly caught up to them, reaching to grab onto Tara's free arm, stopping them both in their tracks.

"What's up with you? We're just going upstairs for a drink," Frankie was visibly annoyed with your actions. Tara turned and looked at you wide-eyed, clearly uncomfortable in the situation she was in.

"I don't think so," you kept your eyes locked on Frankie. "How about you just let her go so you don't cause a scene, yeah?" Your grip tightened on Tara's arm, but you were careful enough to not hurt her.

Frankie tugged on Tara's arm in response to you, making her stumble along the steps. That was your breaking point. You released Tara's arm and stomped up the few steps to get on Frankie's level and punched him square in the nose, making the bystanders at the party express surprise with a synchronized "oohhhh."

Frankie let go of Tara's arm and covered his now bloody nose. "You fucking bitch!"

You scoffed and Chad met you on the steps and grabbed Frankie, almost dragging him down the stairs to handle him from there. You helped Tara, who was clearly buzzed, back on her feet.

"Thank you," she muttered, avoiding eye contact. "But you can't be seen with me... you know, ghost face." She whispered under her breath.

You looked at her up and down and then finally locked eyes with her. "Then let's go somewhere we can't be seen..." you trailed.

Tara took the hint and smirked, her eyes drooping slightly. "Let's go."

You turned around at Mindy who was waiting at the bottom of the stairs. "We're just gonna go grab a drink," you said to her while pointing upstairs, she nodded and walked away towards the kitchen.


You held Tara in your arms, her legs wrapped tightly around your waist, as you pushed yourselves into the bathroom. Your lips crash into each other, tongues slipping against each other fighting for dominance. You used your foot to close the bathroom door behind you as you placed Tara on the bathroom counter.

Tara cupped your face in her hands, pressing deeper into the kiss. You pulled your lips away from Tara's, resulting in her letting out a soft whimper. You took a moment to adorn what was yours.

You trailed your fingers lightly through her wavy brunette locks down to her tanned skin, sending shivers down her spine. Her breath hitched and she thrusted her hips towards your touch as your hand reached her thigh. "Please," she huffed under her breath.

How could you resist? Your hand slipped between her thighs, heat radiating from her lace underwear. You slid a finger into her panties, it being met with her warm slick. You stroked her folds, making her eyes roll to the back of her head. "All of this for me?" You spoke softly, your face close to hers.

She nodded in response, her heavy breath hot against your skin. You removed your fingers from her heat, her slick leaving a pretty glistening on your fingers. You brought them up to your mouth and licked them clean.

She thrusted her hips once more, starving for your touch. "Y/n," her voice strained. "I need you."

Her wish was your command. You quickly slid two fingers back into her, making her audibly moan. Her legs shook slightly as you began sliding in and out of her, using your thumb to rub her clit simultaneously.

She wrapped her arms around your neck, pulling your face into the crook of her neck, the scent of her perfume and heat flooded your senses. You could hear her heart thudding strongly as she became closer to her climax.

"F-Faster, I'm- Gonna," she stuttered, making you smile at her weakness to your touch. You matched the pace she desired, sending her into her orgasm.

She let out loud satisfying moans as she rode out her climax against you, her hips slowing down in pace as she caught her breath. You looked at her, her face glowing red, fringe parted slightly in the middle, and her pupils blown wide. Her eyes locked on yours,  She rested her head against the wall, her body trembling with the pleasure you had just gifted her with.

"My angel," you whispered as you kiss her slightly parted lips, using your free hand to adjust her crooked halo. You removed your busy hand from between her legs, wiping off her finish with a hand towel that was on the countertop.

A knock sounded at the door, making Tara jump from her relaxed position. You sighed with disappointment, not wanting this moment to end.

"Looks like our time is up, Carpenter." You smirked, planting one last kiss on her lips. "Until later tonight," you said while winking.


a/n: my first tara imagine! i feel comfortable writing this character now that i've seen both scream 5 + 6. i hope you all enjoyed it!

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