promise - j.o

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promise - j.o

tw: mentions of abuse


The familiar humming of a car approaching disturbed you from your study session. The vehicle pulled into the driveway. The echoing slam of the door made you flinch in your seat.

Your father had been drinking yet again. You've familiarized yourself with the ways he would close the car door, and how he just slammed it? It was going to be a bad night.

You tip-toed from your desk to your door, turning the lock silently. "Please, please, please," you whispered desperately to yourself. You hoped to God it wouldn't be one of "those nights" again.

Within seconds, the front door slammed and your father was screaming at your mom. Your mom was a victim, but also part of the problem. Continuously she would make excuses for your father and the cycle just continues - she was just as bad.

Loud steps rumbled the floor as your father climbed the stairs. You heard your heart pounding in your ears. As the steps approached the door, you flicked the light off and threw yourself in bed.

A jingle sounded from the doorknob and the door creaked as he leaned his weight into the door trying to make entry. Once he knew it was locked he was filled with rage.

Loud pounds sounded from behind the door, making you shrink in your bed. "Open this fucking door, y/n!"

You shut your eyes tightly, hoping that if you continued to act asleep he would just give up and pass out in bed.

His fist continued to make contact with the cedar door. "I know you can hear me, bitch!" The doorknob jingles once more. "If you don't open this goddamn door, I'll fucking kick it down!"

You let out a shaky breath, coming to terms that you weren't going to win this fight. You slid yourself out of bed, warm tears already flowing freely down your cheeks. You approached the door and clicked the lock over and slowly opened the door.

Light flooded your room from the hall and you saw your tall dad leaning on the doorframe. His breath reeked of liquor.

"I told you to not be locking this fucking door or I'll rip it off its hinges."

"I-I know, Dad, I just-"

Your sentence was cut short by the cracking sound of his hand making contact with your cheek. You let out a wail and placed a hand over the stinging skin.

"Ungrateful bitch," he slurred before turning around and heading down the hall to his room.

You closed your door once you felt it was safe enough to. You slid down the back side of it and let the darkness consume you. Small cries escaped your dry throat.

Your cries were soon interrupted by a scraping noise on the side of your house. Just a mere second later, your neighbor, and girlfriend, peeked her head up.

"Y/n." Her words spoke softly with sadness. "Two nights in a row...?" She slithered her way through the window. The floor vibrated when she clumsily fell, making a small smile curl on your lips. She was the only thing that made you feel better.

She got up on her feet and quickly came to your side. "Where this time?"

"My cheek," you whispered. Jenna took her hand and gently caressed your tear-soaked and stinging cheek. You winced slightly but leaned into her touch.

"I promise," she paused, you knew what she was going to say. "I promise I'll get you out of here."

You nodded, trusting her promise. Though, you knew it would take time.

She blinked her tears away and continued rubbing her thumb over your cheek. "I promise," she whispered once more. She leaned in and planted the most gentle kiss on your lips, being careful to not cause you any more pain. She pulled away and kept her forehead pressed to yours.

You wished you could stay like this forever.


It's been 5 months since that night, but there have been countless ones that followed. Jenna was recently cast for the movie "Scream, 2022". She wasn't around as often but made an effort to call you almost every day.

She asked if "it" had happened anymore, but you lied through your teeth just so she wouldn't worry. But the girl could see right through you - you were a terrible liar.

You sat on your bed, holding your childhood teddy bear close for comfort. Looking through the window, you counted the infinite stars that dappled the midnight sky.

Your counts are interrupted by the familiar scraping sound on the siding of your house. Your heart raced anxiously. "Jenna is still filming," you thought to yourself. "Right?"

The short brunette peeked her head up, and you were met with those big brown eyes that you had terribly missed.

"Jen-Jenna?" You sat yourself up, ready to take the girl in your arms. Remembering that you'd lied, you instinctively covered a spot over your forehead.

Jenna knew what you were trying to do. "I know it didn't stop, y/n. You didn't think I actually believed you, did you?" The girl gave a heartbroken smile. "But there's no time, pack your necessities. Now." She finally crawled her way into your room and started rummaging through your drawers.

"Huh?" You felt too stunned to say anything further.

"I'm getting you out of here." She turned her head over her shoulder, giving you a small grin. "Forever."

"Seriously..?" Your heart pounding and tears welling in your eyes, you couldn't believe this was happening.

"I promised, remember?"

Your bottom lip quivered, so many emotions were rushing through you and all you wanted to do was cry like a baby.

You grabbed your childhood teddy bear, "Stuffie", and nodded once at Jenna.

"This is all I need." You clenched Stuffie in your arm, wanting to leave everything else behind as it would just remind you of him.

Jenna nodded and pulled you into your arms, wrapping you tightly in her embrace. You could feel how hard her heart was pounding against your chest. She pulled away and she had tears in her eyes to match yours.

"Okay, we have to go," she whispered through pursed her lips. She was hoping you wouldn't back out now.

She just barely finished her sentence and you were already making your way outside of your window. Jenna followed swiftly behind you and led you to her car on the corner of the street.

"Ever been to California?" She asked as she hopped into the driver's seat beside you.

A weight felt like it was lifted from your chest as she said California. That was all the way on the other side of the country, you finally felt free. All you could do was smile at her in response.

She tucked a lock of hair behind her ear and left a soft kiss on your cheek, a smile growing on her lips. She put the car in drive and took her hand in yours, giving it a gentle squeeze. She looked at you once more for reassurance and you nodded at her to proceed.

She shifted the gear to drive and drove away from your past, leaving it behind, ready to start a new, and safe, life with you.


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