high pt. 1 - v.c

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tw: mentions of shooting, drug use, some swearing
high pt. 1 - v.c

It was a dreary Friday morning. You're in second period and all you can think of is how badly you want to go home to watch Netflix and do nothing. You didn't have many friends at school so you found peace in being in your room alone. You felt this way even more after the recent shooting. During class, you look down to check your phone and see a new instagram notification. A message from Vada Cavell? You questioned yourself. You and Vada used to be friends in middle school but drifted apart when you told her you had a crush on her. You cringed for a moment remembering the embarrassment. Apparently, today was her first day back after the incident. Without hesitation, you opened the message.

Vada: Omg (y/n). I am soooo fuked up rifght now.

You furrow your eyebrows and quickly replied.

You: Vada?? What do you mean lmao

Vada: High as shiittttttt.. Come to the stairs.

Vada: Hurryyyyy.... I'm drowningggfdsss

You get up from your desk and ask the teacher to be excused. You hurried out of the classroom with your bag over your shoulder. You swiftly make your way to the main staircase and see Vada laying face first at the bottom of the first flight.

"Vada! What the hell?" You quickly run down the stairs to her side. You kneel drown and grab her shoulders to gently flip her over.

"Vada." You say sternly, worried that she was unconscious.

"Y/n" She slurred with a smile, brown eyes locking with yours. "Beautiful y/n" She giggled.
You noticed a dark blue stain all over one side of her face. You wipe some of it away with your thumb

"Vada what the fuck is on your face?" You questioned. The girl was clearly not in the right state of mind.

"Spaghetti..." She licked her lips and used her sleeve to wipe her face, smudging the mysterious blue dye over one half of her face.

"Vada, we're leaving

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"Vada, we're leaving." You said seriously. Her eyes were drooped and relaxed, smiling up at you, disregarding your words. "Get up. Now." You grabbed her arm and put it over your shoulder. You held onto her arm around your neck and put another hand on her waist to help aid her walk.

You made your way outside to your car. Vada was giggling and saying non-sense nothings the whole way. You opened the passenger door and sat her as gently as possible but she just slumped heavily into the seat. You put a finger under her chin so her eyes met yours.

"Kisssss meee." She tried to lean towards you. You took your other hand and pushed her softly back into the seat.

"Dude, what the hell did you take?!" You started to worry since she was so strung-out on whatever she took.

"Shhh.." She hushed you by putting her finger on your lips. You pushed her hand back down and you buckled her into her seat and got into the drivers side.
"I'm taking you to my place until you're sober." You shook your head as you began reversing out of the parking lot.

Ten minutes into the ride Vada was slumped over herself. You nudged her. "You good?" You looked at her briefly before putting your eyes back on the road. "Mhmmm." She mumbled. "I missed you." She added.
You ignored her sweet nothings, knowing that it was the drugs making her say these things.

You finally made it home. Your parents were away on a work trip so you knew the coast was clear. You scooped Vada into your arms and headed toward the door. Her eyes were opened widely, pupils dilated, and her mouth slightly open. You kept the door unlocked so you were able to just walk right in. You went to your room and placed Vada onto the bed supporting her head with a pillow.
Towards the end of the ride you could tell she had taken ecstasy. You had once before too, worst time of your life.
You took a fleece throw blanket and tucked Vada in. You moved some small locks of her brunette stray hairs from her face. She was starting to fall asleep. Before climbing into bed, you take a washcloth and wipe away the mysterious blue dye which you discovered was pen ink. Vada left the chewed up pen in her pocket. Afterwards, you crawled into the large king sized bed next to her while also allowing her to have space. You watched sleep take over her body and you felt relief knowing that she was somewhere safe.

Vada slept throughout the afternoon. You got up to start prepping some dinner for the both of you. You were frying up some chicken when you heard a familiar voice behind you.

"Y/n?" Vada seemed upset. You turned around to face her. Her wavy brunette hair was all over the place from her deep slumber. "How the fuck did I get here? Did you really take advantage of me on drugs and put me in your bed?!" Her voice rose with anger, her cheeks flushing a dark red. How were you going to explain this?

to be continued

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