for you - w.a

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for you - w.a

tw: some mentions of blood


"No Wednesday, I am tired of this!" You shouted while the girl emotionlessly typed on her typewriter. She didn't bat an eye at your statement, which made your blood boil even more. She had not given any effort into your relationship in weeks.

"Wednesday!" You shouted, craving for her to show you even the least amount of attention. Wednesday did warn you that dating her was a mistake, how she would put her needs before yours, ignore you, and break your heart. But your heart ached tirelessly for hers, and you took the sacrifice.

"The intonation in your voice is infuriating." She stated blandly. Your eyes widened, and the echos of her clicky keys filled the silence.

You couldn't take it anymore, you approached the girl and grabbed her wrist which halted her typing. Her black orbs locked with yours, sending thousands of volts of electricity through your body. This was the first time her eyes met with yours in a week. The room felt so quiet you were sure she could hear your heartbeat.

"If this is so important enough to interrupt my writing, why are you not speaking now?" Wednesday broke the silence, she let you keep your hand around her wrist.

"I-I..." You stuttered. "I don't know if I can do it anymore, Weds."

Her pupils blew wide as you spoke your words, shocked that you would say such a thing. You, too, were surprised that those words escaped your mouth. She waited a few seconds to respond, hoping you would take your words back.

"You are being genuine?" She tried her best to not sound disappointed in her tone. It worked, it came off as if she was mocking you, not caring if you left.

Your eyes felt hot, and Wednesday's face became blurry as your eyes filled with tears. "Yes, Wednesday, I am being genuine." You paused "You were right, is that what you wanted to hear?" Anger grew in your voice from your heightened emotions.

"Right about what?" She removed her hand from your tightening grip, wiping her hand off of her black dress.

"That I would regret this." Wednesday flinched slightly, your words cutting sharply through her. "It hurts, Wednesday. The way I love you so much that I would kill for you! And you could not even think about doing the same for me!"

Wednesday blinked slowly up at you from her chair, not responding to your harsh words, but thinking deeply about them. After her ignorance, you broke.

"That's it. Continue being alone for the rest of your fucking life, it's what you do best." You spat. You grabbed your bag off her bed and exited her room, slamming the door behind you. You waited outside of the door listening, hoping you would hear Wednesday's footsteps follow you. There was silence for a few moments before you just heard the clacking of her typewriter once again. You stormed off crying.


Wednesday sat by her window as the lightning striked. She kept her knees up by her chest thinking of your words. "I would kill for you, but could not even think about doing the same for me." That angered her because it was definitely not true.

Enid broke Wednesday out of her thoughts when she swung open the door. "Hi Wednesday!" She sang while skipping into the room. She noticed Wednesday not in her usual places, either writing or playing the cello. She quickly realized that you were not there also. "Did y/n go back to her room for the night?"

"Don't ask." She replied.

"But what about-"

"Don't. Ask." She stood up from the floor and grabbed her backpack. She opened it up to let Thing jump inside before taking off, harshly closing the door behind her, making Enid jump.


You made it back to your apartment, your eyes stung from crying the whole way back, you wiped your eyes and felt your phone buzz in your pocket.

Enid <3 8:43 pm

Hey... Doing okay?

You 8:45 pm

I'm the opposite of okay

Enid <3 8:48 pm

I'll be there


You sighed and sank your body into the couch. Within an hour, you already felt empty. Wednesday's cold heart filled yours, no one understood why, not even yourself, but it did. You sat zoning out for 30 minutes when you heard three loud knocks at your front door, making you jump.

"Must be Enid." You mumbled before lifting yourself slowly from the couch, you went over to the mirror and looked at yourself. Your hair was tousled, bags shadowed your eyes, and your lips were chapped. You attempted to fix your hair with your hands but were interrupted by an even louder three knocks.

"Coming, Enid!" You shouted.

You made your way to the door and opened it slowly. For a quick moment, you didn't see anyone. Until lightning struck the sky, illuminating Wednesday's small figure, and making your heart rate speed.

She stood there drenched by the pouring rain. Her braids continuously dripped water, and her dark fringe was glued to her forehead. She kept her hands behind her back. You squinted, for a moment you thought you had seen a red tinge down the sides of her face.

"What do you want, Wednesday?" You questioned flatly. You couldn't survive another heartbreak.

She brought her hands from behind her back to her front, revealing dark red stained hands, one of her hands held a blood-covered knife. She presented it as a gift, and proceeded to drop the knife onto your doorstep. The sound of the knife reverberated as it hit off the ground. Your eyes widened, realizing what she had done. A small gasp escaped your lips.

"I killed for you, y/n."


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