for you - pt. 2

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for you pt. 2 - w.a

" She brought her hands from behind her back to her front, revealing dark red stained hands, one of her hands held a blood-covered knife. She dropped the knife onto your doorstep, the sound of the knife reverberated as it hit off the ground. Your eyes widened, realizing what she had done. A small gasp escaped your lips.

"I killed for you, y/n." "


You grabbed the girl tightly by her jacket, pulling her inside quickly, making her trip over to the doorstep. She caught her balance before falling. You kneeled down and grabbed the knife, the victim's blood covered your hand, still warm. You stood back up and closed the door. You held the knife shakily in your hand and locked eyes with Wednesday, who was standing there with her usual soulless glare.

"Bathroom." You demanded. "Now."

Once in the bathroom, you dropped the knife into the sink, it reflected crimson. You ran your hands under warm water to wash the blood off of your hands. Wednesday stood there, blood and rainwater running down onto your floors. You turned around and removed her jacket to throw in the wash.

"Weds, why the fuck... would you kill someone?" You asked nervously.

"That is what you wanted. Is it not?" She cocked her head slightly to the side.

You thought for a moment of the argument you had, and how you said you would kill for her and she would not for you. Your eyes widened.

"It's a saying Wednesday! Just a saying!" You stressed.

"Be more clear next time. I did this for you. You should be thanking me." She casually replied while taking off her drenched platform shoes.

"Thanking you? Weds I-" You stopped yourself, you didn't want to argue more with her. You shook your head silently and assisted her in taking off her backpack. You opened it expecting to see Thing jump out, but he wasn't there. Your heart sank to your stomach.

"Where's-... Where's Thing?" You asked hesitantly, Wednesday snapped her head around.

"Covering for me, of course." Wednesday tried to hide the smirk that was tugging at the sides of her lips. "You didn't think I would kill my best appendage, did you?"

You sighed quietly with relief. Just as you were about to ask her who she killed, you heard your front door open and then slam shut. You and Wednesday both stared at each other silently.

"Stay here." You whispered.

You opened the bathroom door slowly and slipped out, scared that the authorities may have already figured out Wednesday was behind a murder. You turned the corner to see Enid. She was shaking, which you assumed was from the cold rain.

"Enid?" You took a step towards her.

She turned to face you, tears welling in her bright blue eyes. "Y/n." Her eyes softened when she saw your stature, she walked swiftly to you and took you in her embrace. "I'm so sorry, y/n. They will find her. She'll be okay."

You furrowed your eyebrows with confusion. "Enid, what are you talking about?" You gently pushed yourself away from Enid's werewolf grip.

The girl frowned, took your hand, and seated you gently on the couch as if she was going to deliver you bad news.

"Someone was murdered tonight. They haven't identified who it was yet. But... Wednesday left the dorm a couple of hours ago, and I haven't heard from her since... I think- I think she..." She gulped hard.

Wednesday then swung the door open, stepping out from the bathroom. Her platform shoes echoed off the walls with every step toward you two. Enid's eyes widened when she saw the red fluid dripping down the side of Wednesday's face.

"Xavier's dead," Wednesday said coldly.

You felt your face go pale, it felt like your body sunk deeper into the couch with the weight of 1000 bricks.

Xavier Thorpe. Your abusive ex-boyfriend. When you finally admitted to Wednesday what he did to you - She always had it out for him. While you felt immense guilt, you also felt like you could breathe again.

Enid's face matched yours in paleness. She was at a loss for words, you thought she may even pass out. Wednesday pushed Enid gently, encouraging her to walk towards your room.

"Go lay down Enid, you are almost as pale as his corpse." Wednesday sneered.

Once Enid locked herself in your room, Wednesday's eyes met yours, and concern showed behind her blown pupils. She sat properly next to you.

"You never have to worry again, cara mia." Her voice spoke softly, it sent butterflies fluttering throughout your whole midsection. Her voice was comforting - like your second home. Though Wednesday had just committed first-degree murder, you could see this act was her broken way of having some sort of love language.

"Thank you." You whispered, looking down at your lap.

You jolted when you heard a bang at the door, and a small gasp escaped your lips.

"It's just Thing." Wednesday went to the door and let the appendage in, his digits scurried on the floor. "Were you successful?"

Thing gave you both a thumbs up.

"Good. Now, go take care of Enid. We have some cleaning up to do."

Thing scurried towards your room and let himself in.

You stood up from the couch and Wednesday was immediately by your side. Your eyes met hers, she stood just slightly taller than you, but only from her platform shoes. You opened your arms and pulled her into an embrace. Wednesday hated physical touch - but this time she sunk into your hug and wrapped her arms back around you protectively, smearing bright crimson onto your clothes.

"Do not doubt I would not do anything for you, cara mia. I would do anything. Kill anyone. Just ask and the world is yours."

- end

a/n: ahh i struggled writing this part for some reason so i am sorry if it's not the best. :( i hope you enjoy it anyways! <3

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