surprise - w.a

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surprise - w.a

The weather was turning bitter, white frost covered the grass that was once illuminated green. The holidays are nearing. The students of Nevermore typically stay on campus for the holidays, they never thought anything of it. But you wanted to do something special for your girlfriend, Wednesday, to make her day feel a bit less dreary. She absolutely hated surprises, but when you heard this specific story, you knew what had to be done.


You were pacing Wednesday's room, crying, stressed out because Enid would not be able to make it to the Poe Cup tournament. Wednesday gave you a confused look, she stood stiffly, just her eyes following your pacing.

"Why are you crying?" She questioned coldly. Wednesday was not one to show much sympathy, but her asking you displayed enough interest that she cared, even just a sliver.

"Because I'm upset! Haven't you ever cried? Or you above that too.." You snapped at her, your emotions were heightened and you did not mean to snap.

Wednesday looked down at her black skirt and grabbed a small section of it in her palm.
"It was the week after Halloween... I was six years old." She sighed. "I took my pet scorpion, Nero, out for his afternoon stroll... We were ambushed." She continued to tell you the heartbreaking story of how they pinned her down and made her watch them kill her best friend, Nero. She cried her little black heart out and then vowed to never cry again.
Picturing this happening to your sweet Wed's made your blood boil. The story stuck with you for a long time...

end flashback

While Wednesday was busy writing her story on her typewriter, you made a trip out to the small town of Jericho. You made your way toward a family-owned pet shop. You passed by birds, fish, hamsters, and even tarantulas before you found what you were looking for. A scorpion.
You spoke with the owner about scorpion care because honestly, they scared you and you had no idea how to care for one. The owner got you set up with a wonderful terrarium, and you picked out accessories that matched Wednesday's dark and ominous aura.


You returned back to Nevermore with the venomous invertebrate. You swiftly eluded past a group of staff of Nevermore without them seeing you sneak the new pet into the dorms. You stopped by your room and grabbed a blanket to drape over the enclosure to add to the surprise. You carried the enclosure with the bug inside to Wednesday's room.
Three knocks on the door alerted her that it was you. In seconds, the door opened.

"Y/n." She spoke before seeing you. "Come in." She stepped to the side and realized you were holding the object in your hand.
"What do you have here?" She questioned, looking up at you through her dark fringe.

"Your Christmas surprise." You grinned devilishly, knowing you would get a rise out of her.

Her voice rose in sound but she kept the same monotone she usually does. "I thought I instructed no gifts." Her stare was so sharp it could kill. She was being so serious, but you could not help but adorn the annoyance that dressed her face.

You laughed quietly. "Oh stop being bah-humbug... You'll love this, I promise." You walked over to her desk and gently placed down the terrarium with the blanket still perfectly draped over it.

"Come on." You motioned her over. She walked over slowly, her steps echoing loudly through the silent room.

She gripped the corner of the blanket and ripped it off angrily, just to show you she was upset you had gone against her wishes. Once she realized what was inside, her stiff stature relaxed, her eyes widened and her lips parted slightly in disbelief. The scorpion faced Wednesday through the glass, attempting to crawl up the side to get to her, almost as if there was an instant bond.

"You did not..." She began.

"But I did." You said proudly with a smile. Making Wed's happy, made you happy.

She turned around to face you, her obsidian eyes glistened with tears. A small grin barely started to curl on her lips.

"Are you cryi- " You started to ask, but the girl cut you off immediately by pulling you into her grasp and held you tightly around your waist, letting out a small sniffle.

"Thank you..." She muffled against your chest. You wrapped your arms lovingly around her neck and pulled her even closer.

"Merry Christmas, 'Day..." You whispered to her while planting a kiss on the top of her fringe.


A/n: you guys are making my whole day with your comments! thank you all for the laughs and the love. i know holidays can be a trying time for some, so i want to let you all know if you are having a hard time and need someone to talk to, my inbox is always open. <3 i hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season!

p.s. - priority pt. 2 coming soooooon. 😈

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