blood bag - j.o

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blood bag - j.o

* vampire jenna au *

tw: mentions of blood etc.


You stirred from your light slumber to the sound of your girlfriend coming home from a long day's work on the set of Wednesday. You glanced over at her, her hair crimped slightly from the braids she had worn all day. She went over to the trash can and removed her colored contacts, revealing her darkened burgundy irises; revealing that she was hungry.

She looked up after tossing her contacts into the trash, eyes meeting yours, and instantly bringing a smile to her face. "Hi my love," she kept the grin on her face as she walked over to the couch, making herself at home in the spot next to you.

"Hey," you grumbled sleepily, inching yourself a bit closer to her once she took her seat. She draped her arm around you, pulling you to her. She kissed the top of your head, nuzzling her face a little deeper into your strands of hair to inhale your scent.

"You smell divine," she muttered against the crown of your head, her hunger for you growing.

"Then feed," you challenged her. She has always sought out an alternative to feeding straight from you; typically stealing from the hospital blood bank and storing it in your fridge. But now you were fresh out.

"You know I can't do that, y/n." She pulled away from you slightly, looking at you with concern.

"I want you to." You bit down on your lower lip, you couldn't tell her that you'd wanted this for months.

Jenna hearing you say that made her heart skip a beat, she's also wanted this - but has been too afraid to hurt you. "Are you sure?" She hesitated to ask, but her ravenous hunger was starting to take control.

"I'm sure," you assured, trailing your fingers down her side, your touch sending shivers throughout her body.


You were now straddling Jenna's waist, legs found their place on either side of her hips. Your heart was thudding strongly.

Jenna could hear your heart pump and the blood running through your veins. She used her fingers to move a bit of your hair that covered the side of your neck behind your shoulder, revealing the vessel she was planning to indulge in.

"Have you eaten today?" Jenna questioned softly, wanting to be sure you would be able to handle the immense blood loss.

You nodded. "Of course I have."

"Good," she whispered, nodding once. She stared at your jugular, it pulsing with every beat. She looked back up at your eyes for approval to proceed.

"It's fine," you gave her a soft smile then put your hand behind her neck, tugging her softly so her face was in the crook of your neck.

Once Jenna was that close to her vessel, her fangs slowly emerged. Her breaths turned deeper. She opened her mouth, letting her fangs graze over your neck, making you suck in a bit of air. Jenna went to pull away, but you kept your hand behind her head to secure her in place.

"Just tell me if it's too much," she whispered, planting a kiss gently where she plans on sinking her fangs in.

You felt her sharpened fangs pierce your warm flesh, making you grunt quietly. She pushed them deeper into your skin, her fangs finding their home in your jugular.

Once in place, she began sucking the blood from the source. She groaned against your skin as she tasted you. Your warm blood coated her throat all the way down to her stomach.

You slipped one of your hands under her shirt and around her back to feel even closer during this moment. She matched you by wrapping both of her hands under the hem of your shirt, keeping her hands set at your hips.

After 10 minutes of her feeding from you, she could tell you began feeling tired. She took one last gulp before retracting her fangs back from your skin. You winced at the pain of them exiting your flesh. She licked softly at the site to clean up her mess.

She pulled her face from your neck, a smile bearing on her face. You watched her eyes turn from the darkened maroon to a darker almost black color, implying she was satisfied.

"You are... delicious," she muttered, her eyes filled with lust. Her hand began rubbing the top of your thigh. "Thank you for that, I love you cara mia."

"I love you, mon cher," you replied. You've never felt more close with Jenna after sharing such an intimate moment.

Jenna adjusted her hips from under you. "Let's get my girl cleaned up," she said while wiping her thumb over the fresh wound she created. She then brought her thumb to her lips to taste any leftover blood that may remain on it. She could not get enough of you.


a/n: something a lil different, let me know your thoughts! hope u all are doing well <3

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