accident - j.o

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accident - j.o

tw: description of car accident, blood, panic


You were relaxing at your girlfriend, Jenna's house, as she went to a premiere of her new show Wednesday. She invited you to come with, but your social battery was feeling quite exhausted. This would have also been your first time making a public appearance together. You did not mind if people knew, but you could not bare the thought of all the camera flashes and yelling at you while being on the carpet with Jenna. To surprise her when she came home, you started cleaning her bedroom. You turned on some loud pop music to keep you engaged in finishing your tasks.

While you were gathering laundry, your phone buzzed. You figured it was just another email. You unlocked your phone to check your notification and you felt your legs turn weak when you read...

Jenna Ortega in a serious car accident on way to "Wednesday" premiere, her condition remains unknown."

Instantly your face turned hot and your eyes misty. Without hesitating, you run from her room and grab the set of keys to her parent's spare car. Once in the car, you picked up your phone again, hands shaking with adrenaline and fear. You call Jenna's cellphone in hopes she would pick up, but it just went to voicemail.

"Fuck!" You screamed in the car. You went back to the TMZ article to find out where the accident took place.

It read "Car collided head-on with Ortega on North Highland Ave. The driver of the other vehicle was suspected to be under the influence and has unfortunately succumbed to his injuries. Updates will be written here when we know more."

Once you read the street name, you put the car in drive and sped out of their driveway without even looking for oncoming traffic. Tears flooded your eyes, you could barely see the road through the mist your eyes created. "Please... Please be okay." You said to yourself, voice cracking and shaky with every word. You were weaving in and out through traffic, cars were beeping at you and people were swearing at you through their windows but you didn't care. You needed to make sure Jens was okay.

Upon arrival at the scene, there is caution tape surrounding the whole area. There are multiple police squad cars, two fire trucks, and three ambulances. You bring the car to a screeching halt right next to the tape. You put the car in park and almost leap out of the vehicle, leaving the car running.

Ignoring the caution tape, you go under it and start running towards Jenna's car which you see smoking from ahead.

"Woah. Ma'am, you can't be in here." One of the police officers put his gloved hand on your collarbone to stop you from going any further.

"No! Where is she?!" You ducked from his arm and sprinted towards her car. The officer is yelling for you to come back but you blocked out the sound.

Upon approaching Jenna's car, you see that the whole front end is smoking, crunched in, all of the airbags deployed, and it looks like the driver-side door had to be opened using the jaws of life from the firefighters. Jenna is not in the car. The only thing that proved she was in there was her purse on the drivers side floor, not to mention the crimson blood that painted the windshield, airbags, seat... You name it and there there was her blood.

A firefighter came forward to you, sympathy dressing his face. Your face is red, puffy, and drenched from crying. Your heart was already sunk to your stomach. "Where... Where is she.." You whimpered, holding back gut-wrenching sobs.

The firefighter rested his hand on your shoulder in hopes to help ground and comfort you. "She was immediately taken to LA hospital intensive care unit... It's critical." Those words stabbed through your heart. You looked around frantically, your mind was racing with thousands of possibilities. The thought of losing Jenna was something you could not bear with. You started breathing heavily, it felt like you were gasping for air. All of a sudden, your knees turned to rubber, coldness came over your body, and your vision started to tunnel... Then everything went black.

to be continued...

a/n: two updates in one day! i should have more time this week to write a few more parts.

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