oblivious - v.c

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oblivious - v.c


It has been over a year since you've come to terms with your feelings for Vada. Since that moment, you've been subtly dropping hints to her but to no avail, Vada still has not noticed them. Every time you do drop hints, Vada assumes it's about another girl and she tries to give you advice.

You lie on her bed waiting for her to get home from working her summer job at the ice cream parlor, you two have been close long enough that her house is your second home. Today, you were going to try to hint to her again about your feelings.


Finally, she opens the door to her room to find you scrolling on TikTok on her bed. She's dressed in her ice cream uniform and has her hair pulled back in a messy bun with the silly visor they make her wear.

"God, that shift sucked." She groaned while pulling her hair tie out and taking her hat off. She shook her head to even out her hair, every piece of her brown wavy hair falling into perfection. Your heart skipped a beat.

"What happened?" You questioned while sitting up on your elbows, eager to learn about her day.

"Well first," She started "The soft serve machine broke and leaked cream ALL over the floor, then a customer came in and tried every single sample then left without buying anything. I don't know why we allow that." She rolled her eyes. "Otherwise, just the usual annoying shift." She plopped onto the bed next to you, she smelled of freshly made waffle cones.

"That does sound annoying." You grinned, taking pleasure in having her so close to you.

"Enough about me, how was your day? Do anything fun?"

"Not really." You shrugged. "Honestly, just been here and thinking about that girl..." You trailed. You felt your heart rate pick up speed.

"Y/n." She sighed with frustration. "You need to just tell her flat out. She sounds stupid if she didn't get the hint by now."

"She's not stupid, Vads. Just... dense." You chuckled softly. "But I'm worried."

"Worried about what?"

"I don't know, rejection? Ruining something that wasn't even there, to begin with?" You shrugged your shoulders.

Vada rolled her eyes playfully. "Here's what you do - Just say "Hey, I love you!" Or whatever."

You gulped. "Okay... Vada, I love you." You felt your face heat up.

"Yes, exactly. Just like that!" Your words going right over her head.

"Holy shit." You laughed at yourself, you told Vada exactly how you felt and you still couldn't get her to take the damn hint.

"If that flies over her head then she's too dumb for you."

You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. "... Vada." You said her name seriously.

She furrowed her eyebrows at you. "What?"

You sighed quietly and muttered "Fuck it." under your breath. You sat up slightly and grabbed Vada's shirt by the collar, pulling her body to yours. You pressed your lips against hers, hoping to God she wouldn't pull away.

Vada's tense body melted into yours, she placed a hand gently on the side of your face, her soft and sweet-tasting lips dancing with yours. She pulled away after a few seconds, her face was flushed a deep pink.

"You're telling me I've been jealous of myself this whole time?" She whispered, you felt her warm breath hovering over your lips.

You nodded quietly, you could feel your heartbeat in your ears. You couldn't help but hold a grin on your face, you have been waiting over a year for this.

"Wow..." She exhaled through her mouth. "I guess I am dense."


based loosely from a post on tumblr about wednesday and enid (gmarseln) on tumblr!

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